Written by brianblackgp

23 Apr 2017

....Continued from part 1................

...............I feel him move my panties to the side and I moan “Take them off….” Quickly he pulls them down replacing them with his cold mouth directly over my clit. I feel his wet tongue rub against my clit and moan loudly forgetting where I am. I lean back further in the chair placing my hands onto his hat as I move my hips pressing my pussy against his beard and lips. The sensation of his beard rubbing against me drives me wild as my head hangs over the back of the chair I moan louder, “Ooooooo Brian…baby……it feels so good…don’t stop….” He sucks gently on my clit, gripping my thighs tight, I begin breathing harder as his tongue slips inside me licking all every part before he pushes it in deep. “Oooooooooo yyeeessss….” I begin thrusting on his tongue as my pussy juices trickle down his beard, he remains secure tongue fucking me. “O MY GOD! I’m gonna cum Brian! Ooooooooo…..sssshhhhiiiiittt!” My body shakes in the chair, my knees hitting the table from underneath as I cum all over his face. I sink into the chair as he licks me clean. I sit up slowly as I hear the chair on the other side of the table move.

Moments later he pulls me up out the chair turning me toward him, kissing me deep. I moan into his mouth as I kiss him hard, his hands travelling all over my body. He grabs my breasts squeezing them through the dress before pulling it down and leaning over to suck my nipple into his mouth. “I knew you weren’t wearing a bra. You can hide these big ol’ titties.” I lean my head back moaning, “O My God….” And look down to watch him run his tongue over my nipple, sucking on it hard. My pussy is so wet as he squeezes my ass cheeks. He adjusts giving the same attention to my other breast as I look over the room and see Tony by the bookshelves with his dick in his hand stroking it. He’s got a nice size dick….and I’m so turned on watching him.

Brian stands up and I don’t want to lose my audience so I thrust my tongue into his mouth. I break free from his grasp and turn the chair around with the back to the table. Brian follows my lead, removing his belt sliding both his boxers and pants down to the floor; having a seat in the chair. His dick is about 6 inches but it’s thick. I kneel between his legs and confidently take him into my mouth. I bob my head up and down sucking hard on his dick from the base to the head as he moans, placing a hand in my hair. “Fuck baby you know what you’re doing….” I grip his waist tight as I continue. When his dick is good and hard I release him and suck on each one his balls before taking him back into my mouth. After a few minutes he says, “I wanna slide this dick in your pretty pussy”. How could I say no? I stand up and straddle him, wrapping my arms around his neck, pressing my breasts against his face as he licks and suck my nipples, sliding his dick inside me at the same time. “Ooooooo…yeeeesssss ” I moan as I begin rocking my hips. I look over my shoulder at Tony and he’s closer now, his pants still on but his dick through his fly in his hand as he strokes faster. Brian slides down to the edge of the chair and I grip the edge of the table as my breasts bounce heavily in his face, I pump my hips faster enjoying the feel of his dick with every stroke. “Mmmmmm….you feel good baby…this pussy tight….im about to cum.” I frown up my face hoping he’s joking but seconds later his body grows stiff as he shoots a load off inside me. “AAaaaaaaaahhh…..damn baby…” Breathing roughly he sits there a moment as he grows soft inside me. I roll my eyes as I stand up pushing my breasts back inside my dress and pull my dress down. “Lemme’ go to the bathroom.” I mumble annoyed not waiting for acknowledgement as I walk off.

I do a faux’ bath at the sink, pee, wash my hands and then walk out to see Brian standing there with Tony. “ I bite my lip looking at both of them. Tony, pushes his glasses back up his nose looking me up and down. “Lets finish you off together.” I looked at him surprised that he noticed I wasn’t satisfied as he stepped closer to me. I backed up against the wall as he pressed his body against mine and kissed me. His kiss was much more warm as he sucked on my lips, kissing me slow. I couldn’t help but run my hands in his hair as he slid his hands up my dress gripping my ass. “Damn your ass is soft.” He said as I fumbled with his belt, pushing his pants down. I knelt down and kissed his dick through his briefs, running my tongue up and down his shaft through his underwear as he moaned. He grabbed the sides of my arms raising me up to eye level. Kneeling only to lower his briefs. Then he grabbed my ass lifting me up, lowering me down on his nice, long dick. It wasn’t as thick as Brian’s but he filled me up nice. “Ooooooo Tony….fuck me baby…”...............................