Written by Tonguemansa

03 Jul 2013

You lie here alone on your bed.

The early morning sun filters gently through the curtains and warms your bare skin. You think of me … so far away and your heart sinks. You run a finger down your neck and across to your throat. The touch sends a shiver down your spine.

You touch your left breast … Your nipple hardens in anticipation. You gently pinch the hard bud and roll it between your fingers. You imagine me, taking your nipple into my mouth and I suck … flicking my tongue over and around … now sucking harder … your back arches as your imagination runs wild. You can feel my hands on your skin … my fingers pummeling your breasts … gently at first … then kneading them with more urgency.

Sucking, nibbling, pulling on your nipples with my teeth .... you can't get enough.

Sending messages to your pussy … that already feels wet with anticipation. You run your hand down from your breast across your silky flesh and down your right thigh.

I take over again … and I run my hand down your leg and back up … but not far enough.I tease the crease where your thigh joins your body and run my finger over your smooth pubic mound. Tantalizingly, I take my hand down your other thigh and slowly … so slowly back up.

You open your legs, so desperately wanting my touch. With one finger I touch your clit … fleetingly. I am driving you wild with anticipation. Then you feel my warm mouth engulfing your clit as I gently suck ... My tongue releasing your clit from its hood. Electric pulses run up through your body and you squirm. I put a finger inside you … soaking wet now. Probing … in and out. Two fingers now, rubbing the inside wall … searching for your G-spot. A third finger … now finger-fucking you hard and fast. You buck against my hand wanting more friction.

My tongue flicks over your clit … sucking hard … then licking. You want to cum ... you close your eyes with ecstasy. You can feel me here with you as I send exquisite jolts through your swollen pussy. “I'm cumming!”, you gasp for air as your muscles contract rhythmically and I finger you harder … more urgently now. Your orgasm rolls through your body ... sending spasms through you like electric shocks … in waves … contracting and relaxing … sending signals to your nipples … now throbbing as your orgasm fades.

You lay still … your breathing still labored … but you want more.

You imagine me laying next to you now … our bodies touching. I touch your face … so lovingly, my fingers playing with your hair. We look deep into each other's eyes. You run a finger down my spine … which in turn makes me arch my back … pressing my hardness against you. You reach down for my cock … standing erect as you take it in your hand … stroking firmly. You kiss me. Our tongues … exploring each other's mouths … with the passion of lovers who have been parted for so long. You kiss my lips and tease my neck with soft butterfly kisses. Letting your tongue follow my body contours down over my chest. You give each of my nipples a quick nibble with your teeth … and all the while, rubbing my cock as it throbs with anticipation.

Your tongue reaches my stomach and you kiss the end of my cock as it twitches. Pre-cum oozing out … you lap it up and lick the swollen end like an ice cream. You run your tongue around the head … then down the shaft and back up … so, so slowly. Another lick of my glistening head … and back down again to my balls. You cup them gently in your hand before squeezing gently and then pulling, just hard enough to make me wince.

Teasing me … like I teased you. I reach down and pinch your nipples roughly and pull them hard, as punishment for the torture you're now putting me through. But I know it turns you on too.

You open your mouth and suck my cock … tantalizingly … you take the head in, licking all around. Then, the halfway down the shaft … it slides in easily as you suck and flick your tongue over my throbbing cock. You can wait no longer … you take the remaining inches into your wet mouth as far as it will go … to the back of your throat. You suck … and masturbate me with one hand at the base of my shaft … as you pull my cock out slightly and push it deeper to the back of your throat. With it there you swallow. That nearly tips me over the edge and I start to thrust … fucking your throat until you can hardly breathe. You massage my balls and feel the tension within them. We both know I am close.

You pull my cock out and I push you onto the bed ... I plunge three fingers deep inside your cunt again … no niceties here … just wild … animalistic desire. Your juices start trickling down your thigh. I grab your legs roughly and put them up over my shoulders and I put my cock against your clit … rubbing it up and down. Teasing your cunt lips … your wet hole … running my thick hard cock down your slit … nearly touching your arsehole.

I wet a finger with your pussy juices and without warning, I plunge it into your arse. The sensation is electrifying. Your body spasms as I push a second finger in … twisting it … in and out. I am driving you fucking wild. I plunge my cock into your pussy and I rhythmically start to fuck you ... pounding you so hard … your eyes roll and you can't breathe. Still two fingers in your arse … I fuck harder like a piston … in and out … harder and faster. You can feel a second orgasm start to build and I sense it too.

Not changing my pace … I fuck you like it will be the last time for a long while. Your muscles contract … gripping my cock tightly. You cry out … your climax engulfing me … which in turn leads to my own climax … no holding back now … filling you with my hot, milky juices … spurting over and over. The sweat drips off my brow and lands on your breast.

I rest my body on top of yours … both of us spent … exhausted. I slide over next to you and pull you into my body … spooning you … holding you tight. I caress your breasts as we drift off. You lie still for what seems an eternity … savoring the moment before opening your eyes.

You are alone again.