Written by iliketolick

08 Aug 2017

We meet up at a coffee shop. Just to make sure that you like me. Have a cup and decide to move to a restaurant. You are dressed in A sexy low cut top and the tightest possible mini skirt We sit close together and each enjoy a glass of red wine. Just for the nerves. I lean close and whisper that i have no underwear on.

You excuse yourself and go to the bathroom. Returning with a wicked smile on your face. Sit and while sipping your wine look me in the eye and say. Now I have none on either. You take my free hand and place it on your inner thigh. Your run my hand up and I can feel the heat and moisture already on your pussy. I place my fingers and open you slightly just enough to be able to stroke your clit gently.

After a while your breathing becomes faster and Shallow. I open my Zip and place your hand on my already throbbing cock. You suggest we go to my Hotel. I am by now so worked up that I can hardly contain myself.

We walk the five doors down and enter. In the lift I kiss you Softly Brushing my hand across your naked Pussy again Just playing across it. Back and Forth. Just so you can feel the strength in my hands. We enter the room and start to undress each other. There is a bottle of bubbly on Ice waiting for us. Still kissing I open the Bottle and pour two glasses. Now naked. Sitting close together. Looking at each other you decide to tease and open your legs. Just beyond my reach. Holding the glass in your left hand you start to play with your pussy. as we finish our bubbly I take a blindfold. Place it over your eyes. and take you by the hand. I lay you on the center of the bed. I take a fine cotton thread and tie your hands to the headboard. I tie your feet to the bottom of the bed. Just cotton string Still Blindfolded.


I kneel between your inviting thighs and lean forward. Placing my hands beside your beautiful breasts. Not touching any other part of you at all. I place my hot mouth on your left nipple and suck gently. While doing so my hand moves to the Ice bucket. Lifting my head I place a small cube in my mouth and the put my cold mouth on your other nipple. I give each breast in turn the attention that it deserves and then start to trace a light moist line from between your breasts all the way down your tummy past the navel and down to the top of your pussy. I raise my head and see that your pussy is now nice and swollen Starting to open the lips as if they have a life all their own.

I lean forward and place my cold mouth now directly on your still sheathed clit. Just so you can feel the cold. I remove the Ice and as my mouth heats again I put the middle finger of my right hand slowly into your pussy. Once the finger is all the way in I use my left hand to open the sheath and expose your clit. I blow lightly on it and then take it into my now hot mouth. You moan softly and as you start to move. I remind you.

If the cotton breaks.. I stop.

I now start to run my tongue over your exposed clit. Sucking gently every once in a while. I rove my finger and lick of all your juices.. Loving the taste. I flick my tongue harder and faster and now insert two fingers. Playing against your G-spot. Feeling the sponginess and concentrating on plying some pressure still sucking and flicking my tongue on your clit.

You start to shudder lightly and I know you are going to cum.

You can break the cotton now.....

Your legs clamp down around my ears and your hands are suddenly behind my head. Forcing my mouth onto you. I remove my fingers and tongue fuck you slowly. Extending the orgasm and feel you slowly start to relax.

A satisfied look of bliss on your face you lean forward and we kiss sensuously.