Written by BigBadSexyWolf1980

28 Oct 2016

Yeah yeah, I know what you're thinking. This probably involves some slutty costume and you're right it does. She and her boyfriend had matching costumes on too which didn't make me feel better about doing it. "Pretty scummy there, man".

Anyway, at the time I had just relocated for business. Change of states would do me some good, I thought. Less than a month I'd been around and I felt pretty optimistic about being invited to a Halloween party hosted by the friend of my roommate's friend. On such short notice, I threw together a pretty decent lumberjack costume (thank the flannel gods) and was stoked about meeting new people. Despite my optimism though, I tried my best not to expect anything considering I would've been perfectly fine with binging on gory horror films and eating some candy that night.

As soon a there, I immediately wish I'd chosen the former option. The party was being held in a basement occupied by less than 10 people surrounded by what seemed like last second decorations and realistic-ish looking figure of Jason and a random gargoyle statue. My roommate and I immediately look at each other and shared the unspoken thought: "LAME". But we were there and tried nonetheless to make the best of an underwhelming situation. I quickly turned my attention to the lovely ladies that were there. Except for my roommate, myself and this girls boyfriend, the others were all female. Being the only 2 single guys there, I figured the pickings for them were slim and I'd already gotten stares in my direction from 2 girls there. My roommate decided to go western at this party, looking pretty believable as a cowboy. Among the other outfits were a cat, an angel, a sexy female doctor (which I applauded for making other professions in the medical field apart from nurse sexy) and a pretty cute dragon costume.

About 20 minutes in, someone yells "beer pong!" and my attention turns to the waiting table. Back home, my pong skills earned me the nickname "Sniper" from my buddies because of how accurate I could be. Needless to say, I wanted to see what people from this state had to offer as a challenge. We decide to do teams and I partner up with the eager cute tiny chick in the dragon costume. Up against us was the hostess of the party and her boyfriend. I couldn't help but stare. She was dressed up as a nerd, complete with glasses, short plaid to black one-piece dress that was held up by suspenders that accented her large breasts and thigh high socks. I was way too distracted at the sight of her to notice her man who also had on suspenders, matching plaid shirt, glasses and a pocket protector. Not to be dismissive of the guy, but standing next to her shapely figure, he looked small. She was tall and a bit thicker but not at all off-putting. Apart from that, I found women of all shapes and sizes to be beautiful.

First game was kind of a snore as they seemed a bit less knowledgeable in the ways of the game. Everyone bounced the pong balls which baffled me so when it came to my turn, I felt a little too good sinking em in sans bounce. The crowd ooh'd. I could tell right away that her dude wasn't about to be chumped by me so he tried the same tactic and made it. Finally we have a game, I thought. Being the heavy competitor I am, I got too into it. Trash talk ensued and everyone seemed to feed off that which made the game more intense. After a few tough words between the sexy nerd hostess and myself, she decided to try to up the game some. My turn and right as I'm about to chuck the ball, she pulls her top down some to show me more, but not all, of her cleavage. A failed attempt to distract me, I sink it in and she and her man groan. This continues for a few times, the last of which she pulled it down close enough to the cups to allow me to bounce the ball off her cleavage into a waiting cup. That's 2 drinks, babe.

Ever the determined tease, she tries instead to flash me a bit of her ass. So full and smackable. I was always more of an ass man but a majority of my exes had D's and up so needless to say I was enjoying the show. Soon enough her boyfriend, growing increasingly infuriated both with losing and his girl showing her goodies to a stranger, chimes in with a "OK! No more ass. Put all that away!". My tiny partner adds "Yeah, no more of that" before giving me an annoyed look and a can-you-believe-that scoff. We win pretty handily and eventually turn our attention to another drinking game. Kings Cup.

I take an open seat on the floor by the Halloween themed snacks table. At different points during this game, this girl would stand up and walk over to get her munch on. The shortness of her dress made for a damn fine view for us down on the floor when she had her back to us. Her boyfriend had something to say about that after a couple of times too. During a break between games, I turn to the angel sitting next to me and ask where the bathroom is. Overhearing us, the hostess quickly says "I'll show you!" before hopping up and climbing the set of stairs. I follow, admittedly giving her ass a glance on the way up.

We turn the corner and walk down a short hallway through the kitchen to her bathroom. She turns on the light and steps aside. I step in and turn to thank her, at which point I notice she's biting her lip. She gives a look in the direction of the basement before pulling her top completely down and giving me a wonderful view of her big full tits. I raise an eyebrow and smirk to which she meets with a grin and takes a slow step forward as if to see if I would object. I know her man was just down the hall and around the corner but any doubts I had about this girl were thrown out the window when she locked the door behind her and muttered the words ever so softly "Wanna fuck?".

Before I had time to think, I lift up the tucked in flannel and unbutton my pants. She kneels down slowly, a devilish smile breaking out as she reaches to pull my boxers down. A fly-on-the-wall perspective flashing quickly and for a second I wonder if I'm on some X rated version of candid camera. Shes squatting on the floor, thick legs wide open while she grips my dick and starts jerking it. She gives it a lick before diving head on, sucking it and bobbing her head like she was looking for apples. I reach down and grab a handful of her right boob, pinching her nipple which makes her jolt some then laughs. I've never been much for blowjobs but she seems into it so I let her do her thing and decide to see how much of me she wants. It'd been a long while since I got laid but I knew she was feisty enough for a good hard ride. I grab her hair and push her head deeper against my cock. She gags some but swallows back and moans. My smile widens.

I start thrusting into her mouth some which in turn makes her hot enough to start rubbing herself through the pair of plain black underwear she had on. I said I was never much for head but this girl had me gripping the bathroom sink she was pinned on with a mouthful of cock into her moaning mouth. I pull back to give her a second to take a deep breath. She runs 2 open fingers inside her slobbering mouth then stands up and bends over on the sink before using the same fingers to rub her now pantie-less pussy. I slide my cock between her legs and rub it up against her wet pussy, her hand reaching for it between her legs to grip it some more. At this point, I'm hoping her competitive gabbing means she likes it dirty. I grab a fistful of her hair and jerk it back to grab her neck. I feel her swallow and watch her lick her lips through the mirror as she slowly slides my now very hardened cock inside herself.

My eyes fixate on the mirror image of her pale white face, eyes closed with her brunette hair draping over her shoulders. She winces a bit with each slow thrust. She's so drenched that I feel it running down my balls before we even really get into banging it out. "Mmm, yeah fuck me" she whispers seductively to me, the words hanging like a picture frame in my memory. I give her neck a harder squeeze while my other hand wraps around her dress-lifted waist. I slowly pound it in harder and harder, she mouth breathlessly opening and chasing the air. She finally let's out a loud moan that makes me turn towards to door, half expecting someone to catch onto what was happening. Silence between the claps of skin and moans of our crashing bodies.

I free her neck and simultaneously switch hands, grabbing hold of her other side and forcing her head down into the sink. Her gasps slightly echoing off the deep sink. My thrusts are getting faster and faster without losing any of the force. Her fumbling hands quiver between grips of the countertop. She moves one hand back to spread one of her cheeks open. I grab it with the hand not on her head and hold it up against her neck. Whining airs of "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Yes" fill the room. I lift her head back up and tell her to look at how much of a slut she is. Her eyes barely opening between heavy thrusts. I let her hand free and wrap my arm around her neck then reach around to grab her bouncing tits. I give them a slap for good measure and she yelps.

She's tightening up at this point and I know she's holding it back. I add a cherry on top by whipping her off the sink and kick her legs open a bit more before pushing her towards the carpet on the floor without losing a hold of her. Her knees hit the floor harder than I expected but she doesn't complain. I push her head against the carpet and hover over her bent ass as I feel the flexing of her pussy walls. She lets out a gasping grunt and takes the pounding like a fucking champ. She reaches back for her ass and effortlessly slides her middle finger into her asshole. If only I'd known sooner because at this point, I'm fighting back a heavy load of cum myself. I give her big white ass a couple of hard slaps that again echo in the otherwise quiet bathroom walls.

She lets out a few more strained "fuck"s before letting out a deep exhale that accompanies a slew of sloppy juices that clash against my balls. I pull out with just enough time to empty myself on her lower back and finger-filled ass. She pants bent over on the floor while I stand over her, wiping the sweat off my brow. She sits back on her knees and slides her cum stained fingers into her mouth. Again, if only I'd known. She pushes her dress down, pulls up her underwear and covers her top before giving me an honest smile and walks out, not another word spoken. I relieve myself after a heavy workout such as that and head back.

As soon as I exit, I hear a soft voice saying from downstairs "Where were y- oh". I figure "fuck, we've been made" but carelessly walk down anyway because now I'm just sweating energy. I find her standing by the snack table, a fresh platter of bat shaped cookies sitting alone. I walk by her and take a seat by her hauntingly toned legs. I could go for seconds. She sits back diagonally across from me, Indian style to flash me another look of her now wet-stained black underwear. I look up to her waiting eyes and grin.