29 Jun 2018

Beth and Xander meet on a blind date but they didmt hit it off. But exchanged numbers to satisfy their parents. Once we meet it will be a bit shy at first then we will come towards each other and you will take my head in your hands and kiss me sweetly.Just enough to spark off chain reaction of hormones for us both.I can feel you getting harder against me and I can feel you hands on my breasts.Still kissing we will start to rip off our clothes and we are now standing naked in each other's arms. The feeling of euphoria is growing within is

You take mynipple in your mouth and start playing with it. It stands to attention.You run your hands over my body and find my sweet spot.with urgent fingers you find I am wet and ready..

You take off your belt and tie my hands together so I cant touch myself or you.You go down on my with your mouth and stimulate my clit with your tongue. A groan leaves my lips which turns you on like crazy. You move your fingers inside me and I am getting close to my first orgasm. The volcano erupts and I cum onto your face. You are extatic as you can see the pleasure on my face. You bend down in front of me so I can take you in my mouth suck and lick like a sex starved maniac

You are rock hard and and can easily slip into me.You flip me over doggy style slowly opening me up so You can slide in. As you enter you slap my arse. The sensation sends shock waves through me and I need you to ride me hard and fast. Pounding into my you are in total bliss. Deeper harder you are driving us both to a earth shattering orgasm

Sweaty and smelling of sex we get up. Ready for round two?