Written by brianblackgp

23 Apr 2017

.............final part....

..................…” I moan into his ear as he nuzzles my neck and begins thrusting inside me. Pumping his hips I moan as his curved dick hits my spot over and over. He kisses and bites my neck as he holds me tight thrusting his dick fast. “Damn you feel so good…” He moans and I kiss him hard on the mouth. Suddenly he carries me to the nearest table and lays me on it, gripping my thighs tightly together as he hugs them close to his body, pressing my thighs together, thrusting his dick fast in and out of my pussy. “O shit Tony….that feels good.” I moan as he slams in my pussy makes squishy noises. Then he parts my legs, placing his hands on my breasts, gripping them tightly as he thrusts harder. “Damn Tony you’re gonna break the fucking table…” Tony is panting heavily and listening only to the sounds of his balls slapping against me. I moan as I grow closer to orgasm, “Oooooooo….Tony….Tony….Tony! Oooooooooooo ssssshhhhiiiittt!” I jerk on top the table as I cum on his dick. He places his hands around my neck squeezing tight as he thrusts faster the table moves suddenly with his powerful thrusts as he follows it never breaking speed. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuuuuucccck!” He yells as he cums inside me. Just hearing him cum makes me cum again with him. Breathing hard he relaxes his hold, leaning forward to kiss and lick my nipples.

Gently he helps me down off the table, and I slide down to my knees, licking facing Brian now who was stroking his dick the whole time while Tony was in me. Tony is fumbling with my ass and is gently stroking my clit from the back. He was a good quick fuck but damn I needed more of Brian……. I grab Brian’s dick and I lick it clean before sliding him deep into my mouth. “Aaaaaaahhh yes!” he moans as I grip his ass tight and thrust him further into my mouth until he’s hitting the back of my throat. “Suck it! Suck my dick!” he yells as I take him further. “That’s it….fuck!” He thrusts harder and deeper into mouth as I relax my throat allowing him to slide down it. “O shit that feels so good…t…” I squeeze his ass firmly, pushing my lips down to the base of his dick as he grabs my head with both hands and cums. “Ooooooooo fuck yyyeeeesss!” I swallow his cum in one big gulp as I suck him clean. Rising slowly his kisses me passionately as his dick grows soft. “I didn’t know you got down like that ” I say while adjusting my dress, walking slowly over to my belongings.

I notice my panties are missing as one of them must have taken a souvenir. Figures. Tony adjusts his clothes saying, “Don’t sleep on us.” before walking back to his cart of books. I pick up my belongings to leave and look back at Brian; placing my stuff back down I call out to him. “Hey….Brian?” He turns around. “You want to come over…its more comfortable in my room plus I need more of you, infact I have the new John Wick soooo ?” I couldnt care less about my roommate at this point, all i wanted was to feel his thrusts and wake up to them too. He smiles, nods his head and begins quickly putting the books on the shelf. My cell dings from a text message from Tony, who had walked off downstairs to his library section, “Same time tomorrow?” I smile, “Nah, I have a project to work on maybe another time.” The project was Brian, fuck I wanted him all night!! Moments later Brian says, “Ready?” and eagerly I descend down the steps with him fulling intending on getting to know this ‘project’ of mine...........................