Written by LickSuck69

02 Sep 2016

Driving along the road overlooking the sea, turning right along the winding road leading us to Landudna Beach. Parking the car, Mandy and I exit, and jovial walk down the street, reaching the steps, we bounce down all forty plus of them, reaching the sand. With a spring in our feet and sand between our toes, hand in hand we look for a place to catch a tan. Between to big boulders and plenty of nice soft white sand we take our seat, listing to the waves washing in and out again, deciding it's time to tan Mandy removes her summer frock and me my jeans, now we both in our birthday suits ready to catch a tan.

Lying flat on my back with my legs apart and my toes point to the sea, and Mandy on her side next me, listing to her music through the speaker of her I pod. Mandy buckets her hand with sand and sifts it through her fingers on to my belly, this leads to an erotic feeling, I respond by rolling her nipple with the use of my thumb, middle and index finger, her eyes light up and she smiles at me. Her body tenses up and her legs stretch with her toes dig into the sand, she smiles again, running all the sand over me. Suddenly Mandy screams "Imagine", thinking that was our song, Mandy jumps in the air and lands between my legs on her hands an d knees, just laughing and smiling at me, knowing what's going through her head, I just smile and wink my eye at her. Dropping on to her elbows and her pussy in the air, Mandy just naughtily keeps smiling at me, with her breast and nipples buried in the sand she crawls closer to me, buckets her hands around my balls and squeezes them . She then lifts her head and starts to run the tip of tongue up and down the shaft of my cock, causing it to become erect and ready for fun. Mandy puts her mouth around the head and closes her teeth, causing a sensation, slowly she moves her mouth over my erected cock, until it's totally in, deep down her throat she starts gagging on my cock which brings tears to her eyes, slowly she removes her mouth from been over my cock, teasing the head with the tip of her tongue, driving me crazy.

Mandy jumps to her feet and spins in the air, landing with her legs apart, her moist sandy pussy above my head looking me in the eye,dropping to her knees, Mandy places her pussy straight on my face and whispers, it's your turn to pleasure me. The tip of my tongue slowly creeps out my mouth, to slowly tickle her piercings and slowly forcing its way between the juicy lips of her highly excited moist pussy, making it's way to her horny clit. Sucking on her sandy clit, drives Mandy wild, arching her back and squeezing my head between her legs, wanting more of me, she can't resist and starts sucking on my cock again. Both of us nearly hitting fever pitch, Mandy jumps up and squats above my crying cock, teasing it with her horny moist pussy, then finally gives in forcing my rock hard cock up into her moist pussy, slowly moving up and down my cock, speeding up, she starts to fuck me like the wild cowgirl she wanted to be. Leaning forward grabbing my hair and placing her hands behind my head, she pulls me up pressing my chest against her breast, still fucking me. Reaching the point of no return, she pushes me back to the ground and lifts her pussy off my cock and squirts all over me, falling on top of me, we roll over, me on top we start to fuck again. Fuck Fuck me again Mandy screams, fucking her for all I'm worth, ready to cum for the umpteenth time, I pull out to cum all over her body.

Lying on our backs totally covered in sand and mud made from our love juices, exhausted, pleasured and pleased, suddenly we hear two women voices from on top of the one boulder giggling and saying, great view, best seats to see, and definitely Insane to Fuck in the Sand.