Written by Dreamon

21 Aug 2016

I would take a shower , than join you naked on the couch. I might use the fingers on one of your hands to pinch my nipple while I suck on the fingers of your other hand. I will slowly grind on you until your cock wakes up and then play with it .....suck on it slowly ....then give you a hand job while I tongue and suck your nipples. I will take you deep inside my mouth ....suck you to the back of my mouth .....slide my tongue out and lick whatever part of your cock my mouth is not touching. I will suck hard then grab hold of your hips to keep them where I want them because now you are thrusting into my throat....not that I mind...but that's not my plan.

I will keep on sucking all over you .......rolling your balls in my mouth ......then switch to just sucking on the head to tease you.....then engulf all of you. I would keep playing with you like that while moaning around your cock .....because sucking your cock makes me high. I AM WET......You might notice that I'm only using one hand. The other one started rubbing my aching breasts.....then slid down my belly....finally landed on my pussy....swollen .....slick....and hot. I rub my clit in circles imagining its your tongue.......I groan around your cock in my mouth. I have to stop......because it feels sooooo good.

Than I go blue tooth style on your cock .....completely hands free. All you feel is my mouth on your cock and my breasts on your thighs. Now both my hands are free to do me. Your eyes are closed ...so you cant see that I have a breast in one hand......my pussy in the other. I don't want you to cum....but I'm on the edge. You taste soooo good and I'm soooo wet. Your eyes pop open when my mouth stops slurping. You ease me to the floor while slowly pushing a finger inside of me....then another finger. I want you inside of me . I grab your shoulders trying to pull you on top of me so you can feel the heat and the wet and push inside of me. You understand my demand....but tell me NO. You lick one of my nipples .......and push inside of me at the same time. I came right there ...you push all the way inside and I come all over you.

FULL BODY ORGASM. My legs logged ....my belly clenched and I quit breathing. My eyes are pinched shut .....my body is shaking and convulsing. After a while I'm calming down ......you reach down and rub my clit. That sends me into orgasm #2. You are watching me and not paying attention to the fact that my pussy is squeezing the hell out of your cock .You are about to cum as well ...you push into me deep as you load up my insides. The sudden heat makes me cum again........