Written by BigBadSexyWolf1980

22 Aug 2016

My little miss and I have recently been flirting with the idea of her being with another man. The idea is very hot to us both. I love the thought of her getting attention from another man and the fact that her sexy body turns guys on. Whenever we go out and she wears her tight yoga pants. Men practically trip over themselves when she walks bye. She is a short 5’-4”, curvy blonde with big 34 DD tits and a round ass. She has these great big doe eyes that a guy could get lost in, if not for her great cleavage. We had been tossing around the idea of sharing her with another. She wants to try getting dp’d and I want to see her getting fucked while she sucks me off. In the process of figuring out how we can do this, I told her to make a Tinder account. To see if anyone sparks her inner slut.

Well the minute she made an account she was bombarded with messages. Over 100 matches in a day! She chatted with a few of them, mostly to test the waters. One guy stood out to her. He was an average looking dude, well built from working construction but not so jacked he was in love with himself. Little miss has always had a thing for guys with tattoos and he fit the bill. I gave the go ahead to start texting him and they did. She shared with him pictures of her tits and pussy. Telling him how bad she wanted her holes filled. He replied with pictures of himself as well. I could tell she was getting turned on. One night in bed, as I was saying goodnight to her. She asked for her sir to cuddle her to sleep. “Of course darling” I replied, her tiny body fits perfectly beside my 6 foot build. Feeling her in my arms has always brought a sense of warmth with it. Tonight was different. When I positioned myself behind her to spoon, she shifted her bare ass to catch my cock behind my boxers. She started pushing her ass into me, trying to grab a hold of my dick with each inward push. I could sense her desire for more than a cuddle.

I slipped my hand down to remove my underwear, my half erect cock sprung up to find her tight asshole. She moaned and pressed against it. She reached behind herself and grabbed a hold of my shaft. With her asshole pressed against the tip of my dick. She slowly guided my head into her while she jerked me. Her body temp was rising and I could feel the heat from her pussy. “grab some lube for us.” she asked. Well, I practically flew out of the bed. It had been a while since my little miss serviced me with her asshole. I had been wanting this for some time now. The fact that her new sexting buddy expressed his desire to fuck her ass made me want it even more. I returned with lubed in hand and a vibrator in the other. I hand her the lube but kept the vibrator secret, for now. As I climb back into bed with her I pause to watch as she liberally applies the lube to her ass. She notices me watching and sticks a finger up her ass. Pulls it out and motion me to resume the position we stared in. My little miss applied some lube to her hand and spreads it over my cock.

I have, what I would say is an average sized penis. Perhaps a little bigger then most. One of the thing my darling points out about is the thickness doesn't change once the tip has entered, so there is no momentary relief or relaxation for her. It's thickness can be felt in the entire length.I can no longer take the sensation of her jerking me. It's time to make her my fuck toy. I remove her hand from my cock and lean into her ass. She pushes against me once more and with no friction I enter her. She gives me a whispered moan as my cock enters her asshole. Once again she reaches behind me to control the rate I enter. I take this as a hint to stop and just thrust slowly. Giving her time to take me in.I pause and ask “what do you want me to do?”

Her breathing becomes short. “fuck my ass, daddy.” with that I push the rest of my length into her. She gasp for breath but her body won't allow it. Down to the hilt, I bury my cock into her. “god y-y-yes.” is her response.As much as I want to make her feel every inch, I start slow. Pulling out just to the tip and sliding back in. Pain and pleasure escapes her. One hand grabbing for fabric the other behind her holding me back from truly fucking her.I grab the wrist of the arm that is limiting me from taking control. She fights to keep it in place but she is no match for me. I need to make her asshole mine and she will comply.“Here baby, hold onto this.” as I pass her the vibrator I've kept secret. She giggles and eagerly turns it on. Directs it to her clit and begins to shake in pleasure.“on your hand and knees.” I command her.“yes” she follows my command.

I now have full view of her ass and pussy. I can see the creamy grool beginning to collect around her fuck hole. But it's not her pussy I want tonight. As a press my cock to her ass, I ask. “what are you?” “A whore.” she moans back. I push into her and stop half way. “And where do whores like to be fucked?” “In the ass. Please.” with that I plunge into her. She let's out a cry that becomes muffled by my hand. I lean over into her ear. “hold the vibrator to your clit.” “mmmhmmm” and she does. I lean back and begin my conquest to claim her asshole once more. Each thrust is followed by cries of pleasure and pain. Never has my little miss enjoyed being fucked in the ass as much as she is right now. I wondered what, or who she was thinking about.

The first wave of pleasure hits her as her orgasm overtakes her body. She begins to shake and loses her grip on the bed sheets. She falls to her chest leaving her ass in the air. I feel her asshole tighten around my cock. I stop to let her ass do the work. Milking me, looking for its reward. I can feel her honey pot dripping it's lust down my leg and onto the bed spread.When the climax subsides I resume my movements. Faster, I pump into her. Slamming my cock into her now well used ass. She's moaning out loud, begging me to cum deep inside. “who do you belong to?” I ask “you, daddy!” she cries out. I respond in kind by burying my cock into her, slapping her pussy with my balls. Each time I feel the vibrator against me. Pushing me closer to my own orgasm. “And who gets to decide who fucks you?” “god. You baby. You d-.” Her statement is cut short by her next orgasm. Stronger than the first, she moans as her pussy floods it's juices onto the bed between our knees. Never have I seen her squirt from anal.

I begin my climb to my own orgasm. “where do you want this cum?” I ask, knowing full well where this slut wants it. “deep in my ass, daddy.” she begs. “then work for it.” I stop moving. She bucks into me. Slamming herself into me. Forcefully she feeds my cock into her hungry asshole. “cum for me.” she begs “cum for your fuck toy, daddy.” I grab her waist and hold on as my cock begins to unload into her. “y-y-yes” she exclaims. I pull her into me, pushing as deep as I can. I rest a moment. To feel her ass contract and relax around me. I can feel her wetness dripping down to the bed. A puddle of lust left behind. The vibrator long forgotten. “you are a good little slut.” I kiss her back.“I'm your slut” she giggled.