Written by jakes leroux

12 Apr 2016

While sitting here, waiting for the call to board my flight, I start to get a sense of excitement as I stare across the busy lounge of the airport. Hundreds of people either just as excited as I am feeling now, with just a couple of sad faces sitting around the lounge. I have heard that not even a wedding or funeral can offer you the intense emotions that one tends to experience while sitting in an airport lounge. A mixture of people who are glad to be going on a long deserved holiday with an equal amount of sadness for those who are leaving loved ones behind.

Today though, I don’t really fall into either of those categories. Nope, I have been sent by my work to attend a seminar over the weekend. The head of our department has been hounding me for months now to attend and I have been really reluctant to agree. But I must admit, sitting here, while being overwhelmed by the magic and excitement of the airport, I am glad that I agreed to do this. The only available flight was a night flight though, so I guess I won’t be able to do a lot of sightseeing out the window. My husband was the one who dropped me off a short while ago. I could see he was also sad to see me leave for the weekend just as I was sad to leave him behind. But we have been married for years now and our relationship is well past the point for mushy and long goodbyes. Not that we have a lot of goodbyes, mind you. There is a lot more good hello’s. But I guess it is good to take some time apart once in a blue moon, even if it is only for a weekend. Don’t get me wrong I love Jakes with my entire being and he loves me, but sometimes everyone needs to just be with themselves again in order to discover your self once more. After all absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

I have been asked to deliver a presentation, on the effects of prolonged exposure to x-rays on the average hospital staff, with specific focus on staff who is also working in radiology. Not very exciting, I know, but every little bit of information helps out in the practice one way or another. Looking out across the reception while scanning the many faces, I see a familiar face walking across the lounge and taking his seat basically opposite mine. It is one of the doctors who is working in the same hospital as me.

Dr Du Preez is a dermatologist, well actually he is one of the dermatologists in the country even though he is barely a couple of years older than me.

The nurses always jokingly calls him Mc’Dreamy. Funnily enough I have never really found him all that attractive, but looking at him now I can see what they are playing at. He is not your stereotypical hunk but he is well built and for some reason he has a very dominant and somewhat alluring presence about him.

Feeling the rush of being left all to my own devices, I can’t help but to admire this man, now sitting across from me staring down at his tablet placed neatly on his lap. He is dressed in smart casual wear and looks very professional while sitting there. Thinking to myself about these naughty thoughts I wonder what my husband would think about me. Well in my defense I have been left unattended for this weekend. So it is not really all my fault, I think to myself in justification. Looking at him once more I can see his lips moving ever so slightly while reading from his tablet. He has a two day old beard making him look even more rugged than usual. For a second or two I start to imagine what it would feel like to kiss his mouth right now. And with my dreamy thoughts at play, he looks up and our eyes lock in a passionate stare, and with complete shame I immediately look away and over his shoulder, pretending like I was looking at something behind him. My eyes unwillingly dart back to his eyes and I realize that his eyes is still focused on me as well, as he gets a smile and nods his head in a greeting gesture of familiarity. Realizing that eye contact is such a daring dual of the mind and soul, but always so wickedly delicious.

I give a silly little wave and mouth the word “hi” back to him. I can feel the blood rushing up my sides and I pray he doesn’t notice how I am blushing right now. Luckily at that moment the announcement to board my plane arrives and I jump up and grab my hand luggage hoping to avoid any more awkward glances. Unwillingly I glance back at him though and I notice that he is also getting up from his chair and making his way over to the same line that I am vying for in order to board the plane. In all my haste, I clumsily drop my bag with half of its contents spilling out onto the floor. Embarrassed I start picking everything up from the floor and push them back into my bag.

With everything back in place I stand up straight once more and notice that the doctor is no longer behind me but now standing a couple of places in front of me, about to enter through the doors on his way towards the plane. Feeling silly and embarrassed about our little moment, I shrug the thought to one side as I approach the front desk. Looking down at my boarding pass I quickly scan for my seat number, 17C. They gave me a window seat as requested. Looking at the line now behind me it doesn’t look like the flight will be too busy today. Perhaps I’ll be lucky enough to have the seats all to myself today. I hand in my ticket and the lady tears off the stub and hands it back to me.

“Welcome to South African airways and I hope you’ll enjoy your flight with us today.” She says with an automated smile. Smiling back, I continue to make my way onto the runway while making my way to the 757 two prop plane, with my hand-luggage in tow. Making my way up the stairs at the front entrance to the plane I show my ticket stub to the stewardess who is now also welcoming me on board.

“Seat 17C, down this aisle to your right.” She says and directs me down the aisle.

Looking out over the interior I notice that the seats is rather empty today. Might just be my lucky day. As I approach row 17 though, the embarrassment start to return as I see none other than Dr Du Preez sitting in seat 17B…right next to mine.

“Well hello there once more. You’re Danielle right?” He says as he realizes that we will be partnering up for today’s flight. Getting up from his seat he extends a hand and offers to help me with my luggage.

“Well yes I am and you are Charles…sorry I mean Dr Du preez.?!?” I reply while stumbling over my words.

“Charles is just fine by me.”He says while smiling and at the same time placing my bag in the overhead compartment. While standing now next to him, I notice that he is actually a lot taller than I initially realized and I find it somewhat arousing to have this man now towering over me in such close quarters. Brushing now past him I can feel that he is in no way a timid professional, but in actual fact he leans more toward the feature of a fit athlete than your everyday doctor.

Plus he has a deodorant that I cannot quite place but certainly plays wells with all my other senses. Taking my place next to the window, he slides in behind me and takes his place next to mine. I guess we are both feeling the initial awkwardness of our situation due to our earlier meeting of the eyes, and we keep the chatter to a minimum as we both await the stewardess to introduce herself and get our flight on the way.


Flying now at 10 000 feet, the stewardess steps up and informs us that we can now unbuckle and that our flight will be arriving in Cape town in 2 hours and 17 minutes.

Very precise I think to myself. Unbuckling our seats I can feel that both me and the doctor… I mean Charles is a lot more relaxed. The stewardess approaches and asks if we would like to have something to drink.

“I will have a vodka with passion fruit and lemonade.” I say while feeling the need to increase my relaxation.

“And I will have a double Richelieu and coke please.” He says while looking at me and smiles once more. The stewardess now pouring our drinks from the cart in front of her, and hands each of us our drinks and continues along the aisle.

“Well cheers and good luck with the seminar. You are of course on your way to the seminar right?” Charles says while holding his plastic cup aloft.

“Well actually yes I am. Will you be attending as well?” I ask with obvious mixed emotions about whether I want him to say yes or no.

“That is correct. As a matter of fact I have to deliver a presentation as well.”Charles says.

The rest of our conversation was mainly concerned with small chit-chat but as we continued to enjoy ourselves with the onboard drinks our conversation soon turned a bit more intense.


“I have been doing studies relating to the neurological and hormonal effects that the senses have on the mind and body of individuals with specific focus on the touch and sensitivity of the skin.” Charles says with a little smile almost like he knows something naughty and I realized that whatever he is thinking about that I am about to find out.

“Well it certainly sounds a lot more interesting than what I am busy with right now. Do tell me more.” I say to him feeling now like a giddy school girl sitting next to her high school crush. Feeling a little guilty though about my little crush, I tell myself that there is no harm in talking to a colleague about his field of study. Focusing once again on what he is telling me, I find myself strangely drawn to this alluring man and I find myself turning in my seat away from the window and facing him now more directly. I guess the fact that I just drank 3 glasses of vodka in the last hour also helps to make me a bit more relaxed about my thoughts of indiscretions.

“Well I have been doing studies with various subjects of both sexes. And I must say the results have been really stimulating to say the least.” Charles continues. His words feeling hypnotic as I listen to every word of his, with my senses tingling when he uses words like sexes and stimulate. Taking another sip of my fourth vodka I find myself staring into his deep blue green eyes as he continues to tell me about his recent studies.

“I have been testing the effects that touch has to different external stimulants with differing degrees of coldness, warmth, dryness, wetness, stroking, and pinching, has on the mind and the body.” As he says this he takes my hand into his with my palm facing downwards.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I find it best if I show by example.”He says while once again giving that all knowing smile. As he touches my hand, my mind start racing about all the other possibilities of where I will allow him to actually touch me and the phrase mile-high club pops up into my mind for a second. Looking around the plane to see if anyone is watching us, I notice how everyone is in actual fact keeping themselves busy or actually taking a little nap. The cabin lights is switched off making it difficult for anyone to actually see what we are up to.

Not that we are up to anything…at least not yet. Pictures of me resting my head on his shoulder while he is fondling me all over, while everyone just goes on with their own little world not even noticing our passionate embrace, flashes through my mind..

The thought of joining the ever popular mile high club once more crosses my mind, but I push the thought away as I think about what my husband will do if he finds out.

“No I don’t mind at all.” Looking down at my hand and my wedding ring in particular, I realize that I actually do mind a little. But in the name of science I find myself pushing forward with his experiment.

“The first thing you need to do Danielle is to relax. And make yourself open for any and all experiences.”Taking my hand more firmly, he gently strokes the back of my hand and glides his fingers ever so softly off the back of my hand, and along the length of my arm, right up to the inside of my elbow just underneath the hemline of my shirt.

“Now tell me Danielle, what did you feel?” He asks as he lets my hand go.

“Your hand brushing against my hand and arm.” I reply bluntly, pretending that I am not a little bit turned on right now.

“That, Danielle is exactly the response I was looking for.” He says with his ever-growing smile. But I can see that his eyes has something else planned for me.

“But Danielle, in research the correct result is not necessarily the desired outcome. What I have discovered is that a person will always get the correct result and or outcome if you put A and B together. What I mean by this, is that how can the only deliverable result between the combination of A and B be wrong, if no other result can be obtained. Therefore a correct result will always be obtained if it only has one result that can be achieved. A person can therefore never claim that something is the wrong result, if the combination of A and B can only deliver, said result. As an example, if my finger, subject A, touches your hand, subject B, then the only result that one can derive at is that my finger touched your hand, Correct?” He asks, once again smiling.

“Correct?!?” I reply while still trying to make sense of what was actually just said.

“The problem that we now have is what can we do by physically doing exactly the same by combining A and B and this time not end up with the correct result…but in essence the desired outcome.”

“I have no idea, but I am certainly anxious to find out.” I say, now very curious about where this conversation is going.

“What we need to do is to still combine A with B, but this time B needs to be released from all known rules and boundaries and B should be open to experience A in it’s full essence. So physically we do not add or change anything to either A or B. B just need to do away with it’s own preconceived notions of touch and trust perceptions and allow A to achieve the desired outcome while still doing exactly the same.” Charles now clearly knowing what is about to happen, yet I am still anxiously uncertain.

“This time I want you to close your eyes.”

“Right now I ask?”

“Yes right now.”He says. Glancing around the plane one last time to see if we are being watched but luckily no attention is directed to us. Putting my hand in his once more I continue to close my eyes. Eagerly awaiting whatever desired results he wishes to bestow upon me.

“Firstly Danielle, I need you to take a deep breath and then just allow yourself to relax… Place your trust in me… and listen to my voice only. Imagine yourself standing on top of a high skyscraper in the middle of a busy bustling city.

Imagine looking down and seeing the hundreds of people and cars all moving steadily about their day. Focus on the individuals and the cars and as you focus on them, I need you to start eliminating them from your thoughts one by one.

Steadily deleting them from your mind the one… after the other...

The street down below now becoming more and more empty as you continue to delete them the one after the other.

Imagine that there is now only one person left standing on the sidewalk. Continue to delete him from your mind as well.

You are now left alone on top of this tallest of tall buildings.

No more noise…no one around to tell you what you may or may not do.

Away are all societal rules and regulations.

The only rules that apply are those you allow yourself to experience.

Whether you want to experience cold, warmth, passion, lust, desire, guilt, pleasure.

These are all the carnal emotions that we experience everyday that is not governed by rules or regulations. Yet society places them in their respective cages, and disallows you to truly experience them in full.

Right now though you are in control of these emotions and only you can decide what you want to experience or not.

Set yourself free.

Be in love with your own life every minute of every waking hour.

Set yourself free and realize that everything you want is on the other side of your fears. Now imagine yourself leaning forward over the edge of the building. Leaning further and further. Now imagine stepping off the ledge, but instead off falling you are now floating. Flying against all that is impossible. Flying freely on your own.”

As he says those words I imagine myself flying and I can feel how the weight of the world is released from my shoulders. At the same time he start to once again slowly glides his fingers across the back of my hand continuing along the same way as before.

Yet this time. Everything is different. I can feel every inch of his skin touching mine, leaving indentations in my skin as he continues along my arm, the warmth of his hand brushing along my arm and I can feel how all my senses are aching for more than just this lingering touch.

My body filling with desire as I can feel his fingers continuing along my arm and once again, unfortunately stopping just underneath the hem of my shirt. Feeling my entire body being covered in goose-bumps and my nipples becoming erect as his hand continues to glide along the length of my arm, this time just a little bit higher and closer to my heaving breasts. I feel a warmth filling between my thighs as the moistness in between my pussy lips begin to drip. Involuntarily my other hand slowly moves to between my thighs and rests just on top of my skirt. Pressing my hand down in between my thighs and I lick my lips while pressing my palm against my skirt. Charles speaks once more.

“You can open your eyes now Danielle.”As he says this I realize with shame, what I just did and all the blood comes rushing to my face again. Yet, I can see that he enjoyed what just happened, perhaps just as much as I did.

“So tell me what did you feel this time Danielle.?” He says smiling. Though this time I have been let in on the secret and I knowingly smile back.

“This time? I felt everything.” Looking around the plane to once again see if we haven’t been noticed I get a thought of how liberated and erotic I feel right now, and how I want nothing more than to move in front of him and take him right then and there. Kissing his lips and having my way with him right now in the planes bathroom stall. These thoughts, all crossing my mind in a daze of lust and passion. Feeling the thrill of the release of hormones now rushing through me, I realize that I can now no longer hold back what I so longingly am thinking about. Looking around to once again see if anyone is watching

I take his hand and place it in between my thighs and slowly I allow him to lift my skirt revealing my panty to him and my longing moist lips underneath. Closing my eyes, he starts rubbing his hand against my inner thighs and against the outer lining of my lace panty. Feeling the moistness increasing between my thighs for more than just his hand. Resting my head in the nook of his neck I slowly start kissing his neck while he continues to rub his hand over my now even more moist pussy lips. His hand gently caressing my inner thighs.

My left hand slowly moving upwards as I pull my shirt down, just enough to reveal my erect nipple to Charles and feeling the freedom it brings to do what I normally would never even dare to do in a public place like this. The feeling of letting go of all societal rules and guidelines and allowing myself to just enjoy my body in a manner that I would want it to be enjoyed. Without shame or prejudice I whisper to him that I want him to finger me right here and right now.

Lowering his head down to my breast he places my erect nipple in his mouth and begins to suck on my sensitive nipple while his tongue flicks gently over the tip. His hand still stroking steadily against my moist lips with my panty now moved to the side revealing my moist and longing pussy lips, as he continues to insert two fingers into my longing loins. Opening my eyes for just a second to see if no one is watching I bite my lower lip and lick my upper lip as we continue unnoticed.

Suddenly and without warning the cabin lights are turned back on. Both of us sitting hastily back up straight in our seats and composing ourselves as if what we just did was the most normal thing to do. Both of us looking at each other, our eyes locked and both of our thoughts now rushing with anxiety about the fact that we are both now left hanging in between lust and ultimate ecstasy. My mind and moist lips longing for him to finish what was started. Sitting back into my seat I take a deep breath and I realize… that oh my word…this weekend I am going to have sex with another man. And not only that… I want to have sex with this man. I want his hands, his tongue and every other part of his anatomy rubbing against me and more importantly inside of me. I not only want him but I need him to pleasure me in every way possible. I realize that what I want has nothing to with love or any other similar emotion, but is purely carnal and physical in nature. Thinking about Jakes I also wish that he was here. I wish that he could be the one to ravage my body and fill my need. Yet right now my need is so immense it would take both of them to satisfy me completely. Two men…one that I love and need and another just out of pure lust. But right now…this weekend Charles will have to do.


Arriving at my hotel room…alone, I can’t stop thinking about what just happened on the plane. The emotions of feeling free and enjoying my body in such a manner. Allowing another man to pleasure me in the most erotic and public way possible. Not allowing myself to feel any guilt right now as I justify my situation based on the fact that it is purely for carnal pleasure…and of course in the name of science, after all. With my thoughts all over the place I leave the door unlocked and I drop my luggage to the floor and immediately go to the bathroom to start pouring myself a nice relaxing bath. Looking at myself in the mirror I can clearly see that I am still flushed about the events that played out tonight and I smile back at my reflection.

“Never knew you could be so wickedly kinky my dear.” I say out loud to myself. Turning around I begin to remove my clothes which now feels like weights dragging me down. Dropping the clothes to the floor I feel the freedom of finally being completely naked for the first time after being released from the shackles of these so called societal rules. Looking at my body in the mirror I move my hand slowly across my body and touching myself between my thighs. I can still feel the moistness between my legs brought about by the thought of what I just did on the plane not even an hour ago. Exhilirating.

My body once again filled with goosebumps as my hands are stroking gently over my breasts and between my thighs into my moist lips between my thighs. My thoughts now back to the evening’s erotic pastime. Smiling at my naughty self once again I continue to immerse myself fully in the warm water of the bathtub, filled to the brim with nice hot water and bubble bath. My thoughts now taking a flight of fantasy all of its own as, I imagine myself back in the room and on my bed…Completely naked. Just me and Charles…and Jakes.

Smiling at myself while having these outrageous thoughts I get up from the hot bath and taking my towel I begin to towel my steaming body in front of the mirror.

Hearing movement in the room I get a fright and I quickly grab my underwear and nightgown and get myself dressed. Walking from the bathroom, now only wearing a black lace panty and see through bra and a night gown over my lingerie I see that my fantasy is about to become reality as both Charles and Jakes are eagerly awaiting my return. Jakes seated on the bed and Charles on a chair in the corner. I pause for a moment not sure about what to make off this unexpected visit. My mind racing with whether or not Charles told Jakes about what we did on the plane. Jakes gets up from the bed and makes his way over to the door. Opening the door he hangs the Do not disturb sign on the handle on the outside. Closing the door he locks it again and turns around with a slight smile on his face. He slowly starts to walk towards me. Standing in front of me now, he leans in closer and whispers into my ear.

“ Hello my love. This weekend was planned upfront by both me and Charles to give you, what your mind and body craves… From what I heard you enjoyed your flight…well just so that you know, what happened on the flight was just the appetizer. Charles and I will together now be your main course and dessert.”Jakes says while smiling and he places a gentle kiss on my cheek.

Moving away from my ear he gives me a passionate kiss on my mouth. Pushing his tongue into my mouth he pulls my body closer to his. Our hips now grinding against each other while standing. His one hand holding me from behind and pushing my hips against his, while his other hand is pushing its way past my nightgown in-between my legs. Slowly moving his mouth towards my neck, he starts kissing and gently darting his tongue across my neck and collar bone.

My head dropping slightly to the side, and my eyes now meeting up with Charles who is still in his chair watching us in a passionate embrace. My eyes now inviting…no needing Charles to also join us.

Getting up from the chair, Charles starts to make his way over to me and Jakes. Taking his place behind me with Jakes still standing in front of me. He tenderly starts kissing my neck from behind while both his hands are resting on the sides of my hips. Jakes still in standing front of me while his hand is slowly rubbing against my aroused pubic bone and I can feel my pussy lips becoming wetter every second. Charles continues to kiss me from behind and slowly starts to remove my gown, and while doing this, his lips begins to graze down the contours of my back and I can feel his tongue darting in and out across my skin as he continues this movement right down to the lining of my pantie near my buttocks. Charles now kissing me on my buttocks while gently stroking his hand along my inner thigh and playfully brushing against my pussy lips. While this is happening down-under, Jakes is still standing in front of me and giving me kisses along the nape of my neck. Moving his lips closer to my face as he once again kisses me on the mouth. His tongue playing in and out of my mouth and my tongue teasing him back. Jakes’ one hand rubbing against my breast pulling my bra a little to the side and revealing my erect nipple as his thumb flicks over the sensitive tip of my nipple. His other hand still rubbing against my pubic bone. My mind filled with anticipation as I still cannot believe what is happening to me. My Husband and my weekend fling…at the same time…crazy.

Every now and again Jakes hand and Charles’s hand basically meeting halfway between my thighs. Charles now slowly getting back up and moving away from me, I see him moving towards a bag he brought along in the corner.

Jakes still kissing me in my neck as I fight to keep my curiosity intact about what goodies and pleasure lies waiting in this bag for me tonight. Thinking to myself how I cannot believe my luck to have two men ravishing my body at the same time. Charles opens the bag and removes a black silk scarf. Walking back to me and Jakes he once again takes his place behind me and pushes his hips also against mine. Both Jakes and Charles unfortunately still dressed, but I can still feel their erections through their pants pushing against me from both the front and back. Charles now taking the scarf as he gently moves it in front of my eyes and gently ties it around the back.

“I hope you don’t mind Danielle, but we want you to fully enjoy yourself. But first we want you to focus only on touch and taste.

The visual stimulation for now only in your mind. We are now gonna play a guessing game. One by one me and Jakes will each do things to your body and it will be up to you to guess which one of us did what.?”Charles whispers into my ear.

“Do you understand?”He asks

“Yes…Looking forward to this.”I reply.

Both men now moving away from and leaving me standing on my own, with just my underwear. My loins aching for their touch however. After a couple of seconds of heightened anticipation someone moves in from behind me and starts to slowly kiss my neck and shoulders from behind while moving his mouth downwards along my backside while his hands are brushing along my sides as he lower his lips right down to my buttocks. I get the sense that it might be Jakes but I am not quite sure, and the thrill of the uncertainty makes me even more aroused. Suddenly I feel a second person bent down in front of me, who slowly starts to move my panty to the side and starts to lick my wet pussy while the first man is still kissing my buttocks. My knees feeling weak as I struggle to stay standing. My one hand now holding onto a head of hair in front of me and a second one behind me. I decide to stop trying to figure out who is who and just allow the pleasure of the moment to fill all my senses and to rather focus on the sensuality instead of the who dunnit. Suddenly they both stand up straight and they slowly move in such way that they are each standing next to me. The man who was in front of me and who just tasted my pussy lips gives me a kiss and gives me a taste of my own sweet juices. At the same time I feel both of their hands on each side of my panty as they start to remove my panty while their hands slowly brush along my inner thighs. Revealing my longing and highly aroused pussy lips and leaving me now vulnerable to their desires between my thighs. One man moves my bra to the side once again revealing my erect nipple and he gently starts to suck on my nipple while the second one kisses me in my neck. While he is sucking at my nipple I feel one mans hand gliding inbetween my thighs as he inserts two fingers into my moist lips. He shys away from inserting his fingers in full and just plays gently over my outer pussy lips while rubbing my moistness all over my outer lips. Each man now once again taking their repesective places in front and to my back pushing their hips against me. I can feel that they have now also removed their clothes and are now only standing in their underwear.

Their erections pressing into my hips from both sides.With my one hand to my back and my other in front I insert my hands into their underpants and get instantly anxious as I now have an erect penis in each hand. Gently stroking both mens penises inside their pants as they kiss me alongside my neck and ears. The man behind me starts to unclip my bra and releases my heaving breasts to the whim of the man in front of me. His hand immediately cupping my breast while at the same time kissing me on the mouth, and I can still taste my sweetnes on his lips and I get even more aroused as I think about where his mouth was just a couple of seconds ago, and wanting him to go back there..

While I am kissing him, the second one, I’m guessing Charles start to kiss me on my cheek as well.Feeling both mens heavy breathing so close to my face making my head go wild with anticipation.

I imagine that it is Jakes now standing back and allowing Charles to fondle my breasts while Charles is still standing behind me with Charles other hand pressing inbetween Danielle’s thighs rubbing against her enlarged clit. Jakes now taking Danielle’s hand in his as he leads Danielle to the bed while she is still blindfolded.

“Let the games begin.”Jakes says as he helps Danielle onto the bed and positioning her in such a way that she is now standing on all fours with her head resting on the bed while her exposed buttocks are in the air and her eyes still blindfolded. Danielle finding the anticipation of what is about to happen overly exhilirating. Jakes leaning in next to her ear and whispers.

“We are now going to show you what you’re body was made for, my love. To experience pleasures like you have never felt before. .. I love you so very much, so enjoy every moment my dear.” With those words, he steps back and leaves her once again vulnerable to the carnal pleasures of this room. Someone moves in behind Danielle and she has no idea who the man is. Positioning himself inbetween her thighs while her buttocks are stil in the air. She can feel his naked hips and erect penis pressing against her backside, playing around over her aroused skin. And then without warning, he enters her from behind, slowly pushing his erection into her longing pussy lips. First just the tip of his penis as he rubbs it over her moist lips. And then gently he pushes it deeper into her untill she can feel the fullness of his entire erection filling her loins. She wants to scream in agonising pleasure at the fact that right now she has no idea who is having sex with her. Only knowing that she wants more. The man writhing his hips from side to side while still inside of her as he leans in and wraps his arms around her and holding onto her naked breasts as he continues to deliver sweet kisses on her back. His hips still swaying from side to side. Danielle feeling evey inch of how his penis moves around inside of her. He slowy removes his penis from her dripping pussy and then she feels the second man stepping in behind her. He bends down behind her and begins to to insert his tongue into her moist lips and flicks his tongue over the entrance of her buttocks as well. Licking her pussy as he continues to insert one finger into her buttocks and then gently inserting a second finger as well. Stroking inside of her buttocks as he pushes his tongue deep into her moist lips. The second man sits on the bed and then begins to kiss her on the mouth. Danielle realising that it is Jakes now sitting next to her While Charles is the one who is licking her between her thighs. They gently turn her around and let her lie on the bed with her feet dangling of the side of the bed. Both men now off the bed standing in front of her. Bending down as if they are about to worship her body in front of her, they slowly open her legs while exposing her full nakedness to the two men inbetween her thighs. They start kissing her respectively between her thighs starting at the knees and moving along higher until one of them reaches her pussy and starts to insert his tongue as deep as possible into her sweet tasting lips..

Licking and fingering danielle at the same time. The second man gets gets up from the floor and places himself over Danielles face and starts to kiss her gentle lips, while the other man moves in between her thighs and begins to feast on her sweetness. Danielle kissing the one man and their tongues playfully darting into each others mouths. The other man continues to insert his tongue deep into her moist and tender loins while gently stroking her upper thighs. Suddenly they both stop with what they are doing and they continue to remove her blindfold. At first she feels a little shy, but then she gets relaxed as she sees the two men smiling back at her and she can see the lust in their eyes. Jakes clearly aroused by the fact that his wife is enjoying herself in such an intimate and passionate way. He has always said that he gets aroused whenever she is aroused and she can only imagine how he must be feeling because right now she has never been this horny in her entire life. Her body aching for the touch of her husband more than ever before. And Charles seeming equally pleased that he were allowed this opportunity to give Danielle the night of her life and that he were allowed to pleasure himself as well by getting the chance to touch and taste her voluptous and sweet body and juices.

The two men continue to pick her up and start to place her higher onto the bed.Both of them having their hands between her thighs and now kissing her breasts. Each man having a nipple in their mouths as they continue to stroke her inner thighs. Their hands gently caressing along her legs as Danielle lies her head back onto the pillows stacked behind her. But not wanting to close her eyes, just yet, as she enoys the view of seeing the two of them lusting over her body. Knowing that both of them are longing to be inside of her, both of them wanting to feel the warmth of her thighs over their erect manliness. Seeing both mens erections so close to her makes her even more wet, if that is even more possible.

“I need you to sit up straight my love” Jakes says

Willing herself from the pillows she sits up straight. Charles moves in behind her on the bed and begins to to pull her closer to him getting her to sit ons his lap. His penis now standing erect between her thighs. Looking down she realises to herself that Charles penis looks slightly bigger, but not so much that Jakes is smaller, but more that Charles is really big and she wonders what his penis would feel like inside of her as well. Filling her in her enirety. Gently stroking Charles penis now between her thighs while staring at Jakes sitting in front of her. Seeing her husbands erection grow as he can see how much she is enjoying this. Moving in towards his wife, Jakes kisses her on her mouth while she continues to strokes Charles’ penis. Her other hand grabbing hold of her husbands erection as well.

“I love you my dear I hope you know that.”Danielle whispers to Jakes.

“I do, and I love you even more. Now sit back and enjoy.”Jakes replies. Kissing him once more she lifts herself ever so slightly and taking hold of Charles erection as she positions it inbetween her thighs and continues to insert his penis into her longing wet tenderness. Moaning into her husbands mouth as another man continues to writhe between her legs.

Feeling his long hard and thick erection filling every inch of her loins. She moans once more into her husbands mouth as she continues to kiss him and taking Jakes hand she presses his hand against her outer pussy lips while at the same time sliding up and down on Charles large erection. Wanting jakes to rub her clit while she is having sex with Charles. And Jakes pleasantly complying with her desire. Rubbing her aroused clit as she continues to moan as the pleasures and ecstasy of the moment fills her entire being. Feeling the blood rushing to her thighs and her breasts she can feel that she is close to cumming. And then Charles stops. My loins begging him to continue, but Charles failing to continue. With his penis still inside of me he continues to lift me onto the bed and position me on all fours.

Charles still inside of me in a doggy position and Jakes in front of me. I realise what my husband wants, and I contiue to place his erection in my mouth and I start to suck at his penis and flicking my tongue over his tip. At the same time Charles pushes his penis in and out of me. My moans coming in gasps as I continue to suck my husbands longing erection while looking up into his eyes I can see how he has to fight to not climax as well. My hand stroking his shaft as my mouth and lips moves over his penis. Jakes pulling away as he is trying to not cum into my mouth, but me not even caring right now if he does. He bends down and kisses my lips.

“I think we need some refreshments. We don’t want the night to be over too soon.” Jakes says while gently kissing me again. Charles now also pulling out of my dripping pussy. Charles pulls me in closer to him and takes my face as he turns my head towards his face and he gives me a kiss as well.

“Yes I think that is a great idea.” Charles says and he gives me a little smack on my bottom as he says this. Jakes now opening the fridge and he removes a bottle of champagne from the fridge…Taking the bottle firmly in one hand he slowly starts to remove the wrapping from the opening. Unscrewing the cap he discards it to the bin in the corner and starts to push the cork from the opening ever so slightly.Walking over to me, he hands me the bottle before the cork is popped.

“Here you go, why don’t you do the honor of opening it the rest of the way.”he asks.

Taking the bottle from him I sit on the bed completely naked with two beautifull men watching me as I start to press the cork upwards. Suddenly it bursts open and the champagne pours out from the neck. Some of it finding it’s way across my breasts and midsection. Laughing at what just happened I start to take a drink straight from the bottle, feeling the bubbles sliding down my throat. Charles bends forward and starts to lick the dripping champagne from my nipples and at the same time Jakes gives me a kiss on my mouth. Jakes taking the bottle from as he also takes a drink straight from the bottle. Charles still greedily licking at my erect nipple. His mouth moving downwards once again following the trail of one of the droplets of champagne that seemed to have found it’s way right between my thighs. Charles’s tongue following the same path along my stomach and down my pubic bone and right between my legs. His tongue darting in and out of my pussy as he continues to suck at my clitoris taking it completely into his mouth. His tongue flicking it between his lips. At the same time Jakes hands me the bottle to take a drink from the ice cold champagne. Jakes now standing on the bed as he positions his hips close to my face. Taking his penis in my hand I start to place his erect and warm penis into my mouth. I can see him shudder as my cold mouth envelops his warmness and I begin to suck on his longing manliness. A tinge of excitement shooting through my loins as I realise that I now have my husbands penis in my mouth and another man who is slowly opening my legs so that he can press his tongue ever deeper into my dripping wet pussy. With my one hand holding onto my husbands erection I take the champagne bottle with my other hand as I slowly pour some of it over my pussy and giving Charles some more champagne to enjoy while he is lounging between my legs. Taking another drink from the bottle I can already feel some lightheadedness and a lot more adventurous and feeling that I am a lot more ready to take some control as I continue to take Jakes by his arm as I pull him downwards towards my breasts. Dripping the champagne over my breasts I can feel my nipples getting erect at the crisp coldness running over my breasts. Pulling Jakes’ head closer to my breastsOpening his lips he takes my nipple into his mouth as he starts to lick and suck at the champagne now dripping from my erect nipples. Charles stil playing with his tongue over my pussy lips as he continues to insert two fingers inside as well.

His fingers writhing inside of me in a come hither motion.Moving around inside of me…and then stopping for a while… and then moving them around again…continuing this on and off.Building up the anticipation each time when he stops by waiting a little longer each time before pleasuring me again. All the while his tongue playfully darting over my sensitive pussy lips.Jakes still sucking at my breasts with my nipple inside of his mouth while his tongue flicks over my sensitive and erect nipple. Each flick of his tongue sending my body into exhilirating jerks of pleasure. My one hand taking Jakes’ erection and I begin to stroke his manliness as I look down longingly at Charles who is pleasing my woman parts between my thighs at the same time.I can feel how my body is close to reaching climax with every lick from Jakes and every small movement of Charles fingers inside of me…Feeling my climax coming ever closer with every breath and sigh of pleasure that I exhale.And just as I feel that I am about to cum they both stop…as if there minds were connected.Feeling my climax slowly subside. Feeling a measure of dissapointment and excitement at the same time, knowing that this might continue all night long. The anticipation of my climax not gone just delayed. Lying back onto the bed Jakes start to pull me on top of him placing me in a cowgirl position ontop of his erection.His penis now inbetween my thighs as he slowly inserts his tip into my pussy and his entire shaft as deep as possible. Jakes pulling me back closer to his chest and at the same time I see Charles positioning himself inbetween my legs as he spreads them open even more. Jakes’s penis stil inside of me. Charles moving inbetween my thighs as well. Placing his tip on my clit as he rubs across my outer pussy lips while Jakes’s penis continues to writhe inside my loins. And then Charles slowly starts to push his penis inside of me as well. Feeling my moist pussy being stretched to the fullest and allowing both men to be inside of her at the same time. The two men now working in unison. When the one pulls out the other pushes his penis inside of her. Continuing this battle for pleasure to be inside of her. Danielle can feel the rush of her climax coming back again. Feeling the excitement rise between her thighs as both men vie to be inside of her. Charles pushing his penis deep inside of her at the same time that Jakes is inside of her wet pussy lips…..She moans uncontrollably as she can no longer withstand the oncoming climax. Giving a small cry of pleasure as she feels all the tensions releasing between her thighs. Her pussy tightening against both Jakes and Charles erect manliness inside of her body that is now shuddering with pleasure, as they both begin to slowly remove their erections from within her tired yet totally fulfilled loins.

Seeing that both men are pleased that they could give her this night. A night of pleasure and ecstasy. Without any repercussions or guilt. A night with her husband and a lover. To be remembered forever.

As they continue to fade off to sleep inside her husband’s arms, Danielle sleeps with a peace she hasn’t felt in a long time. And a love and newfound respect for her husband who would do anything to give her what she wants and deserves.

The end.