Written by Portuguese2013

16 Dec 2013

Since the beginning of my sexual life I've always tried to find my fetish, my ''perfect'' sex session. I'm a young white guy and always had serious relationships where I tried to fulfill my desires and fantasys . Never succeed much, or as much as I wished for.

Since I came to south Africa I've been in some adventures and I've done and found things very interesting and I really think I fond my self.

guess I'm looking for this:

I finely got my chance, I've been trying contact people on this site but no match to what I'm looking for.. I've been chating with a sexy young black woman, she have long hair falling until half of her back, voluptuous breasts with small pointy nipples and a round medium sized bum with stretched and very soft clean skin. We've started chating with some erotic talking. Was very exciting the way she could make my mind blow, she knew how to tease me. Very few pictures in her profile but that was sorted out between our long chats. the activities matched with mine, we may have the same likes and dislikes. . After this we had knew a bit of each other and it was real, she really liked my ideas and I felt that we could really enjoy together.

We made an appointment to meet, we've been mentioning it since we started chating one month ago and now everything was planed. She was gonna show up near by my place in a small bar on this Saturday night. We changed pictures before, so we already know how each other looks like and soon as I come from work ill have a drink with her before we leave to my house.

As planed I arrived at the bar and I stood at the door with this uncontrollable breathing, I'm a shy guy in the fist talk so in my mind I was just trying to find the best way to approach this wanderfull woman and at the same time I'm looking to find her, not a difficult thing because she was sitting on the counter of the bar and her hair was all over her back, she was using a beautiful dress until her knees and I can't explain how much this excites me and make me wonder. I approached her with my hand softly on her back and as she looked to find out who it was I said 'HI, I'm I late?'' For what she replies with a 'NO' and a shiny smile. I kissed her in the face as I think for my self that she is even more beautiful in person.I ordered a bottle of red wine invited her to sit on a table so we could have more privacy. As we chat for a few minutes and open the bottle she slides her hand into my leg and starts rubbing it slowly cuming upwards I felt what looked like a lightning coming thru my spine. I felt nervous and not much confident, but nothing that a few glasses of wine wouldn't change. Soon as I felt that the conversation was flying away I asked her if she was fine and if we could finish this bottle in my place making ower selfs comfortable what she agreed.

we arrived, I invited her to see the house and after I told her to sit on the couch wile I find some glasses and por the drinks. there we chated a bit more and not longer after the fist wine glass in my place I could feel excitement and intensity, heat and I could not help it I put my hand on her tummy wile she was talking, she stoped the sentence and looked at me with a sexy kind of look I've never seen, she left me almost alone in silence and I took the freedom and got closer giving her a passionate kiss in the neck wile sliding the strings holding the dress. She kissed me and when we broke this deep kiss only her voluptuous boobs were holding the dress. She was being very love full and attractive, I felt my cock getting heat and tight on my skinny jeans. I was desperate to see her amazing boobs finely so I pulled her dress down wile she was reaching my pants and I was fascinated with them, I immediately squeeze one of them with a full-open hand feeling the nipple in the palm of my hand . She was opening the zip on my pants and when she do that my cock come out(I feel my blood pumping thru my cock) and some precum is released. She holded my cock and stroked it, and I played with her nipples and lean forward her to place her nipples on my mouth( we were siting on the side of each other) softly biting them and then sucking them, twisting them with the help of my teeth and I heard some moaning coming from her. With my one hand I slid from her knee until her love-pot that by then was soaking weet and then It really made my cock rocking hard! She was wanking it slowly but tight and it wasn't doing much until I reached the wetness. As I spread her fluids all around her pussy , ''scratching''. In circular moviments she order me to stop. I wondered what could be wrong, I mean, all the attention is one her and this couldn't be better. I take my hand away and leave the ''torture'' on her nipples and back away sitting straight in her side. She then position one hand under my balls and holding my cock with the other one she came close and rubes my cock and all this precum that was already leaking and sliding down to my balls on her meaty lips and moaning ''mmmmm'' ....



To be continue by order of requests!

Enjoy your game play .