24 May 2019

My flight was delayed. It was already dinner time when I checked in at the hotel. After checking in I went to put my stuff in my room and immediately went for dinner. During the course of dinner my eyes were scanning the whole place all the time, but I did not see her. After enjoying dinner I went to my room thinking by myself that I am probably too optimistic to expect to see her here again.

A few moments after I got to my room, there was a knock at the door. She must have noticed how surprised I was when I open the door. Here she was standing right in front of me – I could not believe it. She just smiled as I tried to start a sentence with stumbling words. “I saw on Monday when your booking came in from the company you work for” she said, “…and I followed you tonight like a spy…” Her seductive voice tone sounded like a scene from a James Bond movie.

“May I come in?” she asked. What a question to ask a gentle guy. Of course… I let her in - willingly but nervously, and I closed the door. For a moment I was boggled, uncomfortable, unsure and hesitant - it was as if my wife whispered in my ear “really? are you sure? what are you doing?” A very confusing moment – when you are scared that what you were hoping for in a wild fantasy to happen actually starts to happen… I thought to myself “just don’t touch her because physical contact in this scenario changes a man completely” But on the other hand… that is exactly what I wanted…

After a little conversation she said that I was very tense and needed a bit of relaxing treatment. She came a little closer to me and said “do you realise how attractive and sexy you are for your age?” I just smiled – it wasn’t the first time I hear these words, but being a very humble person I will never make a big deal of it. She touched the top button of my shirt with her two hands. My face expression changed from smile to tightly serious. I looked straight in her eyes. I felt dumb and unsure, yet eager and willing. She still smiled – her kinky smile - and started to loosen the button, and then the next one and then the next one….

For a moment it was as my wife was there again “stop her, damn it, STOP HER”

I lifted my hands, put them gently on her shoulders and pulled her slowly even closer to me. I sensed an indescribable wonderful feeling as she started loosening my belt. But I ‘heard’ my wife again as I folded my arms around her and started to squeeze her against me “you bastard, you FUCKING BASTARD”. I smelled her perfume as my lips softly touched her forehead, and I thought “I can’t stop her, I don’t want to stop her… sorry Honey, we didn’t have this even once in the last five to six years, please forgive me… YOU don’t want this anymore but I still need it so much, please permit me. It will do no harm in our relationship”

As she unzipped my trouser I could feel how my dick was spontaneously inflating. I knew she could sense my shivering uneasiness mixed with excitement and she calmed me down. She just really had the touch to put a faithful but hungry man at ease. “Relax” she said, “relax…” “Put that guilt away for a while – after our chat the last time you were here I realised how much you need this – and you know what? I need it just as much… for nearly three months I was hoping each day that you would return once again… we have missed such perfect opportunities in the past… you are here for one night only, so let’s just enjoy the moments, hmm?”

I got another flash thought of my wife where I told her “It’s okay Honey, this will not change anything between us… overall it will probably do us more good than bad. Fighting it will do more harm. I wish you could just understand…”

I then “hung up” …and relaxed…