Written by brianblackgp

23 Apr 2017

Hi guys, this is a tad bit long and there are 3 parts, i had to give it more depth story wise and i wrote it from a girl's perspective..Send me a message if you enjoy it


....I always grab the large table in the corner, on the 4th floor by the window. I can see the beautiful garden in the courtyard as the sun sets. Barely any students come up here which is why I can sit here for hours unbothered reading. My roommate is too loud and it’s another month before I graduate and move out into my own apartment.

I prop my feet up on the table where all my belongings and snacks are spread out as I read “Love by Toni Morrison”. I am so enthralled I don’t see the brother as he does a double take and begins to walk over. I’m wearing a spring skirt that is short, but as I sit pushing the chair back on its back legs swaying back and forth, my skirt has fallen into my lap showing off my thick thighs from years of being on a volleyball team. He gets right up on me before his cologne hits my nostrils and I jump when he touches me falling backwards to the floor. “Shit!” I scream as I hit the ground hard. My book flying up in the air hitting the floor….now I’ve lost my damn place! Quickly he comes to my aid apologizing. I try to stay mad but I’m aroused looking at his beautiful chocolate skin, neatly trimmed beard and moustache. I look him up and down; he’s wearing a grey t shirt, and khaki shorts.

I’m drawn to his beard that accents his full lips. It’s so tailored, and shiny…I bet it’s soft. I don’t realize I’m staring until he repeats himself again. “Ms. ? You not gonna press charges are you?” His words finally make it to my brain as I hurriedly reply, “No…no…I’m sorry you just…” He stops me, handing my book to me, “Made you fall on your head? I’m really sorry. I see you every evening come up here and then I never see you again. Now I see what you’ve been doing. Why come all the way up here?” I smile, “Because I usually don’t get hurt when I read.” I walk past him brushing against his body on purpose. His hand touches my thigh under my skirt, and my heart begins beating faster. I squat to pick up the chair, as any good sultry woman would, and then it dawns on me he may have seen my lace underwear as my feet flew into the air. Too late now but he’s being really cool about it if he did. He stands so close next to me I have to acknowledge him. “Yes?” He taps on the chair next to me as he responds, “You’re very beautiful. Your boyfriend never keeps you company?” I lift my head up as if to say ‘Aaaah’ as I stand up straight and turn to face him. “My ‘boyfriend’ has yet to identify himself or make himself relevant in my life.” He looks at me for a moment, “So you don’t have a boyfriend.” I laugh and he laughs with me. “No I don’t.”

For the next 2 weeks we meet at my table. First we talk some before reading, until one day we’re doing more talking than reading. I’ll admit I don’t make as much progress as normal but he’s a nice distraction. One evening I get off late and text him to meet up and he agrees. I walk into the library in a strapless sundress and wedge sandals as the librarian stops me. “Hey Lisa! Sarah wasn’t feeling well so we don’t have anyone manning the 4th floor is that okay?” I nod my head, “Yes ma’am, I bring my own books most of the time you know ya’ll don’t carry my kind of literature.” She smiles and laughs, “You mean that naughty stuff?” I smile, “No….it’s sensual and has a life lesson.” We both laugh as she walks to get the ringing phone. “O and my friend, is coming to meet me so just send him up there when he gets here okay.” She nods as she picks up the phone and I scurry up the steps. Most people wouldn’t take the stairs, but after all my years playing volleyball, I not only am very proud of my apple shaped ass and thick thighs, but the fact that taking 4 flights of stairs is a breeze for me. The library is huge with glass walls and hardwood floors.

As I ascend the stairs I see the quiet, reserved Tony as he places books back on the shelves on the 2nd floor. “Hey Tony!” I wave as I continue up the steps. Nervously he looks at me and does a short wave before returning back to his work. He’s cute in a nerdy kind of way, standing at least 5’8. He’s a little chubby but he’s sweet and smart. Last semester he helped me ace chemistry; I still owe him for that.

About 30 minutes after getting situated at my table, Brian shows up. He always dresses nice like he just walked off a golf course. Today he has a purple Polo shirt on and nice black slacks. “Hi handsome.” He smiles, comes over and kisses me on the cheek. “Hey beautiful.” He goes around the table sitting across from me and I frown. “Trying to get some reading done for a change?” He smiles looking at me under the brim of his fraternity hat. “Yes, it’s too distracting sitting next to you.” I chuckle and continue reading my book, finally I’m almost finished. I peer over the top of my book to see what he’s reading but his hand is in the way. I try several more attempts before he says, “Why don’t you just worry about what you’re reading.” I smile and hide back behind my book. Mind you I can’t just sit there ignoring him. I place one wedge between his legs on the chair and use it to push my chair on its’ hind legs. “You’re gonna fall again.” He says not even looking up. “I am a pro at this…YOU caused me to fall thank you very much.” He smiles and continues reading.

I get enthralled in my book for about 30 minutes, looking up only when he makes noises as he finishes up his drink. “This is a library; you’re supposed to be quiet.” I whisper. He ignores me taking the lid off and placing an ice cube in his mouth. Standing up roughly he announces, “I’m going to the restroom. I’ll be back.” I watch his broad shoulders as he walks away, ‘I bet he’s got a big dick.’ I think to myself, gently placing my chair down to the ground until his purple shirt disappears from view. Then quickly I reach over the table to read the title of his book. ‘Oral Sex She’ll Never Forget by Sophia Borg’. My eyes widen “What the hell?” quickly I lay the book back as he had it, pick mine back up and resume reading.

Moments later he comes back around the corner. When he reaches the table I ask, “Did you wash your hands?” He chuckles, “Yes mom.” I smile and keep reading. Noisily he shuffles more ice into his mouth. I attempt to kick his chair with my foot but I miss hitting him in the shit. “Fuck!” he says loudly reaching down. “I’m so sorry, I meant to kick your chair.” I say but his face if frowned up angrily as he turns the brim of his hat to the back and leans down beneath the table. I wait, cursing myself silently, ‘I just screwed up the whole mood.’ Then I feel him grasp my ankles tight, pulling me to the edge of the seat. “What the…” within seconds I feel his ice cold tongue pressed against my lace panties as I moan, “Ooooo….”gripping the arms on the chair tightly. I look around to make sure nobody is in sight as my legs dangle over his shoulders, I can’t see him but his tongue runs up and down my panties drenching them. “Bria….” I moan closing my eyes leaning back against the chair...................