Written by MysteryM

19 Jul 2012

It was a cold Tuesday night, and there I was sitting at the bar, trying to drink my Jack and Coke as slowly as possible … dreading the idea of it finishing and having to go home, alone.

I look into my glass and at my reflection … Look at me – 29 years old and very single. Why have I not managed to find Mr Right? Is there something wrong with me? Here I am, alone at a bar (I never ever thought I would be in this situation) when all my friends are out with their significant others. Why???

I shake my head, o well, such is fate I guess. I gulp down the last drops of my drink, and get up – putting on my coat – ready to go home and spend another night alone with my ever expanding DVD collection, and if the mood hits me, my new purple vibrating toy.

I turn and walk, straight into him, literally. Who he is, I don’t know, but he is now standing there, looking at me with disbelief in his eyes – holding his nose, as I hold my forehead. Damn that must have hurt.

Babbling, I mumble an apology to him, but he just looks down at me and shakes his head. I take one step to the side and slowly start to walk out of the bar. As I get by his side he reaches out and stops me, I turn my head to the side and look up at him.

Wait he says … let me buy you a drink for hurting your head. I stare at him and give a nervous giggle, but I’m the one who walked into you, I say , so you have to let me buy you one. This brings a smile to his lips, and I realise that he is kinda cute, and what a smile. Well then he says, how about we have two drinks, then we can each buy one. I nod my head and turn, walking back to bar.

We order four Jack Daniels and Coke (He ends up paying for both), and find a booth to sit at. As we sit, I realise that although I have been drinking at this bar for close to a year now, I have never had a drink in one of the booths. The thought of this makes me blush even more.

We start talking – talking about everything and nothing, and before I know it the lights come back on and people start filing out. I look at the table and there are eight empty glasses on the table … So much for two drinks.

We get up and start walking towards the door. He takes my hand and we walk out together. Nothing has ever felt so natural. A cab arrives and I look up at him, Do you want to come back to mine I ask. Why? I don’t know – maybe it was the nine drinks I had, but I think it was something more. There was something I was feeling here, something that I had not felt in a very long time, a spark of sorts.

He looks at me, I look up at him and without saying anything more we both get into the cab and I give my home address. I look at him in the brightly lit cab and realise that his nose his swollen and he is starting to bruise around his eyes. I slowly reach over and gently brush my fingers over the bruising. He winces and pulls my hand away, moving my fingers to his lips. He gently kisses my finger tips and then leans in and kisses me ever so softly on the lips. The kiss is soft and gentle. It makes my entire body tingle, from my head to my toes and every little bit in between. Wow, did the bits in between tingle!

We arrive at my place and I stumble out of the cab. He catches me and turns me around holding me tight to him and kisses me again. More passion this time. My body meshed to his, our mouths locked, our tongues making passionate love to each other.

We eventually manage the short walk to my door and I fumble a bit with the keys before I finally manage to get it open. The door open, we rush in and the door slams closed. I turn to face him again and standing on my toes plant a gentle kiss on his nose. He smiles and taking me by the hand walks me to my room.

He turns me around and slowly lies me down on my bed. Leaning over me, he starts to kiss me … kissing me everywhere but my mouth. He covers my neck, my face, my ears, my shoulders with his kisses. With each kiss my body shivers until I can wait no longer and pull his head down, pulling his lips to mine. We kiss for hours his mouth feels like it was made to be touching mine.

Our kiss breaks and he sits up straddling me. He reaches down and slowly begins to unbutton my blouse. His hands work slowly but confidently, his eyes locked with mine the entire time. The blouse opens, my bra is undone and pulled off and his hands slowly snake down from my neck and onto my exposed breasts.

As his fingers find my nipples, my back arches and I gasp. Never before has my body felt so electric. I am so turned on, my entire body craving for his touch, wanting his hands to be everywhere at once. He slides his hands lower over my body, my hard nipples crave his hands return.

He bends over slowly, and once again starts to kiss me, never lingering for more than a second on each spot, each little kiss making me quiver with pleasure, my hands now unbuttoning his shirt … my hands shaking … wishing I could just rip it off like people do in the movies.

And then sparks, I moan, my nails dig into his back. I look down and see his tongue slowly circling my nipple. My God, what a tongue. He flicks and circles and teases my nipples before taking them into his mouth and gently sucking on them … scraping over them with his teeth.

His mouth and tongue slowly move lower and lower, with each movement I arch … my mind racing … how can someone’s tongue be so good?

He reaches my skirt and then it is off. I do not know how he got it off so quickly, but I don’t care! He kisses slowly over my hip bone and down my thigh. My hands running through his hair, my head lifting up and then dropping back down with pleasure. His hands are still running over my breasts, not letting my nipples soften as his tongue slowly worms its way up my inner thigh.

And then, fireworks! His tongue, ever so gently running over my soft, smooth, wet lips. Up and down it slides, softly, slowly. My body crying for more, wanting him inside me.

My eyes close, his tongue parts my lips and he slides it into my warm wetness. He licks up my juices, sliding his tongue in deep and then curling it and pulling it back out. I bite my bottom lip. This is what pleasure is supposed to feel like.

His hands leave my breasts and gently part my lips, opening me for his exploration. His tongue explores my deep darkness. Bringing me wave after wave of pleasure and with each wave the pleasure gets greater and greater.

His tongue moves off me and is replaced by one long talented finger. His finger enters me and as if has a heat sensor finds my G-Spot instantly. How he did that I don’t know, even I take a few seconds to find my spot of heaven. My body rises off the bed as his finger runs over my G-Spot – the pressure harder then softer, then harder again.

My body will no longer stay still, it is moving on its own accord. I have no control; all I can think about is trying to breath, my breath coming in ragged gasps. My hands still in his hair feel him slowly begin to move down, and I hope he isn’t going to take his finger away.

No, his finger remains just where it is, doing its wonderfully orgasmic work. If it were to be possible, which I assure you it is; I suddenly feel even more pleasure. I cry out, I scream, I moan! His tongue has found my clit.

His spare hand holds my hips to the bed as his tongue swirls over my clit, his finger continuing to make love to me. My body begins to shake, my lips shiver and my eyes close. My body is hit with its hundredth orgasm of the night, but it is like no orgasm I have ever felt before. Ever muscle tenses and relaxes at the same time. I become limp, everything goes dark.

My eyes slowly open – it is bright. I look at the clock next to my bed, OMG, I’m late for work … I’m never late for work! I close my eyes again and I remember. I remember every little detail. Every little feeling. I smile – who cares about work, I’m in heaven!

I slowly turn over to see an empty bed next to me. My smile quickly disappears. But then I see a little note on the pillow. I pick it up and read it:

‘To my Princess of the Night, Thank you! Your Knight.’

The note drops out of my hand and I smile.

Tonight I will go back to my bar and I will wait for my Knight to return, because I know he will come for me, and this time, I will remember to get his name.