Written by Anonymous

07 Jun 2019

Having to come home late is just the pits, after working a long day. I am not even hungry, and I just want to get into bed. I drive into the complex and I don't even notice a person walking a long side the car, and I get such a fright. He gives me a long look, I have never seen him around here; maybe a new tenant in the complex, but I am not taking interest in him at all. Some have been renting out their flats, so he might just be a new tenant. I did not even pay attention to which flat number he walked to. I am tired and interested in getting out of my clothes, having a bath and climbing under the covers. I close the door, dump my bag on the counter. As I walk to the bathroom I start to take my clothes off, and run my bathwater, and pour my bubble bath in. I put the music on and light my candles. I run my hand under the warm water. I slide my body into the bubbles feeling how the bubbles just seem to soothe my skin and just make me forget about the hectic day. I listen to the music singing a long. I hear a noise. I sit up and try to listen intentively. Am I hearing someone in my place? I get out as the bubbles still sticking to my body, and I grab my bath towel, and wrap it around my body walking out slowly; my heart beating faster and faster. As I walk into the lounge I notice a person standing there, I want to scream, but then realized that it is the same person that walked next to my car when I drove in. His eyes are over looking every inch of my body. I then find my voice and ask him how he got in without a key. He said the door was unlocked, he knocked but there was no answer, but the door opened up with him knocking. He starts to come towards me, and I froze, but my eyes watching every step he takes. He then just before me puts my cell phone down. He says that he noticed I dropped it. He then introduces himself as the owner of flat number 24. He smiles tells me that I have a good voice. Now I am all warm and notice that I am loosing grip on my towel. It drops to the floor, I freeze for a second before we both go down to pick up my towel. He comes up closer and I can smell him, I am throbbing. He then hands me the towel. I am standing looking at him, all naked. He comes closer to touch me, slidding his hands all over my body. Cupping my breasts. I find myself pushing up against him, finding his lips. And our tongues find one another in a passionate kiss. He pushes me against the wall; with his one leg he moves my legs apart; his hand moves down and slides into me. Rubbing, feeling my wetness. I strip him of his shirt and then his belt and slide his pants with his boxers down. I can feel his hard manhood pushing against me. I take his hand lead him to the bedroom. He lays me down. He kisses every part of my body until his tongue glides between my women lips, feeling my clitoris with his tongue. I moan and I grab the sheets. He continues until I arch my back. He moves on top of me and slides into me. Thrusting me and his mouth finding mine. He turns me on all fours and from behind has his way with me, until I cum and have to grab the sheets from the explosion taking place within me. We both lay listening to one another's breaths. He gets up, dresses himself and kisses me on the forehead, and says to me he he popped in to bring me my cell phone that fell out of my handbag. He walked out leaving me with my thoughts all scattered.

Tags: attraction