Written by Oldtoppie

23 Mar 2017

Mmmm! They say a picture of beauty can speak a thousand words of pleasure...

Well every time a picture of you comes into my mind, damn I find myself getting lost in so much pleasure and desire that without hesitation I feel my cock getting excited for you.

Wanting you, needing you and when you're not here I find myself touching myself for you.

I get lost in the realms of wanting my lips pressed against your lips as our tongues begin to explore the hidden pleasure zones. Damn just sitting here with my eyes closed I can feel how soft and warm you are to me as I gently let my tongue explore the essences of your soft and warm lips letting my tongue trace your lips, gently resting them against yours. I can feel your body heat warming up to me, wanting to give into the pleasures you're feeling...

I can see my hands wanting to explore all of your sexy body as you lay next to me, the visions of my hands pushing slowly up your thighs as our lips are still locked in a lover's embrace. Your lips taste like honey as you gently suck on my tongue trying to pull me in deeper into your mouth.

As you do that I'll feel my body start to tremble, wanting to show you just how hot you're making me feel. As you start to moan I imagine myself undressing you with my eyes as you slowly undress before me in a seductive way; you feel my hands helping you undress; damn you've got the look of lust in your eyes. We'll both know that "love" is ok but tonight we'll let loose of the "lust" we'll feel for each other. And as your clothes fall softly to the floor it's then that my eyes will fully engage in the essences of your beauty as you'll stand before me in that sexy bra & laced panties. I'll slowly run my hand up between your thighs to where pleasure will begin.

Fuck I can't deny it, I have a lust to taste you. Lick you; feel your wetness on my finger-tips, tease you as your body gives into those love- games my hands will start to play. I'll listen as your body calls out to me. As my hands are braced on the sides of your hips you'll feel my hands gently pull your laced panties down and I'll feel you brace yourself as you'll rest one hand on my shoulders. To gently step out of your now soaked panties as I lay them on the floor only to let me have full view of your sweet honey dipped smooth pussy. Damn how I just want to kiss you there. And without hesitation I'll feel you pull my head to rest sweetly upon your smooth wetness of sex, as I breathe in the sweet aroma that lingers near my lips. I am fully locked in a daze as I watch your wet pussy lips puff up sensually, and begin to swell with lust and anticipation of gliding on my tongue as you'll glaze my lips with your wetness. That will send signals to the depths of my soul telling me how bad you'll want me to eat of your nectar.

The visions of your body standing before me is so clear that I'll feel your body shiver gently as a soft moan escapes your lips. It's then that I'll feel your pussy walls opening up for me, wanting me, feeling me, needing me to fill you up with so much pleasure. I'll feel your hips do a slow-dance as your pelvis gently grinds against my every lick, and every taste of you. But then you'll pull away from me. Standing before with lust in your eyes. You'll let your fingers gently open up your sweet pussy to fully expose your swollen clit with one signal from your finger that will hypnotize me to come closer to you again and beg me to fuck you with my tongue only to feel you rock out of control as you try to brace yourself with balance. I can tell you're in a love-funky-kind of mood as I'll feel you rest one leg on my shoulders as you maximize the moment in love. I'll feel you let go of more of your sweet love juice as it drenches my chin and coats my faces with the essences of you.

That having you explode with full force from my tongue. I'll feel you push me back to show me just badly you'll want me still. For I'll feel your hands pressed against my shirt as you'll slowly unbutton it so that I can feel your soft hands stroking my chest but with a force your hands rips off my shirt with an intense desire as the buttons fly and as you'll look into my eyes I'll feel you kiss my chest. Mmmm! running your mouth over my nipples and then letting your tongue glide down past my navel only to feel you open up my pants as your hands search to feel my hardness of my throbbing hard cock. Again I see you look up at me with smile as you've discovered the treasure you've long to feel. It's then you hear the sounds of my voice intensely letting go with pleasures you've yet to see.

With a full rush you gently let me step out of my clothes so that you now have a full vision of my nakedness for standing before you will be a lover that you adore. A slight gasp escapes your lips as you smile seductively of what your lips are dying to taste of me.

As you lower your lips down on my now shiny swollen head. I'll feel your lips glaze up and down my shaft. While you still play those love games of playing with your pussy lips with your finger-tips.

I get locked in trance as I watch your hips rise and down on your soaked finger-tips while you suck on me letting your soft round lips put on a show for my rock hard cock to desire. My hips lock up as I rise to meet your lips that gently glaze me with the juices that flow from your sucking lips. It's then I imagine myself pulling you up on top of me letting you have full control of whatever pleasure your body wants. I'll look down as you watch lustfully as your wet pussy lips open up for me, gently tracing and coating my hard veined shaft with soaking juices that are sensually squirting with desire to saturate me. I'll feel your warm walls surround me. Grasping hold of some good loving dick, as you start to pump with a force yet to reckoned with. Our bodies indulged in a lover’s game of sweet sensual sweat, watching you bite your top lip sends waves of pleasure throughout our bodies to only intensify what your pussy lips want from me. I soft “oh shit” slipped between your lips.

The only sounds to fill the room will be us as we're locked in lust. Sweat dripping back breaking lust is what has us rocking and fucking in motions that we get lost in.

As you bounce with me, ride with me, shake with me. Saying “oh shit” repeatedly, begging me to fuck you harder. I rise up to suck on your nipples as you hold on scratching my back as your sexy nails are mixed with my un-controlling sweat of desire. I'm sucking on your neck leaving marks and sexy nibbles of my signature of love for you. Your breathing intensifies telling me that you're ready to cum. You beg and scream with desire for me to fill you up with my hot white cream to mix with your drenching pussy juice. My heart beats faster, as you rock out of control...

Yeah!...I'm cumming now...as you'll feel the rush of my cream pumping deeply into you. We'll collapse against each other trembling out of control, covered in a lovers sweat.

Yes I know that we have "love" flowing' between us, but just for this moment; I "lust" for you.

But as I open up my eyes I just had to let you know that... I Often Find Myself Fantasizing About You!