Written by indbimale

25 Sep 2013

Many times when watching some of his xxx videos , he would pay attention to a lady blowing a stiff tool. Something about the way she would lap up the wetness and take it into her mouth was an absolute turn on for him . Then he realized that on receipt of such a blow , he would run his hands into the back of her hair and pull her up for a passionate kiss then return her lips to his tool. Tasting himself in her mouth sent him into a frenzy! These were but mere signs , he wanted it , he wanted to have his lips meet a hard , stiff , wet, smooth and hot rod! This was a burning desire that engulfed his sexual spirit ...

One day at the local pet store , I was doing my regular errands when I noticed a guy looking for aquariums plants . He was neat and well groomed. :e was locked in conversation with a staff member. Being an enthusiast , I butted in and offered my suggestions on the topic . Seems he knew nothing about fish keeping so we exchanged numbers and I offered to share my knowledge. Weeks had gone by and I had almost forgotten of that meeting until I received a message from Will. It was an invite for a few drinks over at his place.

I took up the invite , here I was , at his door step on a sunny after noon . There was a light breeze and the Durban humidity added excitement into the air. The case of ciders was chilled so this cooled me down. After a minute that seemed like ages , the door opened and to my amazement , there stood a beautiful lady . I gazed into her big brown eyes . She had black hair with soft curls. I couldn't help but look at some cleavage with the corner of my eye , I looked away immediately, she would think I'm a perv! Mrs X introduced herself as Sam . Sam had a sexy body with a shapely ass. She was well built , you could notice that she worked out . All I thought of was chocolate sauce! I wanted to drizzle just a bit on her cheeks and then lick it off after a smack or two ! I quickly got back to reality in the hope that I didn't blurt anything out aloud!

The couple sat down to a few snacks and drinks, we chatted about the hobby and shared some details of our lives. The alcohol did say hello after a while and so I slowed down. In this time , Sam would now and then go off to the kitchen. When she would lean over to stand up or sit down , I would get a glimpse of that fine rack ! Will said to me , "she is hot hey !" In my awkwardness , I reply " yes she is , you are a lucky man ! " He smiles at me and goes onto question me, " so you want to maybe help us explore our sensuality?" I was shocked , I'm certain my jaw dropped ! I felt a tingle in my pants and my heart started to race ! " What do you mean help ?". Will went on to explain , " well we are open minded and I can see that she is attracted to you . I am sure we can please each other ? What do you say ?".

I played it down , not to let anything out , I agreed. Will went off into the kitchen . I gulped down the last bit of my drink ! What did I just agree to ? Well , only time will tell . In a few minutes Will asked me to follow him . He led me to their bedroom and there she was! She lay on the bed in a sexy blue number . I wanted to jump on her then and there . Will lay next to her and kissed her passionately. She gestured for me to come closer , I got onto the bed . She seductively undressed me. My cock was now hard and my heart was racing ! She kissed my neck , licked my nipple and went down . I moaned as her lips parted and took me in ! Her soft tongue flicked around my head and then she took me deeper ! Her lips up and down clenched against my shaft . I turned and Will was naked , he was stroking his cock and watching his wife suck me off . He smiled at me as he wanked. I pulled her off my cock and brought her towards me , and I kissed her passionately , tasting my precum. She pushed me back onto the bed and began to kiss Will . Her hand found my throbbing cock and she stroked me while she fondled her husbands cock . I reached over to caress her breasts, then the fire in me ignited when I accidentally felt Will's cock! I wanted it ! My cock got stiff as a rod! without thinking, I began to caress his balls with my hands. It was my first time so I tried to be gentle. He enjoyed it and I took it as an invite. I let Sam move aside , she began to play with herself as she watched me get closer to Wills cock . I got a salty smell as I got closer . It was hard and wet. I spread his legs and began to kiss his shaven sack . I gently took a ball into my mouth and massaged it with my tongue . Then I moved the tip of my tongue against his main vein all the way up the under of his shaft. I flicked my tongue on the base of his head then sucked his head in a circular motion . His salty precum was good . I opened my lips and took his monster cock inside my mouth. I moved my head up and down gently. I began to pick up the pace and I felt his head go towards the back of my mouth . Saliva began to build up in my mouth so I swallowed ! It tasted so good that I took Wills cock out and sucked it dry ! All this time I was dripping and building up a load! Sam joined in , she kissed me and tasted Will , she licked his taste and scent off my lips. We both suck Will off till he was ready to explode ! I felt his balls go heavy and began to tense up . I wanted him to come. Sam moved up towards Will and the began to kiss passionately . Looking up at them , I began to suck Will hard and deep . In this motion , I felt him stiffen up. In a split second , a hot warm gooey liquid filled my mouth. I swallowed a bit but the rest dripped off Wills cock and down his shaft . I licked him gently as his body quivered in excitement. I was throbbing and dripping with all of this excitement! Will turned me over and Sam went back down on me. This time she let my juices lubricate her cleavage. She use her breasts to caress my shaft . Before I knew it , I was titty fucking those sexy melons ! I could feel the load build up at the bottom of my shaft. Will came over and began to kiss me, he gently stroked my nipples while Sam gyrated her bosoms against my stiff cock. Then in a wonderful climax. I shot a load all over my Sam's breasts and my stomach. I'm certain a bit reach up towards my nipple. Will sucked on my nipple and Sam came up to meet him. The couple shared a passionate kiss and then got into each others arms. I didn't say much , I just picked up after myself and let the two be.... What a rush !