Written by Fordern1

28 Feb 2014

Part one.

I pulled out my pack from the truck and walked off onto the trail on a fine summers day,a slight breeze was blowing and the sun shone bright.

I was about 30 minutes into my walk when i passed a lake and noticed a tent beside the lake,I thought it was a bit strange because i had never seen anybody camping out here before.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a splash in the water,at first i thought it might have been a fish but then looked again and it was someone splashing and trying to surface from the water.

I ran down the hill throwing my pack on the beach and kicked off my shoes and dived into the chilly waters.

I swam out and found a girl struggling to keep her head above the water,i grabbed her by the waist and pulled her up,

She said,"oh my god!" , "I got really bad cramp and couldn't move my legs!"

I replied,"Its ok,i got you now"

I helped her up to the beach and she slumped down exhausted,i held her up and asked her if she had swallowed any water and she burst into tears,"If you hadn't seen me i would have drowned!"

I replied,"Its ok you are fine now,you are safe"

She settled down and i helped her to her campsite a few meters from the beach.

She didn't look more than 18 and was asian looking,thin and actually quite pretty.She had on a cream bikini that contrasted nicely with her olive skin.

"You saved my life mister!"

And i replied with a smile,"call me Darren,and i suppose i did"

She wrapped a towel around herself and i took off my wet shirt and pants to hang them on a tree to dry,i noticed she looked at me shyly in my boxer shorts and turned her head and looked down,"Sorry its just that my pants are wet"

"No its fine its ok"she replied.

"So whats your name?" I asked and she replied"........"

"Well you sure you are fine?"

"Im a little shaken,can you hang out for a little bit more?"

"Sure no problem" i smiled.

I looked up at the mountain i was headed up and saw clouds gathering and it didn't look too much of a good idea to carry on so i asked her,"you wouldn't mind if i camped out a bit here,its looking a bit rough up in the mountains where i was heading?"

She looked up and smiled,"yeah,thats fine by me"

I started unpacking my stuff and i could notice she was glancing at me every now and then.

"Maybe we could mix up our dinners if you want?"

"Thats a good idea!" I replied.

She sat on a log and cut up vegetables while i made a fire.

We got our dinner on and ate together chatting a bit about the woods we were in.

"So what do you do for a living?" She asked.

"I work on ships,i work 5 weeks on and then have 5 weeks off"

"That sounds cool!,so when you go back then?"she asked.

"In about 2 days"i replied.

I cracked open a beer and offered her one which she took,we sat sipping our beers and she excused herself to go and get out of her wet bikini,she came out wearing denim shorts and a white t-shirt which clearly showed her nipples through it.It was obvious she was not wearing a bra.

A crash of lightening and thunder made us both flinch and i said,"looks like rain,i better get my tent set up!"

As i said that the heavens opened up and it started raining hard on us,she scuttled into her tent and yelled,"Come in here out of the rain!"

I ran up to her tent and bent down and climbed in.

"Want another beer?" I asked,

"Sure" she smiled.

We sat there nice and cosy and warm our eyes met,i lent forward and our lips met,we kissed gently and she felt my chest through my shirt.

She looked down shyly and and i put my finger under her chin and lifted her face up,i kissed her again but his time she kissed back more,our tongues swirling around together.

She looked at me and started unbuttoning my shirt,

I said"you dont have to...

She butted in and said,"I want to,believe me,i really do!"

I smiled as she undid my buttons with her slender fingers and took off my shirt.She lay back and I kissed her on her neck and behind her ears causing her skin to get goosebumps.

She sat up and took off her t-shirt to reveal her silky smooth breasts with lovely pink nipples.She lay back down and i kissed her neck again and looked down at her nipples as they grew erect.I kissed my way down towards them and took one in my mouth gently swirling my tongue and lips around it,she let out a sigh and jumped a little as i took the other one in my mouth.

I lay next to her circling my hand on her soft stomach and sucked on her nipples as she arched her back and let out a small whimper my hand went down to undo her denim shorts.She lifted up her ass so i could slide them off,she was wearing white panties which now had a small wet patch on them.I slid them off to reveal her shaved vagina and i thought to myself that this girl takes care of herself.

I kissed her again and my hand went down to her slit and she arched her hips up and spread her legs as i found her clitoris and rubbed it gently.

She whispered to me,"take off your pants"

I knelt next her and she helped me unbutton my pants,i pulled them off and my semi hard cock sprang out.

Part two.

Part 2

She whispered to herself,"Oh my its big!"

She grabbed it at the base and looked up into my eyes.

She licked up the shaft leaving a trail of spit and flicked her tongue over my circumsized large head causing my cock to grow rapidly in her grip.

She opened her mouth wide and took my head in her mouth which felt warm and soft as is slid downwards.

My cock looked larger because of her petite features as she bobbed her head up and down with her lips tightly around it.

I put my hand gently on the top of her head and moved her hair out of her eyes,she looked up at me and slid down with her mouth as far as she could,my head went back in pleasure and i could feel my balls tightening,i had to try hard not to cum in her mouth.

I couldn't believe my luck! Naked in this tent with this angel!

I pulled out of her soft warm mouth and kissed her hard.

Kissing and caressing her neck with my lips again making her skin get goosebumps again.My mouth found her vagina and i ran my tongue up and down her slit as she lay on her back with her legs spread and back arched grinding her hips against my mouth.

I pushed my tongue into her and she said,"oh yes!"

I pushed my tongue in and out and circled her clitoris making her gasp and flinch.

She moaned in orgasm,"mmm oh,mmm oh my god,mmm,oh oh!"

She orgasmed and squirmed on her back wriggling and shaking.

I kissed up towards her face again and she was breathing heavily and had a few beads of sweat on her brow.

I kissed her again slowly and softly and she looked deeply into my eyes smiling at me.

I slid my arm under her back and turned her over onto all fours,she arched her back making her wet vagina stick out and she smiled at me over her shoulder as i kneeled behind her.

I placed my erect cock at her opening and my head pushed into her tight vagina,i slid the rest of it in slowly and she moaned,"mmmmm oh my god its so big!"

I slowly rocked back and forth fucking her deeply but firmly holding onto her silky hips.

Sliding my whole length in and then almost all the way out,she was tight but took the whole length of my cock.

I picked up speed and she looked at me over her shoulder again with her mouth open in ecstasy she started orgasming again,"aaarw ,aaarw oh oh arrww oh oh!"

I was ramming into her fucking her hard making her orgasm and my balls tightened and i pulled out squirting long,thick and hot gobs of sperm on her ass cheeks and up to her shoulder blades.

We crumpled to the ground both exhausted and and kissed and held each other till we fell asleep.

Part three.


The next morning we woke up slowly in each others arms.The sun was shining and it was a beautiful still day.We lay there for a while chatting for which seemed like forever.

She got up out of the tent nude and jumped into the lake,i followed and we swam for a bit washing ourselves from the night before.

She waded up to the shoreline showing off her perfect ass followed by myself,we dressed,made breakfast and coffee and chatted some more,she was cute and adorable the way she looked at me and smiled

innocently.We packed up our stuff and we hiked together back to my truck,I chucked my pack in the back of the truck and she hopped daintily onto her bike,I strolled over and gave her a hug and kiss goodbye and said,

"Don't be a stranger now,you got my mail and number so keep in contact"

She smiled back and replied,

"Ok,of course I wont be a stranger,I will send you emails when you are at sea"

"I would like that a lot honey",I smiled.

We went off on our separate ways for the time being.

While I was at sea she sent me emails everyday including a few pics with her scantily clad in sexy panties and bras,looking very innocent but still so sexy.

I finally came back and she was waiting at the airport as arranged and she jumped up and clung around my neck and showered me with kisses and hugs,she was as light as a feather and so angelic.We went to my house together before stopping off to get some food,wine and beer.

We got to my place and we jumped into the shower together and I noticed she was still as clean shaven and well kept as before.

We kissed and cuddled lovingly in the shower as we soaped up each others bodies,massaging and exploring each others bodies.We went into my bedroom and she lay on the bed with a sexy anticipating look on her pretty petite face.I lay next to her on my side and kissed her softly on the lips,kissing her neck and behind her ears which caused her to get goosebumps and make her nipples erect.She rolled over and we went into the 69 position and she licked the precum off my cock while I licked her swollen lips.She then sucked my now erect cock deeply while i tongued and fingered her wet pussy hard causing her to orgasm.The wetness was running down her thighs and she climbed off me and went on all fours arching her back for me.I knelt behind her slim hips and slapped my heavy cock against her ass cheeks,I entered her making her gasp and she looked sexily into my eyes at me over her shoulder as i filled her up with my big cock

I fucked her long and deep and she came loudly as i went up on my legs and thrust downwards pounding her tight wet hole,

"Oh oh my god!oh oh oh",she moaned.

I pulled my glistening hard and veiny cock out and rubbed my cock head up her flared slit towards her sphincter,moving her pussy juices towards her hole.

I applied slight pressure and she looked over her shoulder at me with a worried look on her sweaty face and i said,

"Its ok Ana,i will be gentle"

I applied more pressure and felt her tight ass opening and my cock head slid in to her,

"Oh,mmm,more", she moaned and grunted.

I applied more pressure and my throbbing cock slipped deeper into her ass,her legs were shaking and quivering as i pushed deeper so my whole length slid into her tight hole.

I started fucking her slow and deep until her legs quivered more and more and she came pushing back into me hard moaning,

"Oh! Oh! Mmm hmm mmmm"

I pulled out of her gaping ass and spun around and moved to her mouth which was open and ready,I thrust my cock into her,cumming in her soft warm mouth and on her face,squirting my cum up into her hair.

She swallowed willingly and pushed the rest of my cum from her face into her mouth with her slender fingers and took my cock back into her mouth,she looked me in the eyes and sucked me clean till my cock went limp.

I fell down onto the bed exhausted and fell asleep,she lay next to me partly on my chest and next to my side and fell asleep in my arms.

Part four.


We woke up late,entangled and still naked under the covers.

We both got up out of bed and jumped into the shower together and had breakfast then slumped down on the sofa together.We sat there and i asked,

"What about if you and I go into town to that sex shop that sells all that sexy underwear for women and pick up some nice panties for you"

She replied shyly,

"Ok,ive seen that shop....but..well...never had the guts to go in!"

We headed off to the shop down town and went in and the guy sitting behind the counter greeted us,

"Hello,how may I help you today?"

He looked creepy and looked like he hadn't washed his hair ever!

I replied,

"Just going to look around if thats ok"

He smiled coyly and said,

"No problem,ill let you have your privacy but I'm right here if you need any help"

I nodded and we walked around the back to all the underwear hanging up on hangers.

We sorted through some and I found a nice set of white suspenders,stockings,panties and bra,all in very traditional lace.

I took it down and showed it to her,

"What about this one?"

She studied it and replied shyly,

"Ive no idea if it will suit me....umm.....I've never worn stuff like this before?"

"You want to try it on?",I smiled.

She nodded and looked in the direction of the creepy store owner to make sure he was out of sight and she walked in front of me to the booths.I followed closely behind her to make her feel safe.

She stepped into the booth and took off her clothes while i watched and slipped the white stockings up her shapely legs while i stood guard with the curtains open.

She put on the rest of the underwear and stood in the booth asking me,

"How do i look?",she spun around with a cute smile,showing off her new outfit proudly.

She looked sexy and the panties fitted perfectly snug against her shaved pussy,showing off her plump pussy lips.The push up bra pushed up her breasts nicely and I noticed her nipples were erect and

I replied,

"Oh,baby...you look hot!......Should we get it then?"

She smiled sweetly and said,

"I think so....yes,its beautiful!"

She took off the underwear and got dressed and we headed back to the creep to pay.

"Ah,i see you found something,very nice!",he smiled creepily.

He looked at her and sized her up from head to toe and winked at me.

She didn't see that,thankfully,as she was nervously playing with her phone.

"That will be 59.99 please"

I paid and we left feeling his eyes staring at her as we walked out.

As soon as we got out of the shop she exclaimed,

"Oh my god that guy was creepy"

I nodded and said back,

"Dirty bastard looked like he ran out of shampoo years ago!"

She laughed,put her arms around me and looked into my eyes,I bent down and kissed her on her soft lips,she smelled of strawberries as usual.

"Damn its hot today!" I said.

She replied,

"I know,I wish there was a little breeze."

I said back,

"You want to go for a hike,i know this really cool place to swim?"

"Ok",she said,looking up at me very cutely.

We headed back to my place and fetched a few supplies and drove up into the mountains.

We hiked for an hour to get to my favourite lake and she impressed me by how fit she was keeping up with my brisk pace.

By the time we got there my shirt was soaked but hers was just a little wet between her shoulder blades.

I took off my boots and shirt then ran into the water shouting back at her,

"Last one in is a rotten egg"

"Hey!...Thats not fair!" She scowled back at me and strolled casually down to the waters edge with an annoyed look on her face.

She stood there pouting with her arms crossed,looking away from me,her white bikini was a bit too small for her and the edges dug into her skin accentuating her ass cheeks and pussy.

"Thats mean you know!",she growled.

I splashed water at her and she screamed.

"What you going to do about it little miss prissy?"i shouted back and dove under the water.

When I resurfaced she had disappeared,I looked around a little nervous for her and suddenly felt her digging her nails into my calf muscle,pulling me down under the water.

When I came back up from under the water she was laughing and giggling,

"Little miss prissy hey?"she said jokingly.

I laughed too and she swam over and clung to my chest with her arms around my neck and her legs wrapped around me,her pert nipples digging into my chest and her hard vulva resting against my hip.

"Its so beautiful here,i love this place" she said to me looking around.

"Even more beautiful when you are here"i replied.

She looked me in the eyes and we kissed and then swam back to the shore.

We put our towels together and she lay down and on her stomach.

"Sunscreen angel?" I asked.

And she replied,

"Oh..Thanks,yes please"

I squirted some on her shapely back and down the back of her smooth legs and started rubbing it in on,she moaned,

"Mm that feels so nice don't stop"

I massaged her calf muscles and worked my way up to her thighs as she lay there with her eyes closed,I looked at her pussy sat snuggly between her legs and ass cheeks.

She rolled over onto her back with her t-shirt over her eyes to shield them from the sun and the sunscreen glistened on her smooth skin as she rubbed some on her stomach.

I lay on my stomach next to her on my towel and she got up and started massaging sun screen onto my back,her slim fingers were small and dainty but she was strong,she moved her hands in circular motion up and down my legs and back.

She straddled my ass and I lay there dozing and enjoying her angelic massage,she slid forward and i felt her ass cheeks slide up and down my lower back,I glanced over shoulder and saw she has removed her bikini top and bottom,she was sliding on her bare ass cheeks gently up and down,my cock grew rapidly in my shorts.

Her nipples were pointing outwards erect and shining in the sunlight because she had rubbed sunscreen on them.

She giggled,

"Turn over big guy"

My cock had stiffened now to a full erection in my shorts and she pulled them down,my cock slapped back loudly onto my stomach.

She squirted more sunscreen onto my chest and cock and slid up and down smearing it in with her knees up and legs spread.

She slid up my chest with her legs spread wide showing off her shiny sunscreen soaked pussy lips and clitoris.

She slid back down over my hard cock which was lying on my stomach and it slid between her ass cheeks,her pussy lips spread out as she slid over my cock and down past my balls.

She raised herself up a bit and grabbed my slippery cock and held it at her pussy opening,she slid down onto it taking the whole length into herself while looking into my eyes.I looked down at this and my big cock looked so large in proportion to her slender hips.She let out a breath and closed her eyes in ecstasy,she moaned quietly as she started riding my big cock slowly,her breasts rocking up and down in the sun as she picked up speed.

I had my hands on her knees to steady her,I looked up at her swollen clitoris sticking out in arousal and her lips stretched tight on my shaft,she fucked me as hard as she could moaning in pleasure,

"Mmm ohh,mmm oh"

I felt her tight pussy constrict on my cock as she came and I couldn't hold back,my cock twitched and exploded in her as she came,her skin got instant goosebumps,her legs and stomach trembled,my cum ran out from between my cock and her pussy walls,running down my hips in thick white streams.She lay forward panting and sweating,she cuddled onto my chest with my softening cock still in her.

Part five.


A few days later it was cold and rainy and I was out bringing in firewood and my phone vibrated in my pocket.

I pulled it out of my jacket and she had written a message,

-Hi,I miss you!

I tried on the lingerie last nite and was wondering if u would like a visit this afternoon?

Xxx Ana

I sent a message back saying yes and she said she would cycle over at 15:00.

I was chilling on the sofa when I heard the doorbell ringing.

I got up and opened the door and she was standing there in a long raincoat all wet with a cycle helmet on.

"Damn hunny! I should have offered you a lift,im sorry"

She smiled and went up on her toes to kiss me and said,

"Its ok...I needed the exercise after being cooped up inside with this rain"

I motioned her inside and said,

"Come in before you catch a cold"

She walked in and took off her helmet and kicked off her trainers onto the shoe rack.

She unbuttoned her long wet raincoat and let it drop to the floor and all she had on was her white lingerie that I had bought for her the other day.

Her nipples poked up little mounds in her bra and her skin looked cold.

She sang out,"Surprise!"

She spun around in front of me showing herself off ,her panties had been pulled slightly up her ass cheeks,probably from the bike ride to my place.

I replied,

"Ooooh nice baby!,you naughty little girl riding your bike dressed like that!"

She giggle shyly and blushed at my comment.

She had tarted herself up with lots of lipstick and make up and looked sexy but still innocent.

I felt my cock grow in my pants and it stood out like a tent,she looked down and touched my cock head through my pants with her finger and said slowly,

"Oooh,someones pleased to see me!"

I took her by the hand and led her to my bedroom and she sat on the bed and looked at me,rubbing her breasts through her bra.

"Mmm,Ana,you are a horny little girl today aren't you!",I said.

"Mmm I am!...what you going to do about it?",she purred back.

"Stand up here",I replied.

She stood up next to me pulling her panties out of her ass cheeks looking at me attentively,her face blushed red with arousal.

I sat on the bed in front of her and ran my hands and fingers over her bra and down over the garter belt and down her thighs,she rotated her hips forward pushing her panty clad pussy invitingly towards me.

I reached around and felt her ass through the lace panties and she rotated her hips back so her ass stuck out.

"Mm...please!,..fuck me Darren",she said sternly.

Her breathing had increased and she was looking at me longingly to make the first move.

I ordered her to get on all fours on the bed and said,

"You want to be my slut?"

She replied instantly without thinking,

"Mhm,yes I want to be your slut"

I kneeled next to her on the bed and pushed her head and shoulders down into the mattress so her petite ass was sticking up into the air invitingly.

I ran my hand down over her arched back across her ass cheeks and down to her lace clad pussy.

I traced my finger gently downwards from her ass along her slit which was held tightly by the lace panties.

She giggled,

"Heehee..that tickles!"

I ran my finger back up her panties and massaged her sphincter which was sticking up in an engorged circle.

I could see her labia opening up and making a wet patch through her lace panties.

"Please...fuck me now Darren"she pleaded desperately.

I replied,

"Not yet"

And she turned her neck around to look me in the eyes and I pushed her face back into the mattress forcefully.

"Please take out your big cock and fuck me..pleeeaase",she begged.

I said nothing and cupped her pussy in the palm of my hand and rubbed gently and she moved her hips in a circular motion following my hand.

She moaned softly,

"Mmmm...you are making me so horny"

By this time the gusset on her panties was soaked through and made my hand wet,I peeled off her wet panties and as they left her crotch strings of her juices clung from her smoothly shaven swollen lips to the lace.

I slid them past her knees and she lifted her legs one at a time to help me remove them.

The sight of her in her white stockings and garter belt with her ass in the air made my cock leak precum into my boxers.

I said to her,

"Stay like that for a second..I'm coming back"

She asked,

"Where are you going?"

And I whispered back,

"One second honey"

I returned back with a large skin coloured dildo which was left behind by one of my crazy ex girlfriends.

"Oh my god.....what is that?",she exclaimed as I came back into the room.

"Its from an ex..she left it here"

She giggled as I threw it on the bed beside her,i went into the cupboard and took out 2 leather belts and walked back to the bed with them.

"What are you going to do with those",she asked innocently.

"Im going to tie you up...then fuck you hard"

"Oh..um..ok,I've never been tied up before",she said back.

"Is it ok baby?"i asked.

"Umm...ok..lets try it...it sounds sexy!",she purred back.

I moved her arms back and tied her forearms to her shins tightly and she giggled in anticipation.

I licked up her slit and over her sphincter lapping up her sexy juices then reached into the drawer and pulled out some lubrication in a tube and squirted a line over her sphincter and down over her flared lips up to her clitoris which was aroused and stood out of its sheath.

She jumped a little and said,

"Ooh..that was cold..it smells nice..like strawberries"

"Yeah..smells sweet like you honey",i remarked.

She giggled again as I rubbed the lube over her pussy lips and up over her sphincter and into her ass cheeks.

I smacked her ass cheeks and she jumped and said in a cute voice,

"Mmm..spank me big guy..I've been a bad girl!"

I took the large dildo which was maybe a little under the width of a coke can size and was made of shiny white plastic.

I knelt behind her slid it over her pussy lips and sphincter smearing lube all over it.

She wriggled her hips invitingly and I slid it in slowly into her pussy.

"Oohh..mmm..OW..mmm",she moaned as it slipped into her,spreading open and stretching her tight pussy.

"Mmm...its so big....ow!...mmm",she said as i slid it deeper untill it bottomed out on her cervix.

She was moaning now and beads of sweat appeared on her back as she gyrated her hips in orgasm.

I pulled it out and her pussy was gaping wide and I moved it towards her sphincter and pushed it hard and forcefully into her,

"OOOWW,NO!FUCK,NO,STOP IT!" She screamed,jumped up pulling the belts off her wrists,ran out grabbing her raincoat as she went out the door,she jumped on her bike slipping the raincoat on and rode off crying and sobbing with me begging behind her,


She cried back at me over her shoulder as she rode off fast.


I thought to myself,

"Fuck,im so stupid,why the fuck did i do that!"

I dug in my jacket pockets for the keys but couldn't find them and then remembered they were on the kitchen counter,I sprinted and got the keys,slipped on my boots and sped off up the road looking for her.

I drove around desperately,looking up every road but I couldn't see her.

All the time I was saying to myself out loud,

"FUCK!,what have i done,damn it!"

I stopped and asked this middle aged woman if she had seen a girl on a bike.

"Yes,I saw her heading out up the north 22 road that heads up into the mountains,she was going like a bat out of hell and didn't look happy!"she said with a worried look on her face.

"Whats going on mister?" She questioned.

"We had an argument!"i told her.

"Oh!" She exclaimed knowingly.

I sped off spinning the wheels on my truck and gunning the engine.

I drove up into the mountains to where we swam the other day and swung into the parking lot at the bottom of the trail.I saw her bike thrown on the ground and jumped out of the truck and shouted,


I listened for a reply but heard none.I ran up the trail looking desperately for her and headed down the hill towards the beach scratching my legs and arms on the brush,desperately searching for her.

To the right of the beach I saw her slumped sitting holding her legs with her knees up to her chest and sobbing.

I walked up to her and said,

"Ana,im sorry!"

She looked over her shoulder angrily at me with tears running down her cheeks,my heart sank as i realised what I had done.


I was on the brink of crying myself after realising what I had done and said to her,

"Ana,please.....baby please.."

She cut me off crying her eyes out,still angry and she said,

"FUCK YOU!Not once have you told me you loved me and then you hurt me and you scared me...FUCK OFF!

I sat next to her and put my hand on her trembling hand and tried to comfort her.

She pushed my hand away and burst back into tears,

"You just want to use me...you don't even love me!"she cried out.

My heart sank deeper and I said,

"Ana,look at me...please!"

She looked at me with tears streaming down her face.

"Ana..I love you..baby please"

She looked at me still crying,

"You just saying that so you can fuck me again"


My heart was beating hard in my ears as I realised that I had lost the most important thing that had happened to me in a long time.

"Ana...please just hear me out..."

"I do love you...its just...I've been hurt in the past...because I said...I love you too soon to a girl"

She looked at me and looked away angrily.

"Ana...please understand...when I was away on the ship,I thought of you everyday.."

She looked at the ground and tears ran down off her nose onto the dirt.

"You really love me Darren?" She sobbed.

"Look into my eyes baby",i asked.

"If you love me...then why did you hurt me like that?"she cried.

"Im sorry Ana,I got carried away!",i replied sincerely.

I stood up and lifted her up under her arms so she stood in front of me and she cried into my chest.I held her close and used my finger to move her hair out of her face and wipe away her tears,she looked up at me.

"I was so worried when you took off like that..i thought i would never see you again...I thought I had lost you Ana..I thought that it was the last time i would see you Ana..I swear....my heart was breaking when you ran out!",i told her quietly as the rain pelted down on us soaking us.

"I love you Ana...please...don't break my heart!"

She looked up at me into my eyes and cried into my mouth as she kissed me,

"I love you too"

I pelted her with kisses on her forehead,nose,lips and cheeks saying I loved her every time I kissed those parts on her angelic face.

I picked her up under her legs and cradled her in my arms and carried her off the beach up the hill,she lay securely in my arms with her face resting against my chest and her eyes closed,every now and then she sobbed and would breathe in sharply and I would say,

"Sshhh baby its ok I'm here,I love you Ana,I'm going to take care of you"

We got back to my place and I carried her inside and took her into my lounge and rested her gently on the sofa in front of the fire,she had stopped sobbing now,

She shivered and said,

"Im freezing Darren"

I put another log on the fire and went to fetch one of my t-shirts for her. I then went into the kitchen to make some hot cocoa to warm her up.

By the time I came back she was asleep,I stood over her and smiled.

She looked so beautiful and content lying there,I stroked her hair out of her face and she stirred and woke up.

Part 6.

Part 6

A few weeks later after all the drama had cooled off we were at my place hanging out,we had spent a few days listening to music,watching movies and generally just being lazy except for making love.

I woke up before her one morning and went outside in the heavy snow to collect more firewood.I came in and made a fire taking the chill out of the air.

She woke up and strolled into the kitchen where i was making some eggs,she had a pair of tight shorts on and a t-shirt.Her hair was ruffled from sleeping but she still looked beautiful and sexy.

I hugged and kissed her and said,

"Morning sleepy head"

She replied,"morning baby"

She yawned and lifted her arms over her head and stretched,her t-shirt riding up a bit showing me a glimpse of her beautiful flat stomach.

She looked out of the window and exclaimed,

"Ohh,its snowing,its so beautiful come and look!"

I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist from behind and kissed her on the neck behind her ear.

She bent her neck sideways so i could kiss her more and I said,

"Yeah,its pretty!"

We sat and ate breakfast together and had a long hot shower together,

she always massaged moisturising lotion onto her whole body which I loved watching because of how beautiful she looked naked.

She always put on some fruity perfume which smelled a bit of strawberries,mixed with her natural aroma she smelt gorgeous.

We went for a walk after breakfast in the snow and held hands all the time chatting.

As we got back my phone vibrated and I read the message,

-hi buddy,I'm passing by,

U busy ?


I asked her,

"Oh,baby,my buddy from work,Tom,is passing by,you want to meet him?"

She smiled and replied,


We sat on the sofa drinking coffee and the doorbell rang about 10 minutes after he messaged me.

We both got up and went to the door.

Tom was standing there and said,

"Morning man!"

"Morning buddy come in"i answered.

"This is Ana" i said as he walked in.

He shook her hand and said,

"Nice to meet you!,so this is the pretty girl the big guy cant shut up about?",he said jokingly.

She blushed and looked at me happily with a big smile on her face.

"Yepp,sure is!"i said,jokingly punching him on the arm.

"Ow,damn!,you got yourself a big strong guy!",he replied rubbing his arm.

Ana giggled and laughed and said,

"You boys never grow up,you want some coffee Tom."

He nodded and as Ana walked off I smacked her ass,she turned around and growled,

"Hey!....not in front of the guest! Darren!"

She pranced off in her dark blue skinny jeans humming as she entered the kitchen.

Tom and I sat down and he mentioned to me how pretty she was and how lucky I was to have such an "angel" as he put it.

Ana came back holding 2 cups of coffee in her dainty hands and passed them to us.

She sat close to me snuggling up with her feet tucked under her knees.

Toms phone rang and he answered it,

"Hello,aw! Come on we just did....Hold on a second.."

"Excuse me guys,its work again,second time this morning!", he mumbled as he walked off into the kitchen.

I looked at Ana and said to her,

"Um..honey...I'm not sure if i should ask you this but..umm..."

"What is it big guy...cat got your tongue",she teased me.

"Well..um..if you are totally against this..then just say so and I will never mention it again ok?",i answered.

"What is it,is everything ok..you look worried?",she questioned me.

"Ok..you know the other day when we were making love...and..well you mentioned....that you would like...umm..2 cocks...to well you know?",i stuttered back.

She blushed profusely,"Umm..yes..i remember"

"Well....maybe...if you got no objections...I'm just worried that you will think I'm trying to use you like a piece of meat...but"

She sat there bright red and said shyly,

"Um..ok..i don't think that....ok..but how will we tell him..and what if,well he doesn't...."

"You leave that up to me baby...you ok with this?",i replied.

"Yeah...I'm ok,I'm excited... I've never done anything like this before",she giggled.

Tom came back and Ana excused herself for the toilet and jumped off the sofa,humming as she walked to the toilet.

"Buddy...um..I've got something to ask you",i said.

He looked at me concerned and said,

"Sure,fire away man"

"Well the thing is..um..Ana and I just talked about..well..if you don't want to,then just say",i said.

"We want to have a threesome!",i blurted out.

Tom sat there shocked and in silence,totally still,he then laughed,

"What!!!...are you crazy man...are you sure...or is she sure?

"Yes...we are sure..so are you interested...?",i asked.

Tom looked at me smiling and said,

"Hell yes I'm interested!!"

I heard the toilet door open and Ana came back sauntering in with a nervous look on her face and stood there.

I looked at her and said,

"Ana..take off your t-shirt"

She blushed bright red and looked stunned at first then looked at the ground and grinned,she said cutely,


She giggled and smiled as she lifted her shirt off to reveal her pert breasts.

Tom said,

"Umm..wow..Ana!" As i pulled her gently onto the sofa between us.

She sat down between us and we both lent over and sucked her nipples,I felt it growing hard in my lips as i gently sucked on it.

Tom had his hand on her stomach and was sucking hard at her left nipple.

Ana arched her back and stuck out her chest,breathing heavily.

She looked down at our cocks forcing themselves upwards through our pants.

She felt both of them giggling and breathing heavily still bright red in her face.

We let go of her nipples and I stood up,loosening her skinny jeans and unzipping her.

I slid them down to reveal her tight pink panties,she kicked off her jeans and Tom stood up unzipping his pants and slid them down,also kicking them off.

He stood there in his boxers with his cock sticking up.

"Oh my...you boys..hihi!",she giggled loudly.

She went down on her knees and pulled Toms boxers down,his cock jutted out close to her face and she giggled,

"Oh...Ooh..wow..you are shaved!"

She ran her hand over Tom,above his cock,where there should of been hair.

She gripped his cock with her hand and ran her tongue up his shaft,causing his hard cock to twitch.

He was smiling as she took his cock head in her mouth and sucked her way down his shaft.

"Oh boy",said Tom as she kneeled in front of him bobbing her head back and forth.

I stripped off naked and stood next to him and she grabbed my cock and licked my balls,then she took my whole length into her mouth.

She took turns sucking our cocks wildly and energetically,her nipples pointing out hard and still wet with our spit,showing us how aroused she was.

I lifted her up and she stood there,her lips all wet from sucking and I said,

"Lets go to the bedroom!"

I took her hand and led her to the bedroom and she lay on her back on the bed in her cute pink panties.

Tom kneeled by her head and she started sucking him again,she raised herself up onto her arms so she could get his cock deeper into her mouth.

I slid off her panties which were soaking and had stuck to her pussy making them see though,I had never seen her this wet before.

She spread her legs wide offering me her pussy,her lips were shiny and her clit stood proud and ready to be teased.

I licked up her slit and she moaned on Toms cock as she sucked him deep and fast,I flicked my tongue over her clit causing her to moan in a more higher pitched tone and she gyrated her hips.

She wriggled and moaned as I gave her an orgasm,gripping the sheets tightly in fists.She took her mouth off his cock and moaned loudly,with her head thrown back.

"Oh,Oh,Oh,Yeah,Mmm,Oh my god!"

I lifted up her sweaty body under her back onto all fours and kneeled in front of her,Tom knelt behind her as she arched her back,inviting him to fuck her pussy.

Her pushed his cock into her wet pussy with ease and she looked over her shoulder at him and smiled.

She then took my veiny cock into her mouth and sucked tight lipped up and down my big cock,she was moaning as Tom fucked her hard and fast.

She started cumming again and wanked me while she orgasmed for the second time,


Tom stopped fucking her and lay on his back with his cock sticking up into the air,Ana straddled his cock and sunk down on him,riding him deeply while he groped her breasts and fondled her nipples.

I went around behind her and slid my cock into her ass,looking down at Toms cock penetrating her pussy.

She looked at me and moaned,

"Oh my god!Oooh!Yeah,Mmm!"

I fucked her ass and she orgasmed continuously,Tom said,

"Im coming"

I felt my balls tighten and came deep in her ass,my cock twitching and shooting cum into her.

We both came at the same time and this made her explode into orgasm again,she opened her mouth and let out a long high pitch moan.

She slumped off Tom and his cum soaked cock slipped out and my cock slipped out,both her holes were gaping with thick streams of cum running out down her legs.

She giggled and looked at both of us and said,

"You naughty boys!..look how dirty you made me!"

We both laughed as she walked off into the shower.

Part seven.

The winter passed and summer finally came.

I sent Ana a text message:


Can u come over?

Ive got a surprise for you!


I was out in the garden cutting the grass and she rode up on her bike all sweaty in her denim shorts,sandals and a t-shirt.

She was all sweaty and flustered and panted in my ear as we kissed and hugged,

"Hi honey,whats this surprise?"

She was obviously excited as she couldn't wait to get inside to find out as I led her by her hand toward the front door.

I opened the door and said,

"Lets go to the kitchen"

She followed me into the kitchen and I told her to sit down,she sat excitedly on the chair and said,

"Well what is it!?"

I reached into a drawer and pulled out a red envelope with a golden bow tied around it.

She looked at it with a confused look on her face and opened it saying,

"What is this.....OOOOH! MY GOSH!"

She screamed and jumped up dropping the envelope and its contents on the floor.


She danced and squealed and jumped up into my arms wrapping her legs around my waist,I almost fell over as she started showering me with kisses all over my face.

She calmed down and stood in front of me then unexpectedly burst into tears.

"WHAT THE HELL,ANA!whats wrong honey?

I said loudly as I took her in my arms and tried to comfort her,she was crying so much she couldn't speak.

"Ana...shhhh..calm down angel...tell me whats wrong??"i pleaded.

She calmed down and sobbed into my chest crying,

"Nothings wrong...its just..this is the best surprise I've ever had!,its the nicest thing anybody has ever done to me"

I kissed her and wiped away her tears and she said,

"Look at me crying making you all worried,Im sorry"

"Its ok baby...you just got caught up in the surprise",i said comforting her.

She picked up the flight tickets and sat back in the chair studying them sniffing and wiping her face with her hand.

She was smiling again and asked,

Where we going to stay in florida...at a hotel?"

"No baby,I've rented a house with a pool close to the beach,its really nice,I will show you the pics later",i explained.

"OH MY GOSH!..are you joking?..our own pool?",she squeeled.

"Yes baby our own pool..all to our selves!",i said back.

She jumped up again screaming and singing and dancing in front of me,

"We goin to a Florida..We goin to a Florida"

She slammed herself into me again almost knocking me over and squeezed me around the chest her arms locked behind my back,she was so adorable,so cute,so sexy,so beautiful I got a lump in my throat because of my feelings towards her.

A week went by and the time had come for us to finally leave,i picked her up and she was waiting on the sidewalk in a cotton cream coloured skirt,sandals and her suitcase.

I got out the truck and she kissed me excitedly and I put her suitcase in the back of my truck and we drove off.

The flight went well except for some men checking her out at the check in behind us,I got jealous and a little angry but they were just men and she was pretty and had a gorgeous body so that was expected.

We caught a cab from the airport and it stopped outside the house,the high walls hid everything from view except the roof.

She was beaming as I opened the oak door,a large secluded garden with flowers everywhere and a large deck with an oval pool invited us in.

Ana walked next to me dragging her suitcase with her hand over her mouth in awe.

"OH...MY...GOSH!",she exclaimed slowly.

"Whoa!...you can say that again!",i said back.

We stood on the secluded deck and looked out over the pool and garden.I opened the glass sliding door and we walked in holding hands.She squealed again,

"Oooh...wow...fancy shmancy...nice"

She dropped her suitcase on the floor and sauntered off,I went to the fridge and took out a large bottle of champagne.

I could here her exploring in the bedroom and she shouted back to me,

"Darren!...Gosh..this hot tub is huge!"

She came out wearing a sexy red skimpy bikini making me look twice and stopping me in my tracks.

She pranced off out onto the deck putting on her sunglasses and lay down on a sun lounger.

I came out with a white towel draped over my arm with a bottle of champagne and said to her in a posh accent,

"Good afternoon mam..may I offer you some chilled champagne?"

She lifted her sunglasses up and looked at me laughing,she held her hand up and put her nose up in the air like a snob and looked in the opposite direction and said also in a posh accent,

"Oh!...thank you James!....HAHA..Darren...you so funny!"

I bowed and asked her again in a posh accent,

"May I take the rest of the day off my lady?

She giggled and spat out her champagne coughing and spluttering,


She sat there sipping her champagne and put her glass down on the small table next to her.

I came up behind her quietly with a bucket of water and emptied it over her.

She screamed and jumped up in fright and scowled,


I was trying to stop laughing and she stood there soaking with her arms crossed staring at me with an angry look on her face and walked over to the edge of the pool.

"Ana..im sorry",i said seriously as i walked up to her and she spun around and pushed me hard into the pool with my clothes on,she bent over with her hands on her knees laughing intensely as I swam up and said,

"Pull me up baby,please"

She reached down still laughing and I pulled her in suddenly,she screamed and fell in the pool and came up with her bikini top hanging off her breasts,she hadn't noticed so I said,

"Babe...your titties are showing"

She quickly adjusted her top and looked around nervously saying,


I replied,"Just take it off,nobody can see you here"

She giggled and took it off throwing it at me while I sipped champagne sitting on the edge of the pool.

She swam gracefully underwater to the opposite side of the pool,her jet black her trailing behind her over her shoulders.

She threw her bikini bottoms at me and gave me a sexy look.

"You naughty girl!",i remarked,looking back at her.

"You ain't seen nothing yet big guy",she said smiling back.

"Take off your clothes Darren",she giggled.

I took off my clothes revealing my now completely shaven limp cock and jumped into the pool.

I came up and she smiled and said to me,

"Oh..gosh..you shaved...it looks sexy"

I swam up to her and she felt my cock under the water.

We kissed and held each other completely nude in the water,she draped her hands around my neck and her nipples rested against my chest.

"You really have spoilt me...I love this place",she said as she rested her cheek against mine.

"I only took you here honey...because I love you",i whispered into her ear.

"I love you too Darren",she whispered back and let go of my neck sinking down taking a breath as she sank down in front of me.

She took my soft cock into her mouth under the water the water and it shot up getting erect quickly,the combination of her warm mouth and soft lips in the cool water felt amazing as she sucked me,her hair floating across my stomach under the water tickled me and it took my breath away.

She came up gasping for air and kissed me again saying,

"It feels so smooth now you have shaved it"

She took my hand and led me to the edge and we got out,her body glistening in the sun,she pointed at the sun lounger and said,

"Now you lie down...its my turn to spoil you"

I lay down and she straddled my knees and sucked my stiff cock,she rubbed her pussy on my thighs as she quickly bought me to an orgasm,i shot cum into her mouth and she swallowed but some leaked out onto where my hair used to be,she licked at the globs of cum swallowing them while she looked up at me with a sexy look,

"Yummmy,mmmm", she giggled seductively as she hopped up off the lounger and dived into the pool again.

My phone rang and she looked at me as i talked,

"Honey..we better get dressed,the owner is coming in 5 minutes"

She got out the pool and and flicked water at me as she walked past,she picked up her bikini and went inside.

She got dressed back into her cream skirt and i put on some camo shorts and a t-shirt.

She yawned,

"Im a little tired...is it ok if i take a nap"

I pecked her on the cheek and nodded,she slumped on the bed on her stomach and closed her eyes.

I walked out closing the door gently so as not to wake her.

About an hour later after the owner had left,i opened the door to our bedroom.She lay there like an angel and sat next to her and kissed her gently on the forehead,she stirred and woke up smiling.

She turned over on her side and stretched her arms over her head and yawned sleepily at me,

"Oh..that was such a nice nap"

I smacked her ass and said,

"Come on sleepy head,lets go out for dinner!"

She stood up and walked out onto the deck squinting in the setting sun.

"Lets go somewhere fancy to eat honey?,i suggested.

I showed her some photos on my iPad of a fancy restaurant,she looked at me and said worryingly,

"Looks nice...i didn't bring any fancy clothes with me though?"

"Well...lets go shopping then!",i said.

"Are you sure...dont spend too much money on me baby...you are spoiling me rotten!...are you sure?"she replied.

"Come on Ana...dont think about money..ok?",i said reassuringly.

She nodded and we went out shopping.

Later,we arrived at the restaurant and I had bought her a black skirt,which fitted loose but still looked good,she had black matching high heels.

She looked more older,she was elegant and stylishly dressed up with a wooden beaded necklace which went nicely with her skin tone.

I felt proud as I walked into the restaurant with he holding onto my arms.

While we ate she whispered into my ear,

"Ive got no panties on"

She was evolving into a very sexy woman and was losing her shyness and had become more brave in front of crowds and when she met new people.

We got back to the place and walked in,she sat down and took off her high heels and sighed,

"Mmmm..my feet are sore baby..can you rub them for me?"

I answered,

"Oh shame sure honey"

She lay on the sofa with her legs in my lap and I massaged her feet slowly.

I said to her,

"You are a naughty girl Ana and I'm going to have to punish you for not wearing panties tonight"

She replied cutely and put on her innocent voice,

"Please don't spank me too hard,I promise to be good"

I lifted her up over my knee and pulled her skirt up over her naked ass,

I spanked her a little hard,and she put out her bottom lip and said,

"Oohh...please...stop...i promise...to be good!"

I took her by the hand and led her to the bedroom,i stood behind her and lifted her skirt off over her shoulders and undid her bra for her and removed it.

I threw her on the bed hard,she yelped out,


She lay there looking very sexy and definitely ready to get fucked.

I came back with a few ice blocks in a glass,she was lying on her back with her legs closed,her pussy bulging up in a beautiful curve.

I lay next to her and took an ice cube and traced around and over her nipple,she giggled,

"Oooh...its cold!"

I took her very erect nipple in my mouth and sucked hard,pulling with my lips on it.

"Oh...gosh...Darren,you make me so horny..i want your cock in me!",she blurted out.

I took off my clothes and kneeled on the bed,she went onto all fours and backed up with her ass towards me.I stood still and she took my cock and guided it into her pussy.

She rocked back and forth on my cock fucking me as I stood still,she looked over her shoulder at me and said,

"Oh,I could fuck this cock for hours!"

I replied,

"and I could fuck your pussy for hours too!"

She closed her eyes and moaned,her tight pussy sliding back and forth on my fat cock.

She opened her mouth and let out a loud moan,

"Im cumming baby..arrrrr....oh..oh..oh"

She slid off my cock and turned around,she took me in her mouth and sucked deeply with her lips tight on my shaft.

I moaned,

"Ooh..Ana...I'm going to cum..stick out your tongue!"

She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue,I wanked my cock and exploded once on her tongue,then squirted in her mouth,which she swallowed.I then shot out more cum,squirting it on her cheeks,across her eyes and nose,into her hair too.

I looked down at her scraping the cum into her mouth,swallowing as much as she could get.

"Oh you taste so good honey...I love swallowing your cum!",she purred sexily at me.

I collapsed on the bed and fell asleep as I heard her taking a shower.

I awoke the next morning to a voice singing in the next room,i looked next to me and she was up.

I lifted my head up and I could see glimpses of her naked in the kitchen,dancing and singing with a big smile on her face.

I lay there and relaxed in bed dozing to her voice singing.

Part eight.

I awoke suddenly as she jumped on the bed and showered me in kisses saying,

"Morning!...time to get up!"

I replied,"Ok,Ok!..Im getting up!"

She got off me and went to the cupboard and got out a pair of tight denim shorts,white cotton panties and bra.She put on her clothes and told me she wanted to go into the village to look around after breakfast.

I told her I just felt like staying at the house and relaxing.

We ate our breakfast and she went out down to the village.

I stayed at the house and had a shower then swam for a bit and sat on my iPad next to the pool.

I heard a car pulling up and then the security gate beeped and I walked down and opened it,she was standing there in sunglasses,holding a shopping bag smiling.

She stood on her toes in her sandals and gave me a deep kiss and she asked me,

"Hi,big guy..did you miss me?"

I replied with a smile,"No...It was peaceful without you"

She punched my arm and said,"MEANIE!"

I took the shopping bag from her and she took my hand,we walked up to the house and I asked,

"This bag is heavy...what did you buy?"

She replied,"Oh,just some stuff"

She went into the room and came out naked and jumped into the pool.

She swam and floated in the pool,looking up at the clouds and then walked around the garden in the nude,smelling and admiring the colourful beds of flowers.

I sat on my iPad and drank beer in complete bliss while she did her stuff,suntanning,swimming and walking around naked.

I loved her company and our smalltalk,she was pretty,cute and really smart too.

The perfect woman!

Her skin was getting a golden colour from being in the sun and her tan lines were disappearing.

She had her hair in a pony tail showing of her sensuous neck,her breasts sat perfectly on her chest and wobbled a little as she explored the garden,she showed no inhibitions at being naked in the garden.

She definitely had evolved since I met her,she was shy and a little reserved at first,now she was stronger,bolder and more beautiful for it.

In the afternoon we sat together,with her legs on my lap,on the deck overlooking the pool,I asked her,

"So..what did you do in the village?"

She replied,

"Oh..well first of all I just looked around,then I had a cup of coffee and a snack...and then...well....I was a naughty girl!"

I looked at her and smiled,

"Naughty?....in what way honey?"

She explained to me,

"Well..after my cup of coffee I found this shop that sold sexy stuff!"

I smiled and laughed,

"So thats whats in the shopping bag!"

She giggled and said,

"Yepp..it was different to the one at home..well most importantly,there was no creepy guy there,instead,a nice helpful lady"

I laughed shaking my head and said,

"That guy was a mess,wasn't he!"

She laughed too and said,

"Yeah!..anyway,this lady helped me out really well!"

I asked her if I could see the stuff and she walked off humming into the house.

She came back with the shopping bag and sat next to me with it on the floor between her legs.

She pulled out a realistic cock like dildo with a suction pad that stuck it to shiny surfaces.

She giggled and hit me on the leg with it,I laughed and then she showed me a glass butt-plug,some oils with different scents and then she pulled out a plastic box and opened it up,inside was a black cock-ring and she asked,

"Cool stuff..what do you think so far..you ever used a cock ring before?"

I smiled and said,

"Really cool stuff..yes I've used one before!"

She dug further in and pulled out a red lace lingerie set with fishnet stockings,red lace garter belt,stockings and bra.

"Wow Ana!...thats really nice honey...I cant wait to see you in that!",i exclaimed.

She pulled out a glass jar with some pills in it and said,

"Now...she also gave me these!"

"What are those?", i replied back looking at the bottle in shock.

She giggled and said,

"Its Viagra baby..you okay?

I nodded and said,

"Im fine honey...never tried Viagra before though?!"

"The lady told me they are harmless.....so I got them"

We went for a walk on the beach and found a little candle lit Italian restaurant with really funny Italian waiters who went around the tables,played songs with guitars and sung to the guests.

We ate happily together and watched the sun set over the sea.

While we walked back along the beach,she told me she really loved that restaurant,I picked a flower and she stuck it in her hair.

We kissed on the beach and I told her I loved her very much,she got tears in her eyes and I knew she felt the same way I did.

We got home and she walked into the bedroom stripping off her clothes and said to me smiling,

Im going to put on my new sexy stuff...Im ready for a good fucking!"

I loved it when she said things like that! It turned me on a lot by hearing her being so blunt and forthcoming,and the way she said "fuck",in her Kentucky accent.

She started putting on her sexy lingerie and I stripped off and lay on the bed looking at her sliding the fishnet stockings up her legs.

She stood next to the bed and pulled her hair up off her neck and onto the top of her head with both hands and spun around showing off to me.

She looked so kinky and hot,my cock sprang up erect quickly.

She stood there and with her one hand on her hip and a she put a finger on the side of her mouth and said to me,

"Ok..where do we start?"

"Oh yes..the Viagra!

She dug into the bag beside the bed and opened up the bottle and took out a pill.

She went on all fours and crept up towards me,arching her back cat like and seductively.She passed me the pill and I swallowed it.

She raised herself up onto her knees with her legs slightly parted and whispered,

"Im all yours now"

I ran my fingers up her fishnet stockings and felt her warm pussy through her lace panties.

I looked up at her and her nipples pushed out at her bra,she was smiling and moaning quietly as I massaged her pussy.

I took her hand and pulled her up off the bed and led her to a full length mirror against the wall,I placed her in front of the mirror on all fours with her ass reflecting in it.

I reached into the bag and took out the dildo and stuck it onto the mirror.

I stood over her and slid her panties to the side exposing her pussy,I held the dildo and pushed her backwards onto it,her lips opened and it sunk into her wetness,causing her to moan again.

I knelt in front of her and she took my cock in her mouth,she started rocking back and forth sucking my cock and fucking her wet pussy on the dildo.

I looked down over her arched back into the mirror and saw the wet dildo moving in and out of her horny pussy.

She was moaning continuously and her body was damp with sweat,she arched her back sexily every time she backed up onto the dildo.

Her lips were tight on my cock as she sucked and orgasmed,Suddenly I felt my cock explode into her mouth and she swallowed all my hot cum,she licked the drops off my engorged head hungrily and looked up and said,

"OOH...this is so sexy!"

She moved forward and the dildo popped out of her,I looked into the mirror and noticed her squeezing her gaping hole closed with her tight pussy muscles.

She went up on her knees and pulled her breasts out of the top of the bra,her nipples were very erect and I bent down and sucked them making her take in her breath sharply.

She then stood up,her wet pussy lips were all swollen as they stuck out to the side of her panties.Her clitoris stood up,aroused from her fucking the dildo.

I lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around me and held me around the back of my neck.

My cock slipped into her pussy and I bounced her on it and we kissed passionately.

Our tongues twirled around and I bit her lip gently,I backed up and lay down on the bed with me still in her,she rode my big cock and just as I came I felt her squeezing her pussy muscles,milking my cock causing me to cum harder.I was sucking her nipples and she threw her head back in orgasm moaning,


She lay down on my chest and we kissed softly.

I noticed my cock was amazingly still rock hard and it held my cum inside her.

I raised my self up off my back,she was sitting on my lap with her legs behind my back.

My cock was still in her as I lay her down on her back off the side of the bed,the back of her shoulders were on the floor,her ass and pussy rested against the side of the bed.

I pressed her legs towards her chest and spread them wide making her ass and pussy reachable for me to fuck.

I had my feet on the floor on either side of her and I sunk my cock into her,she moaned and looked upwards at her own pussy getting fucked.

I pulled out and slapped my heavy cock hard against her pussy lips and clitoris,I then entered her again fucking her deeply,the cum from my first orgasm visible on my shaft as I pumped her hard.

Every time I thrust in her lips disappeared into her pussy and when i pulled out they popped out sliding along my veiny shaft.

She said to me in an almost breathless voice,

"PUT...ON..OH....MMM...THE....COCK RING...OH!"

I pulled out and reached over to the bag,I grabbed the cock ring and slid it down my shaft to the base of my cock,I could feel the blood flow welling up and it grew red and larger,my head swelled up larger and she looked at it and said,


I looked at her and whispered,

"Yeah...you ready baby?"

She pleaded back to me,


I held my cock at the entrance to her pussy and slid it in slowly,her cum filled pussy made a "squelching" sound as my cock entered her.

Her eyes widened and her mouth opened in awe as I slid it in all the way to the base of my shaven cock.

She pleaded and moaned to me,


I pumped her pussy deep and fast using long strokes and

her eyes bunched up,she opened her mouth wide and let out a long moan,


Her stomach tensed and heaved as she moaned,her legs quivered and shook,I pulled out of her and she squirted onto my cum covered cock.

She looked u