Written by fantacyman1

13 Sep 2016

I know…

I am on my way, it is Friday, You are working late, and I am on my way. What will I find, my mind is racing. Will it be what my imagination makes so sexy, will I find nothing? You have changed; you are not the same, is it good? Is it bad? Who am I to judge, I want to know, I want to experience.

I am here. The office is quite, all gone for the weekend. Only two, two cars remain yours and his. I park my car and sit, my heart racing with possibilities, wondering what you are not telling me.

I am parked and I am coming in, ready or not here I come. I have a key; can you remember that I have one? Slowly unlocking the door to where you are, it is very quiet, sun setting. Where are you? The board room, his office? No, you are the boss; you will be in your office! Upstairs, step for step I am coming closer. My legs weak, heart racing, breathing slow and fast, nervous!

My senses on high alert! Eyes wide open, ears on every sound, I smell every office odor. Stepping closer I feel the tension building in me, what will I find? Stepping closer, your office, in the corner. The door closed but not all the way, the sun late afternoon, lighting its last light trough the remaining window in your office. Stepping closer I hear you, I hear him.

I hear you. I know that sound. I have heard it.

I see. Through the opening in the door. I see you. Your foot, with high heels still on, but not where it should be, your foot pointing, moving with rhythm, your sexy white panty dangling keeping it with rhythm in place.

I am here and I see. Mind racing, heart beating out of breath. I want more, I want to see more. Pushing the door became the most daring thing in my life. Inch for inch, I see more. Clutching bum between your legs, releasing to thrust again, keeping the rhythm. It is him. It is you. Both in a world of sexual pleasure, the sexy winking in the hallway, the naughty smiling at the water fountain, secretly touching in a meeting, all to build up to this point. How did it feel? Him entering you for the first time, did your heart race like mine now? Do you love the feel of his manly shaft in you? How long have you been dreaming of this?