01 Dec 2016

I’m stuck in traffic on my way back from work, listening to the usual afternoon drive show on the radio. My phone beeps from the cup holder. It’s David, one of my close friends. “Hey, you got plans tonight? Liz is making some great lasagne.” I visit David and his wife Liz quite often and having dinner with them is not out of the ordinary. “I’ll see you at 7, just need to go jump through the shower at home!” I reply, grateful that I don’t have to go heat up a frozen pizza or get take-out.

I get to their place at 7pm and I’m greeted by David with a big smile and a firm handshake. “So glad you could make it man!” I follow him into the lounge and he asks if he can get me a beer, “I’d love one thanks” I’m looking at a work e-mail on my phone when he returns with two beers in hand and Liz in tow. “Hey Liz - thanks for having me over” I get up and hug her hello. “It’s always a pleasure! The kids are at their grandparents tonight after Granny insisted on having them over.”

David is in his early 30s and Liz is late 20s. I’ve known them for years and we’ve spent many nights partying together when we were younger. They met while studying together so have been together for over 10 years and married for 6, I think. Their kids are 4 and 2, and Liz is a stay-at-home mom while David works for a big IT company.

“I hope you came hungry!” Liz says as she walks back towards the kitchen. “Starving!” I say. I take a swig of my beer and me and David start chatting. Soon my beer is finished and David offers to go get me another. “Thanks!” He jumps up and fetches us another round. “The food is almost ready, Liz is just changing quickly then we can eat.” he says when he gets back.

Liz calls us into the dining area with the smell of hot lasagne hanging in the air. As we enter the room I nearly choke on my beer when I see Liz. She’s changed out of her ‘mommy’ clothes into an extremely sexy cocktail dress - short with a very low cut neckline. I haven’t seen her looking this good in years. “You look great Liz!” I blurt out to my own surprise. “Thanks, seeing as the kids aren’t here I don’t have to look like a tired mom now do I?” I take a seat opposite her at the 6-seater dining room table with David at the head next to both of us. “You look great honey” David says as he leans over and kisses her. We eat and all three of us chat throughout dinner. I struggle to keep my eyes off Liz’s breasts though - having kids have definitely made them 2 or three cup sizes bigger, cause she used to have quite small, but perky breasts. I think the combination of the dress, the bra and the fact that she is the mother of two have really done wonders! She sips on her glass of wine and each time she puts down her glass she looks over at me, a naughty look.

She knows I am looking at her amazing cleavage. My cock has stirred a bit in the process, and I feel a bit uncomfortable with David right next to me babbling away. I’m not hearing many words at this stage. We’ve all three finished our delicious meal and David suggests that we go relax in the lounge while Liz clears the table quickly. “Thanks Liz, it was delicious as always!” I say as I get up, trying my best to hide my semi-hard cock that has pushed down the leg of my pants. “I’m glad you enjoyed it!” I see her wink at me and then glance at my crotch. Trying to stay level-headed, I try to focus on what David is saying to me when we sit down in the lounge again. “Liz is looking hot hey?” he tells me. “Yeah, she is.” I reply in the driest way possible as I take a big gulp of my beer to finish it. “Another one?” He points at my beer and I say “Sure, if you are getting another one?” Without a word he gets up and disappears around the corner to the kitchen. This gives me a chance to adjust my cock so it’s least visible in its current state. I check my phone and scroll through Facebook while I wait for David’s return.

I see movement out the corner of my eye and look up from my phone expecting David with my beer. It’s not David, it’s Liz. In just her sheer black bra and panties, and she is holding a glass of wine. I’m speechless and just look at her, my mouth wide open. Liz is a slim 1,6m tall brunette with some signs of motherhood to her sexy body. Her ass and breasts have swelled to perfect proportions since having her kids, and her tummy is flat, but I see her Caesarian scar sticking out of her small panties. I can see her nipples through her sheer bra, and the outline of her pussy lips behind the black material. She looks shaved.

She’s looking at me in a spectacularly naughty way. “Are you ready for dessert?” she says in a way that affirms the fact that this is no accident. I try to say something, anything, but no words come out of my mouth. My brain is trying to figure out what is going. Just then David walks into the room with two beers in hand.

“Not bad for the mother of two hey?” David says as he hands me a beer and looks at Liz standing there. “What is going on?” I manage to stammer. “Well” Liz starts “do you like what you see?” I look at her and I look at David. Both of them looking at me with big grins on their faces. “I don’t understand.” I manage to say looking back and forth between the two. The confusion clearly on my face. Liz is the one to speak first. “Sorry, but me and David have this fantasy of having a threesome with a guy, and we’ve decided that we’d like you to be our third party.” I gulp. “Why me?” Liz comes closer and sits down next to me. She puts her hand on my leg and turns towards me with her breasts squeezed together. “Cause we know you and we trust you. Plus, I’ve always thought you were attractive.”

My mind is spinning, but my cock is rock hard in my pants all along the leg of my pants. “Okay…” I manage to croak out. Liz lunges forward and kisses me, hard. I feel her tongue push its way into my mouth and our tongues begin to dance. She swings her leg over me and straddles me, her pussy rhythmically grinding my crotch. My hands automatically grab hold of her ass. Mmm, firm but so soft. I continue to kiss her and in one motion sit up and swing her around so she is lying on the couch with me on my knees in front of it. I break our kiss and look at her. She has a look of pure lust on her face. She grabs for my t-shirt wanting it off. I take it off and feel her nails scratch over my chest. I grab hold of her breasts and release the clip on the front. Her breasts spill out and before I could get a decent view of them my mouth is on one nipple, taking it between my lips, sucking gently on it. One hand on a breast and the other rubbing over her very damp panties. I start kissing down her tummy to her pussy. I pull her panty to one side and I’m greeted by a waxed pussy that is glistening with wetness!

I immediately start licking up and down her wet slit. She tastes like heaven. I look up at her while I lick her wetness and see David, naked, standing on the couch with his cock in Liz’s mouth. Her moans are telling me to keep licking. I push a finger into her surprisingly tight pussy while I suck on her clit. She jumps as I apply pressure to her little nub. I start rubbing on her g-spot and feel her pussy become extremely wet. I can feel her wanting to cum. Her one hand is in my hair, pulling my face deeper into her crotch. Her other hand is working David’s cock up and down while she sucks him. I can hear David asking her “Do you like the way he is licking you baby?” She moans “uh-huh” and shortly after I feel her body tense up and her pussy trying to push my finger out of her. She’s cumming and she releases David’s cock to let out a loud scream while both her hands pull my head into her. She is shaking and when she starts relaxing I take my wet face off her wet pussy.

“Fuck! That was amazing!” she says, breathless. David is stroking his cock by his wife’s face while she winds down from her orgasm. “You want to suck his cock now baby?” he asks. “Fuck yes! I need his cock in my mouth!” I drop my pants and my extremely hard cock jumps out of my boxers. Neither David, nor Liz, has ever seen my cock before. Liz lets out a squeal and reaches for it. “My hand doesn’t even go round it!” She looks at David with her mouth open and looks back at my cock. David seems more stunned than she is. “Michael, I want you to fuck Liz with that. Hard.” I give a shy chuckle and reply “I will!”

She starts licking up and down my shaft, admiring my cock while I fondle her breasts. She puts the head into her mouth and starts sucking. She can’t really get more than the head in her mouth, but she does amazing things with her tongue! David comes and stands next to me and she alternates between our cocks. David’s cock is quite thick, but average length. “I can’t wait to see you fuck her man!” She lets my cock out of her mouth with a pop and says “Yes, fuck me now!”

She jumps up and hops back onto the couch. She lies back and opens her legs wide. Her inner thighs are still wet from her soaking wet pussy. She spreads her lips for me with her fingers and tells me “I want you inside of me!” I look at David and ask him if they have any condoms. “No, but we trust you and her tubes are tied, so we don’t need condoms.” She looks so hot and naughty lying there like that, wanting me. I position my cock at her wet entrance. I tease her by running the head of my cock up and down her slit, a yelp escaping her lips every time I drag it over her clit.

“Fuck me Michael! Give me that big cock!” I start pushing my cock into her. She is very tight for the mother of two! With the head in, she’s already squirming. I take hold of one of her breasts, circling her nipple with my thumb while I slowly push more of my cock into her. David is sitting next to her, stroking his cock while watching me push my cock into her. Liz is moaning loudly with every cm that disappears into her. I’m about halfway in when David orders me to slam it in hard. I withdraw a few cms and push hard and deep. Liz screams. Her whole body pulling away from me, but I pull her back and push in till I can feel my balls resting on her asshole. She has never had this big. I can feel it. She’s still screaming and she is grabbing onto my arm and that of David’s. “Fuck her hard Michael! Fuck her!” I start pumping in and out of her tight pussy with some aggression, pinching her nipple. Her eyes are rolling around in her head and her scream becomes one long moan. It’s not even 30 seconds till I feel that familiar feeling of a pussy starting to orgasm. She tries to push me off her as she starts screaming wildly. I release her breasts and grab hold of her hips, changing my angle so I am fucking her g-spot. As insane as her orgasm was feeling, I must have triggered something else in her cause all of a sudden her pussy forced my cock out of it and I was sprayed with her cum, from my cock to my face! She was squirting like an intense Cytherea porn scene!

The sight must have been too much for David as I saw him position himself to cum all over her face and breasts while she was in her own throws of intense orgasmic bliss. I watched as both of them recovered from their orgasms. Liz gained her speech function again and while she was scraping the cum off her face with her fingers said “I have never felt anything like that before! Wow! Just wow! I see you also enjoyed it baby!” she looks at David and at his cum all over her. “That was too hot. I couldn’t hold it in!” David says, looking completely flabbergasted.

We all giggle. My cock is still rock hard, and I want more of Liz. It’s only 20:00, the night is still young…