Written by Speel_1

11 Nov 2013

Long after the others had left, she was sitting in her office, busy recapping the day's hectic events. She needed a better game plan to get more productivity tomorrow. She was not really concentrating too hard, when some time earlier she had sat in on an extremely boring meeting and had found her mind wondering off into the world of sexual fantasy.

Suddenly a beep on her Blackberry "I am downstairs." She looked up and noticed her reflection in the window. She was of medium height and well shaped, with medium length dark hair and a simply beautiful face. She was dressed in her favourite .....long skirt, white lace camisole, white knitted jacket, open high heel sandal....very high...

"I was also looking forward to being alone with you!" she said. "I was longing to be able to hold you in my arms as well," she continued as they came out onto the 7th floor that was yet to be completed into office space.

She looked up at him and smiled a sexy smile, "I have fantasised as to what would happen for some time now" and ran the tip of her tongue over her red lips.

She started running her hand along her neck inside the collar of her camisole and when he managed to tear his eyes off her, he noted that the top of her camisole was now open and her hand was moving along the exposed part of her breasts, lightly, while sitting back in the only chair in the yet to be office space.

She saw that he had seen her actions and did not stop but ran her tongue along her lips again and smiled. Her hand now cupped her breast through her blouse and she smiled at him. She imagined he had noticed her legs opening somewhat and that her breathing had quickened.

His breath certainly was quickening and he shifted his weight from one leg to the other. He was certain she noticed his excitement emerging, and her hand dipped deeper into her camisole, her fingers were quite openly running along the exposed part of her beautiful breasts. Her legs definitely opening a little more at this stage.

"No doubt you heard I was working late...?" she purred, whilst smiling up at him.

He was barely able to contain his excitement, but replied "I heard so...." and she immediately moved slightly across the chair and ended up sitting more in front of him and quite openly cupping her breasts in her hands.

"Do you want to see?" she purred.

He could only nod agreement, as he was too stumped for words, still trying to keep the cautious side of himself focused. She removed the camisole easily and reached into her bra to free her beautiful breasts.

"Do you want to feel them?"

He reached forward with both hands and she arched her back to push them forward.

Her long skirt had ridden up her thighs and it was clear she was wearing stockings. Her pale thighs were visible and it took all his efforts to keep from burying his face between her legs.

"Do you like what you see?" she asked.

"I certainly do...." he stammered.

"Let's be daring this evening...." she replied and put her hands over his hands to show that she wanted him to massage her breasts.

He obliged and she moaned with delight. Their soft silkiness was sexy, their firmness was electrifying. "I feel this may be the coming alive of one of your wildest fantasies. Am I right?" he said "like as if you have dreamt about this for some time."

"Yes," she stammered, "and I hope you are also going to show me how good we can be together."

She pulled back from him and sat back in the chair leaving herself exposed to his full view. He could see her well trimmed, dark pubic hair and knew she must be wet. She opened her legs wider, invitingly.

"Are you just going to stare?"

Without further delay he moved forwards and buried his face between her legs, against the thin skin of damp silk.

"OOOHHHH YEESSSS!!!! That's NIIICCCEEE!!!" she moaned.

His head was trapped between the most delightfully, soft thighs he could ever imagine while moved moving his hands over her legs, tracing his finger tips over her stockings, upwards, till reaching her exposed thighs and ran circles on her naked skin. The reaction he received was a slight gyrating action of her hips and next thing found himself holding her naked cheeks one in each hand and pulling himself closer into her sopping wet womanhood. The musky scent threatening to drive him wild.

"Please don't stop that....!" she purred. He licked her harder. Moaning with delight at his darting darting tongue she became frantic to rid herself of the silk barrier and in one movement reached down and slid her wet panties off and then just as quickly reached behind his head and thrust his head against her now sodden bare wetness.

And, in that instant she loosened the last grasp that she held on sanity and while he licked she orgasmed for what seemed an eternity.

She wasted no time, and in a split second her tongue was tracing a wet path along the length of him. A sense of urgency grasping her. Determined to return the favour, as she slipped her lovely red lips over him. She moaned with delight and engulfed him entirely, taking it in as deep into her throat as possible, and then some more. He could feel her breath on his stomach and realised he was being swallowed entirely.

Before long, he knew he could not last. He lifted her gently off him and brought her head up to his. Their lips met and they tasted one another as their tongues entwined and danced to an age old erotic rhythm.

"I want you now" She moaned into his open mouth. He reached down and took hold of himself, placing the gleaming head between her swollen, pink lips and just moved it up and down along the length of her opening.

"Don't tease me!" she cried, and edged herself into a position to try and get him into her.

He deliberately held back, which was not easy, but it was nicer to tease her a bit.

"PLEASE......!!!!" she cried and pushed back even further, while trying to grab him.

He just continued rubbing himself along her inner lips, thereby covering it in her juices, which were dripping freely from her.

"OH PLEASE!" she cried.

He could not hold himself back any longer and slowly pushed himself into her. It was as soft as silk that suddenly gripped him and sucked him inwards. She continued to push, and as he buried himself deeper into her she started a slow circular motion with her hips.

He held tight onto her and just slowly swayed in absolute delight. An almost drug induced stupor enveloped them both. She had collapsed onto the floor. He collapsed on top of her. Both out of breath for quite some time.

"That was perfect....." he whispered into her neck.