Written by Anonymous

19 Jan 2019

So you're naked in bed, and I'm just too tempted to let the opportunity go by. I jump on you and start to kiss you hard and rough. Moaning softly as we just devour each other's lips, enjoying the sensations that come with the slow body grinds.

You grab onto my ass and pull me down into your lap, and swinging us around. Now you're on top. Reaching for whatever is closest, to tie me up. Not today I say with a grin on my face and you jokingly go along with me and help me on top again. I grab your tie on the ground and tie your hands above your head and kiss you slowly. I lightly bite your bottom lip and let out another soft moan as I can feel you growing between my legs.

I stand up and walk away, I know you're not happy. I come back wearing all black lingerie and I see that smile on your face. I see you try to loosen your hands, and I straddle you again. Not yet I say, and I grind down on your hard dick.

I reach for my red lipstick and put it on. I kiss your neck, your collarbone, your chest and your side. I then reach for the next shade, red marks all over you, I kiss you behind your ear, your shoulder and lick and kiss your nipple. I go back to the red and move down your body. Teasing your thighs with my lips, getting closer and closer to your shaft.

I see you lightly biting your lip in anticipation. Slightly disappointed but excited for the next tease. Then you feel my cool hands grabbing your dick hard and lightly applying pressure around it. A soft moan escapes your lips as you enjoy the pressure and my cool hand. I move down and kiss your balls lightly.

You like that Don't you, my lips teasing your skin. My lips making you want to tear your ties off and bend me over and show me who is really in charge. You love how much I'm winding you up, knowing I'm equally wound up. I hold your head and I run it up and down my lacey slit. I moan as I feel how your throbbing head makes me soak my undies.

I kiss up your amazingly sexy tummy. Inbetween your chest, along your collarbone and up to your ear. I whisper. I'm so wet for you! Can you feel my wetness on your head Sir? Can you feel how soaked my undies are? I take off my bra, my nipples hard as ever. You feel them against your chest. I want you I whisper and nibble your ear.

I stand up and I take off my undies. My pussy basically in your face, I can see you want to taste, but not yet. I straddle you again, but now there is nothing between us. I slide your head up and down my slit again, it's soaked! I hear you say Fuck when you feel how wet I am. For the last time I move down again. Forgetting about leaving marks on your body, and I get to your wet dick. I lick your shaft up from the balls to the head, slowly - keeping eye contact with you. Hmmmmmmm we taste good I tell you. I suck on your head a little, sucking harder and harder. Every suck taking in more and more of your thick dick. Finally I have your whole dick in my mouth, gagging on it. Deep throating myself, taking in your whole dick.

I look up and without you saying anything, I know it's time to untie you....

Tags: anticipation, bj, fetish, lips, teasing