Written by BigBadSexyWolf1980

26 Sep 2016

Our second ride on my motorcycle was late on a Friday night. I picked Ann up after dark and we headed out for a nice ride in the cool of the late evening air. I was already enjoying Ann as a riding partner, as she took to it with ease and was not the typical high stress new rider. She settled back in the seat, squeezing my hips with her thighs and held onto my shoulders with gentle hands, caressing me once in awhile. I would drop my left hand to her leg and return the affection with a soft squeeze and circling motion of my fingers on the inside of her thigh just above her knee. We kept to the surface streets of the large city I live in, driving by a few of my favorite areas as I showed Ann my town and where I enjoy riding. In the months that Ann and I have cultivated our relationship online with over 5600 miles and the Atlantic separating us, we have had our fair share of “cyber sex” if you want to call it that. We see it as the way we make love, and to say we enjoy our time together sexually would be putting it mildly.

I am a daring soul… a poker player in the game of life so to speak and I love the thrill of risk and the reward of that risk paying off well. Because of our huge difference in time zones, Ann and I often are enjoying our online sexual exploits while it is afternoon here. I will find an out of the way place to park while I am out working, and enjoy my time with Ann. Orgasms in public places are a major turn on for me and though there is some risk, I always err on the side of caution, careful not to be stupid with my actions but sure to have fun. On that night I decided to take Ann by a few places where she and I have enjoyed our orgasms together online. At each stop, we would kiss and touch each other, but nothing really got too steamy. The last stop was the only place I go when I am talking to Ann at night my time and morning for her. There is a lonely parking lot in a location that will remain secret and as we stopped there, Ann recognized the street light that I have parked under several time during our video conversations late into my nights. We walked around the parking lot, talking and sharing memories of our more sensual and erotic moments online. I remembered a small walking path nearby and how I had masturbated with her once while I was stopped at a bench along that path one night.

We decided to take the stroll and I showed her the spot. She was playing a little hard to get that night and didn’t seem at all interested in stopping at the bench area as I had hoped, so we continued down the path and happened upon a picnic table that I had not known was even there. I sat on the table top with my feet on the bench below and beckoned Ann to stand between my legs as I pulled her into a deep kiss. Something seemed to switch on in Ann and we were soon kissing, biting and touching one another in a heated passion that was building in us both deliciously. Ann stepped up onto the bench in front of me where I lifted her shirt and began devouring her tight belly and firm breasts. My hands squeezing each globe with the harshness that makes her cry out in pleasure, then pulling and twisting on her nipples just the same. I lowered my hands to her jeans and unfastened them quickly, pulling them down around her thighs, exposing her bare cunt to my gaze in the bright moon lit night. Leaning forward and turning my head sideways,

I pressed my mouth to her pussy, over her swollen and very visible clitoral hood. I sucked her lovely clit in between my lips and teeth and began to pull and bite on it as I know she loves. Her hands were in my hair and I became very aware of the teetering of her body as she shook with spasms of pleasure. I stopped licking her clit for a moment and told her to sit on my lap. She sat down on my lap sideways and I continued pleasing her with my hands and mouth. My mouth now at her breasts, lavishing long kisses and deep sucking on each nipple and areola in turn while my hand moved over her cunt in practiced fashion. I gripped her now soaking pussy in my rough hand and squeezed my palm against her clit, my fingers pulsing their grip over the entrance to her wet tunnel, then dipping in slightly and spreading her wetness more over her clit. I worked a finger into her tightness and began massaging her g-spot with long strokes of my fingertip while my my mouth continued to please her breasts, finding the side of her right breast as I leaned over and lifted her upper body.

She began to shake and spasm in the familiar way that always begins the final climb to the peak of her orgasm. I suddenly stopped the attentions I was giving her and put both of my arms under her body as she lay back now across my lap. I lifted her thighs and ass off my leg and leaned over to begin licking her once again, my tongue dipping between her wet pussy lips and lapping over her clit again and again. She gasped, crying out my name as I love to hear, and then her hands clamped into my hair and pushed my mouth down onto her, crushing her cunt to my face as sounds of sheer pleasure filled the air. “Fuck lover! … ohh, fuck fuck fuck.. Yes!” she swore as the orgasm ripped through her body. Arching her back almost violently, and thrashing around nearly enough to fall from my grasp. Finally collapsing back down onto my legs with a loud sigh and strings of giggles, obviously pleased with the results of our picnic table find.