Written by freaky_Cee

19 Jun 2014

He slid the laptop over onto the side and stretched satisfied with his work so far. He glanced at the time and was amazed to see two hours had passed. His dick was firm and oozing pre cum in his pants which was no surprise given his current point of focus. Normally he wouldn't do it there, but this time he decided that the privacy of his office was fine, besides it was after hours and no one was coming back. He took his shirt off, slid his pants down and wrapped his hand around his dick, applying firm pressure as he slid his fingers over the head, smearing the trickling flow of clear lubricant down his shaft. His movements were slow and deliberate, and pre cum continued to ooze from his slit in anticipation. He closed his eyes, enjoying the warmth and tingling sensations emanating from his tight balls as he started stroking faster.

Images of her from Saturday night flashed through his mind, with her on hands and knees with his dick embedded in her tight ass, and he could almost hear her groaning and panting as he fucked her. As they walked into the hotel room last Saturday; this was the first time they would spend the night together, she quickly poured herself a glass of red wine and for him a double scotch on the rocks. She took a sip and passed him his drink. Slowly she started rubbing his wanton dick until she felt it grow bigger. He took a sip from his drink and she desperately removed his pants, she dropped to her knees in front of him and gently folded her fingers around his dick and started rubbing it slowly. She took another sip from her glass and put his dick in her mouth. The sensation of the warmth of her mouth mixed with the wine released a small groan from him. She proceeded to suck and lick as the wine slowly slipped to the base of his dick and her hand movements started to pick up pace as his pre cum flowed steadily out. In sudden movements her clothes came off and revealed her signature black underwear. With no time to spare and his dick as hard as a rock, he laid her on the bed, ripped her lace panties off and with one last gulp of his drink, his shirt came off as he admired her body beneath him. His eyes followed where her hand had started, with one finger in her pussy as she rhythmically played with her engorged clit with her other two fingers. Her eyes locked in admiration of his chocolate brown body.

He took her hand and slid her fingers into his mouth licking off her juice. His head fell between her open thighs and his tongue soon found that familiar spot, the warmth of her pussy with its intoxicating aroma. He licked and sucked, her breathing getting heavier as small squeals of satisfaction slipped through her mouth. Her arms outstretched on the bed, and her hands clutching the sheets as if for dear life, her body moving as his tongue slipped in and out, her body quivered with excitement as her juice flowed into his mouth. Her first of many orgasms to come. She was ready to be entered. He quickly entered her, she jerked at the feeling of his hard dick now suddenly inside her pleasure dome, her pussy wrapped it in and in unison they moved in slow rhythmic movements, until he could no longer hold out. He banged her harder and deeper, his balls smacking the base of her pussy as if to punish her from keeping him waiting for so long. She took the punishment with gusto as her mind wondered to their first encounter as he continued to grind into her, he was delicious. He watched her as she was prone beneath him, she moaned and groaned with pleasure and he relished the fact that he was still able to satisfy her sexual needs. She watched and admired how he worked his dick into her, then, her body quivered, she came as hard as his pounding got harder. He got her where he wanted her, at the place of no return. With her legs on his shoulders, wrapped around his neck he fucked her and slapped her butt-cheeks all the while telling her that no one can have her pussy without his permission. In this submissive position she agreed by nodding her head, feeling his dick rubbing vigorously against her g-spot. He had her. In no time she was back in the place of no return.

He turned her around and entered her from behind. This was it, with her face on the bed, she pushed her ass out, he fucked her hard and slapped her even harder, she squealed with pleasure as she continually asked for forgiveness for making him wait so long. It had been six long months since their last encounter. He talked dirty, knowing that she liked it giving him more reason to continue. "You love the way I'm fucking you baby?" Give me my pussy, give me my cunt!!!" He slapped her butt-cheeks as she grunted back, "Yes baby, oh, yes baby, fuck me harder, it's all yours!" He was ready to enter the place of no return, panting harder, she groaned harder and told him she was ready, in unison they both let out loud groans, her body shaking uncontrollably with different sensations running up and down her wet pussy as she felt spurts of cum inside her. She remembered the first time he came inside her, this intensified her moaning. He collapsed on top of her, she panted for breath with his weight adding to the difficulty in replenishing her lungs. Finally their breathing slowed and their pulse rates returned to somewhere nearer to normal, and his softening dick slid free from her liquid embrace. He managed to roll free and lay on his back on the cool sheets.

He poured another drink for both of them and they shared stories of their experiences on their countless sexual encounters, including their shared fantasy. She held his dick, jacking it slowly as she milked a bead of pre cum from his slit. Her lips wrapped around the head and she flicked her tongue back and forth across it, feeling it harden quickly in her grip. She took him further into her willing mouth until the head was just resting against the entry to her throat, before she thrust forward firmly, taking him deeper than she'd ever done before. She bobbed back and forth quickly several times, before sliding free and gazing up at him. "If you know what's good for you, you'd better not cum until I tell you. You have a very talented mouth, so what I want you to do is slide that wicked tongue from my pussy to my ass and back again, keep going until I tell you to stop. Do you think you can do that?" She said sternly in a matter-of-fact way. She took charge.

He grinned, a lascivious smile on his face. "Your wish is my command." He assured her as he crouched down and went to work; she wasn't just wet; she was dripping, beads of tangy pre cum coating his tongue as he followed the path she directed. Ever so slowly he moved, sliding from the front tip of her labia to her puckered pink rosebud as she spread her legs wider to provide unconstructed access. She was a picture of wanton lust, her face flushed and her breasts hanging down toward the bed. Her eyes closed and she hissed as she felt the delights of his moist mouth, until she shuddered through a gentle climax and coated his probing tongue with cum. "Oh....FUCK!" She hissed. "I could take this all night......but....I think it's time to move on. There's a bottle of lubricant on the table, work some into my ass nice and gentle please. I want to feel greasy and loose." He kissed each of her butt-cheeks and retrieved the bottle, squeezing a blob in the crack at the top of her butt-cheeks. She gasped as the cool liquid touched her skin and slowly oozed down toward her tightly clenched muscle. He watched it trickle down before dipping a finger in the thick liquid and working it slowly around her rosebud. Ever so carefully he applied gently pressure, feeling the resistance of her muscle against his finger as he eased it past her point of resistance. He succeeded in sliding inside, moving his fingertip around to spread the thick lubricant as he worked to relax her. As she felt his probing finger slide deeper she exhaled in a long, satisfied sigh. "Hold it!" She whispered, as he paused expectantly. "Slide your dick into my pussy but just hold it there, then get back to what you're doing!"

He smiled and softly stroked her butt-cheek before gripping his dick with his free hand. He moved closer and lined up the head with the dripping pussy, pushing forward in one long, fluid movement until the base of his dick was nestled against her labia. The heat radiating through his dick from her pussy was intense, and felt as though it was nestled in a slick sauna. She groaned again. "Oh yes baby your dick feels so good in my pussy! Now work that finger into my ass and grease me up!!" He squeezed another blob from the bottle and slid his finger back inside, feeling the ridges on his dick through the thin membrane that separated her openings. For the first time he had noticed how deep he actually managed to get in her pussy and almost came from the pressure, just managing to stave of his premature release at the last second. In the meantime she was rocking gently back and forth, trying to take more of his dick into her pussy and slid his probing finger deeper into her ass at the same time. "Try a second finger,” she hissed, before moaning as she felt her tight ass being stretched further. "Oh yes! Oh.....my.....God, YES!" He slid his probing fingers deeper until she came again, and he felt her juices over his dick's head and dribble down the length of his shaft. "Ok, there's a butt plug on the table, can you reach it from here?" She whispered. He leaned sideways, stretching a far as he could and just managed to wrap his hand around the plug without sliding free. "Got it." He confirmed. Grease it up and work it into me baby, but let me stretch for you okay?"

His dick was still deep in her pussy as he squeezed a bead of lubricant onto the silicone toy, using his fingers to spread the slippery gel. He nudged the tip against her hole and she gasped, before he applied firm consistent pressure and he watched her tiny opening stretch. The plug was a medium size, and she was breathing deeply as though working through labour pains in childbirth. Gradually she managed to relax her opening, and the tapered plug slid deeper and deeper, until the bulb slid inside her clenching sphincter closed around the shaft. "OH.....BABY.....FUCK!" She moaned. "That feels amazing! Now fuck me, slowly at first then gradually build up speed." Her resistance crumbled and both her holes were occupied with pleasure.

He breathed a sigh of heartfelt relief, as he'd been wondering how much longer he could last, and eased back before driving his dick firmly into her dripping pussy. After a few thrusts he was sliding deeply inside, his balls making a soft smacking sound every time they pushed her labia apart. He continued to do the same with the butt plug, ever so carefully as he recalled how pleased he was when she finally conceded that she was ready to try ass-fucking with him. He was happy that she wanted to satisfy him, because it was to be her first time. She grunted in time with each thrust of his firm dick and butt plug. "Come on baby, fuck your pussy! Fuck your cunt, it's all yours! Have you got a big load of cum for me babe? Are you going to pump your cum deep in your oozing cunt?" He knew that she liked it when he talked dirty, but was pleasantly surprised by her talk. He was deep as he thrust furiously. "Baby I'm going to fill you with so much cum it'll still be leaking out tomorrow!" "Oh yeeeeesssss! Then give it to me....NOW!!" She screamed as she came. He couldn't hold back, and roared as his cum fired from his balls and sprayed deep into her clenching pussy. Their juices met in a maelstrom of sexual release, both pumping furiously as though they had been celibate for years and were finally experiencing blessed relief. Her pussy clenched around his dick like a liquid fist while her sphincter contracted and released around the invading plug. He was still pumping as he felt their juices ooze past his shaft, drip down on his balls, and coat her inner thighs before dropping on the bed.

She collapsed beneath him and he followed her down. He rolled onto his back and watched her body rise and fall as she breathed deeply. "I've been with this sexy woman for about three years, and I had no fucking idea she could be like this." He thought to himself. She groaned and smiled, managing to roll over and rubbed his chest, kissed him, softly at first and then more passionately. "Where have you been all my life?!?" She giggled. "That was simply mind-blowing!"

The mental picture of her throwing her head back and squealing as she came was all it took, and his eyes flashed open as the first rope of cum flew from his slit and spattered across his chest. He jacked faster, squeezing burst after burst of creamy cum from his dick until his chest was covered in glistening beads of white liquid. He could feel his head pounding and his pulse racing, as he lay back and allowed his body to recover, wishing she was there with him and thoughts of her legs spread apart on his desk dangling on either side as he sat in his chair watching her play with HIS pussy. He was jerked back into reality when his phone went off, a message; "Any prospects of a sequel to our fantasy, one girl and one guy this time?" She was thinking about him, he smiled to himself. "Your wish is my command," he responded. His dick grew hard again at the thought of her being fucked and him watching. He cleaned himself up, dressed and started packing up, turned off the lights and locked the office, His grin said it all, “I have her."