Written by Portuguese2013

10 Jan 2014


She kept blowing with hunger, she had started softly with her lips tightening on my swallowing 'cock head' and then she went deeper and hungrier. As I felt this warm welcoming mouth asking more and more from me, the uncontrollable sensation of orgasm starts to overwhelm. I warned her and stood up and in a question of seconds I thrush all my creamy love potion in her -dream- boobs. I complemented her and was getting shy afterwards. We rested on the sofa for about 10 minutes, chated with a grass of wine and changed opinions about the next step.

Is was around 2 hours in the morning.

We agreed then to take a shower, share the full nakedness of ower body's. She can't see a muscular body but it really felt like it didn't matter. I felt confident, an then we jumped into the shower. I can't stop admiring this woman, I feel truly lucky. Under the shower, this water is revitalizing body and mind. Holding each other we exchanged calm passionate kisses wille rubbing warm body's against each other. I wondered neither we are fuck-buddy's or lovers....

During this situation my manhood senses refined, I was ready to share the maximum intimacy and as she notice she stepped out of the shower dried her self with the towel moving slowly and giving me a piece of heaven view. Done that we moved forwards to my room and as we arrive to the entrance I switch on the light and she froze for a second as she saw rose leafs I've placed in the top of the 'wings' of the vent that makes part of the light. She smiled, said it looked great and she would compensate it if I follow her.' stupid me if I didn't' I answered letting go A naughty laugh. Reaching the bed she crawled on it, turned sidewards as she senses me on the bed and with no more formality I rubbed her arm and sharply throw her to her back, my eyes on hers, and continued my journey thru her body.

Her niples were hard and pointy , as I work on them and without any warm up I went down and started eating one of my favorite deserts. Mmmmm

This fragrance, lovely smell that make any guy's hormones come to life .... I holded her legs wille giving her the privilege of this moment, I locked myself pushing her legs to my head and as I do so she grabbed my hair, tightening progressively. I took hold of my cock and started wanking with this moaning background, and this for 5 minutes or so. I decided then that it was time for the payback she talked about, I stoped put my self a condom and went to a missionary position. I kissed her giving her the taste of her own potion, and she immediately took hold of my cock and guided it to her thing, she gave a deep breathe as I first entered her. I have my way, the first penetration was slow, but she should feel it all. It should have the feeling. She had to feel that worm and connection between two sex hungry bodys.

Her hands took hold down on my back and griped with the nails.. Passing this moment I knew she wouldn't be far from the orgasmic explosion.

We performed diferent positions as she came once when in the called doggy-style position and again on a backwards riding position. Fluids running thru ower parts, it was very sexy I thinked. We changed again positions and I start feeling myself near of mine.

After all this very carnal sex she felt sore for what she complained so we made a small 'pit-stop' . She went to the toilet and when she came back she said 'I will alow you' , I asked alow what and she said she didn't wanna leave me frustrated and she didn't wanted to continue vaginal penetration so she would make an effort and let me have 'back door' access. I was faithless already but I had prepared myself for that also so I gave her a kiss and asked her to lay on the bed with enthusiasm and calmness at the same time. She did so and I took hold of the lub that was in the side-table of the bed and rubbed all over her bum and then on the flower bottom. I massaged her but-hole and slided a finger in, then out, then I massaged, then again...

She kept her hand on her clit and fingered randomly her pussy in the meanwhile.

After that my cock was in ecstasy, so was I(so good to be young I thought) .. I then made a look of confirmation, and when I had the green light I squeezed some more lub on my cock and went for my fantasy break, placed my sore cock slowly while rubing her back and feeling and enjoying the nice bum. started to make my move. This resistance on my 'cock-head' was devastating and I had to 'hold my horses', that's it, I was in, her ass pointing to the air, her face smashed on the pillow, one hand on her clit I guess and one holding the bed.. God.. I progressively enter her, with a small corse, in and out. She looked like passing thru pain, intense plesure, agony, and hungriness as we go along the way. This happened in s short line of time, I exploded, felt the involuntary forward movement.. Took the condom to put in the bin and felt poor strain on my legs... What a great night I told her laughing . I sat for a minute. She laid exhausted and I went for two glasses of water, we drunk, laid and slept. In the next day I wake up late , opened my eyes with sun hitting my naked body and I look to my side were I find a note: '' is was a night to remember, you have my number :) kiss'' and a lipstick kiss mark on the note....

Since then we've been seeing each other few times a year for this amazing ritual that make us match in something.

Hope you enjoyed the story.