Written by Slowvelder69

18 Apr 2017

I knew the blonde outside the supermarket by sight as she lived in our road and we exchanged greetings. She was queuing for the taxi at our supermarket. Three big bags were by her. I caught her eye. "Lift?"

"Great. Thanks".

"Dump your stuff on the back seat", I said getting in to the front.

She did and threw in her coat too , opened the door, got in and fastened the seat belt. As I slipped into gear I saw her mini-skirt hidden under her coat had ridden up to expose about a foot of thigh in silky black tights.

As we drove off my eyes kept dropping to her thighs.

"Not getting enough then?"

I didn't answer. Still at forty you could never get enough.

"Me neither. My husband disappeared six months ago with some teenager he'd been screwing and the only blokes I meet are where I work at the pub and a girl's got standards".

We didn't speak for a bit but I noticed that somehow her skirt was further up and a bit of bare flesh showed that they were hold-ups not tights.My cock was trying to crawl out of my pants.

"Got a hard-on then?" I didn't answer so she reached across.

"Yes. Yum. A nice one coming on." I stiffened more.

She dropped her hand between her thighs and began to rub herself. Her skirt was now up to the top and I could see her hand rubbing the sky-blue nylon.

"Turn left up the common. Lets park up" I obeyed.

We parked, she slipped her coat on and we took a short walk to get a bit of privacy. She lent up shoulders against a tree hips forwards. She undid her coat and I slipped my hands around arse. Small and firm.

"Suck and fuck?" she asked.

"I haven't had a cock in my mouth or cunt for months . I need both".

I nodded. We turned round. She knelt down unzipped my trousers got my cock out feeling it her hands and looking at it. The tip already glistened with pre-cum.

"Nice size", she said.

"About eight inches?" I nodded.

"Better that that teen fucking rat I lived with".

"Nice balls too" she said weighing them in her hand and squeezing.

Then she fell to it, sliding her hand and mouth up and down my pole. She was good as well as starving. "Now fuck me"

Standing up I pushed my trousers and pants down my cock was gasping for a fuck. I pushed her skirt up, slipped my hands round her arse. A thong. Easy. I pulled them aside slipped my cock in and was soon bucking and fucking at the same time, in rhythm I slipped my tongue in and out of her mouth. Too soon, I shot my cream into her and my dick wilted.

"Got a hanky? I dripping with cum." She mopped herself up. We sorted ourselves out.

"I could do with more of that". By the way" she added. "Its the Cock and Bottle. And I finish at ten on weekdays. Oh, and Jenny by the way".

"Dirk." I said.

I told my wife that I'd met a neighbor and given her a lift home.

"Not that leggy blonde I've seen you eyeing up?

"The blonde girl from up the street? Yes".

At I was getting ready for bed I was thinking about the afternoon. My wife noticed my hard-on in my pajamas.

"Are you thinking of that girl? She's young enough to be our daughter. If you got needs I'll look after them."

My pajamas were pulled down, my cock given a hard time sucking and wanking. Then she bent over and demanded " a good, hard doggy fuck." Twice in ten hours not bad for a bloke.

If I see that girl I'll invite her in. Thanks to you being a knight on a white charger I've had the best seeing too in years.