Written by loveNfun

18 Apr 2016

Gulp! – A tale of a Hot Wife

The sound of the front door opening wakes me from my restless sleep. She’s home. I see that it’s getting light outside. I’m now very wide awake. My heart is pounding. I hear her walk down the passage, She comes inside the room and switches on the bedside lamp. The muted light reveals my hot wife in that incredibly sexy figure-hugging dress that never fails to arouse me.

She looks flushed, her lips full and her eyes twinkling. Sliding onto the bed next to me, she plants a soft passionate kiss on my mouth. Then, head on my chest, she looks at me with a dreamy smile.

“Honey,” she purrs, “I’m afraid I’ve made quite a mess of my panties. Well…it wasn’t me entirely.”

“Right!" is all I manage to get out softly. We keep gazing into each other’s eyes. I know exactly which panties she’s talking about. 8 hours earlier she asked me to choose the most sexy pair for her. White, sheer and very see-through, I remember seeing how I could see the enticing shadow between her exquisite round bum cheeks. A bit later, when she asked me how her make-up looked, I also caught a glimpse of how the panties hugged the heavenly curve of her mound, faintly revealing the blond pubic hairs underneath.

Catching my glance, she gave me a playful slap and said, “C’mon you cheater, you owe me this. I’m going to enjoy it and you may as well get into it. Do I look hot?” She did.

Back to the present. She kneels up and keeps watching me. I now see that she is no longer wearing a bra, her large nipples revealed beneath the soft fabric.

“What kind of mess?” I ask, knowing full well.

“Why don’t you take a look.” I sit up and slowly lift the dress. As I do so she lies back, casually letting her legs fall open slightly. The crotch of her panties is soaked and I catch the whiff of her juices and his semen. By now my lust has completely displaced any misgivings I was feeling. Reaching forward, I slip a finger under the edge of her panties. I marvel at how slick and slippery her flesh is, how her pubes are matted and her lips still swollen. Her pussy seems to suck my finger into its hot and wet opening. I groan and so does she.

“ I know I promised to use condoms,” she’s becoming breathless. “But I know he’s clean and so delectable. I wanted every bit of him that I could get. Anyway, there was no way I was going to say no to anything he asked. I just needed to be his.”

I need more access and slip her panties off, hearing a heavy plop as they land on the floor. She lifts her dress more, exposing her milky white full breasts with the raspberry nipples I know so well. I suck on one as my finger travels from just inside her, up to her impossibly swollen clit, and back.

“He was so sweet and nice to me,” she starts to tell. “I was so wet before he even touched me. Oooh! That’s nice. Do you like feeling your wife’s slutty wet pussy, my love?”

My hand travels lower next time, and I feel that she is even slick and sopping between those heavenly buttocks. Man, this guy drenched her! I wonder if he did her from behind, enjoying one of my favourite views, a view that has only been mine for years.

“Your wanton wife needs some more cock, honey. I climb on top of her and my aching cock immediately finds the hottest wettest part of her. Again, that feeling of being sucked in. I have never felt her so wet. Ever. I slide all the way in to her receptive molten opening. I can feel she’s been used ever so deliciously. I don’t move for a while, trying to find some equilibrium. I’m on the edge.

“I think he fucked me four times, maybe five,” she gives a throaty chuckle. “He has a magnificent cock. So smooth, and hot! I could feel the heat of it. He’s long and thick and filled me up so nicely. He started off slowly but then just picked up the pace. I could feel he was charging for release. I could feel his heavy balls slapping my ass. I wanted to ask him not to cum in me, but I just couldn’t. It was too heavenly. I couldn’t really speak. “

By now I was moving too, ecstatically enjoying the utter thrill of this super-lubricated fuck. She was panting now, still narrating: “The first time he came I could actually feel his cum spurting inside me….oooh god!…. And you know, he just carried on fucking your hot little wife. He couldn’t get enough. His big hard muscles holding me and moving me like a plaything. And his kisses! He just took my mouth like he was entitled to. Ooooh!.....yes honey, Yes.”

I was fucking wildly now, slamming myself into her to the hilt. Above the sounds of our passion I could hear the sloppy squelching sound of my straining cock reclaiming this gorgeous woman. Looking down one last time, I could see my thrusting cock coated with slick juices.

“Thank you, gorgeous” was the last thing she said before her eyes rolled back and she came with a low husky moan.

That was me…..I exploded inside her, now also pumping my juice into this utterly divine, hot sexy wanton woman.

Lots more soft kisses and pillow talk once we recovered. She’s so turned on now, all the time.

Lucky me.

Lucky boyfriends.

Lucky hot wife.