Written by tgrace

11 Mar 2015

It started like I hoped it would. She gave me the signal that the ladies room was clear and I entered. We planned to meet on the top floor ladies room, less chance of us getting recognised that way. At least we hoped! She chose the cubicle right at the end of the restroom, the one without the gaps at the bottom of the door. We needed some privacy for what I was about to do to her...

I closed the door behind me as I walked into the cubicle without locking it, her eyes lustily locked on to me.

I gave her a naughty smile, and said, “If I lock this door, there’s no going back”.

As I said this she thrust me against the door. She then kissed my neck slowly. I was already losing control when I heard the distinctive ‘click’ of the cubicle door locking.

Her mouth was now at my ear, whispering, “There’s my answer”.

I then lost it. I turned and pushed her against the door, our lips locked in a lusty embrace. We’ve had a thing for each other in the office for quite some time now. We were both attached, but we both knew somehow that we wanted each other.

It was today that I handed her a note while walking past her desk. The note read ‘meet me’. I was hoping it would work.

It wasn’t long after that when I got a note in reply.

This one read ‘Lunchbreak, fifth floor’.

Now, as I kissed her neck, nibbling softly and moving down, I knew I wanted more.

My left hand wandered over to her left breast, my right hand making a move to undo her dress at the back. My erection pressing against her, I could feel her getting wet and warm for me.

As I found the zip at the back of her dress she stopped me. She took my right hand and placed it over her vagina. She hiked up her dress so that my hand was now resting over her panties. I could feel her warmth and I knew she was wet for me.

By now I couldn’t resist the urge any longer. I stopped kissing her legs and went down on my knees. I softly kissed the inside of her thighs, gently breathing over her now soaking wet panties as I moved from one inner thigh to the other. Her scent was now irresistible and I could tease her no longer.

I placed both my hands on the sides of her panties and pulled them down. Her wet pussy was all I could think of; it was all I wanted. My hands holding her against the cubicle wall, she opened her legs wider for me. She wanted this just as badly.

I started by kissing her lips slowly. When I kissed her I kept my lips lingering. She couldn’t handle the teasing so she pressed me deeper into her from behind my head. My tongue started lapping up every morsel of her femininity. I wanted to make her cum so badly. I licked her slowly at first. She responded well to this, as I started from where her vagina started all the way through to her clit; keeping longer on her clit made her moan with pleasure. I could feel her breathing in deeper as her hips swayed to and fro. I had to keep up with her pelvis, as she had no control over the pleasure she received.

I started playing with her clit longer, until I kept my focus just on her sweet tasting clit.

I moved my tongue up and down over the tip of her clit. I lapped it from side to side, her wetness covering my mouth. I moved the tip of my tongue from just under her clip and pressed firmly all the way up against her clit to the tip. She lost it when I did this, moaning and thrusting her groin against my face involuntarily. This only drove me to make her cum harder. I licked her faster now, her clit making her moan louder as my tongue pleasured her more. She held my head firmly against her cunt, and as I licked faster she started thrusting her hips harder, her breaths becoming longer and deeper. I could feel, I imagined, a slight tingle, and I licked her at that pace as I knew she was close to coming.

Her thrusts got less now and I could feel her pelvis making ready. She kept my head in place, and as I still licked her she let out a long moan. I could feel her cumming against my mouth, her wetness dripping from my mouth.

If my hands weren’t holding her against the wall she would have collapsed. Still licking her she took my head away, her clit becoming too sensitive.

I missed the taste of her already.

Her body still shuddering, she looked down at me, in my eyes, and said, “Let’s meet again tomorrow”