Written by Anon

20 Feb 2017

Hi, everyone

I have decided to before i go on with my story a chance encounter with colleague to listen to what you the readers want and plan it a bit better. Altough that one might have had its time. But here a follow another fictional story.

After a long day of work in blistering heat I arrive at the guest house and decide to have a swim. I get change and head to the swimming pool.

Getting closer I hear voices. I get to the swimming pool and see it's two gorgeous women. The one is wearing a full costume with big boobs trying to get out of it from the sides. Black hair and beautiful blue ice blue eyes. The other one is a red head, green eyes and wearing a bikini. Nice boobs altough a bit smaller than her friends.

I take a deep breath to calm myself down. I greet them and and if they mind me joining them in the pool. No problem they say. The one witb the black hair introduce herself as Valerie and the other as Sarah.

Nice to meet you. I'm Bill. I get into the pool and swim a few laps. Sitting on the side I ask what brings them here. They say they friends who just had to get away from the busy life in the city. I say im here for work and will be staying the week.

Aftet talking a bit a learn both of them are single. I think to myself " Lucky me, all 3 of us are single". But not wanting to make an ass of myself I just keep on enjoying their company.

They ask whats my plans tonight and I say I was just planning to have a few drink and relax. Valerie ask if they can join me and I say sure I would never say no to the company of 2 beautifull women. They laugh and say hey behave yourself.

We get out and go to the bar. We order drinks and start to talk again. Covering a wide range of topics. They have been friends since school and always go away together. After a few drinks Sarah suggest that we go their room as they got tequila and beers in there.

We get there and we each have a tequila and a beer. Sarah excuse herself and it's only me and Valerie. Im sitting on a chair, taking in Valerie's beauty. She sees it and ask do you like what you see. I say maybe. She gets up and walk towards me. She's not shy and feel my cock. She says well your cock likes it.

She gets ontop of me and start to kiss me. I kiss her back. She grinds her pussy on my already hard cock. My hands start to explore he body getting closer to her boobs. When she doesn't stop me I massage them her erect nippels poking through the fabric of her costume. I pull them lightly and she moans grinding her pussy even harder against me.

Then all of a sudden Sarah says well I'm glad you enjoying yourselfs. I hope im not expected to just watch. Me and Valerie laugh and she gets up and go Sarah and kiss her. I go behind Valerie and slips her costume off. I kiss her in her neck and let my hands run over her body. They break their kiss and i kiss Sarah while Valerie takes of my costume and plays with my cock.

I take off Sarah's bikini top and kiss her boobs before taking a nipple into my mouth and sucking it. First the one then the other. Next moment they push me onto the bed. Valerie takes my cock into her mouth sucking and lick. Her tongue playing over my head. Sarah is sucking my balls. I think this must be the best bj ever. They swap and Sarah is working my cock. I feel the excitement build up in my cock and warn them. I expect sarah to stop but she just goes harder.

It all gets too much and I cum in her mouth. Her mouth full of my cum. Its leaking out of her mouth, Valerie licks it of and they kiss. Valerie says what tou thought you the only one to get a taste. They join me on the bed and we kiss again for a while.

Valerie sit om face her smooth pussy inviting me to just lick it. I start to lick her clit. Sucking it gently as she grinds my face. Sarah is playing with her pussy next to me. I slip a finger into Valerie's pussy and suck her clit harder. Her clit swollen and my tongue going over it. Then she cums. Almost squirting my face wet of her juices.

She gets of and sarah kiss me and so she can taste Valerie on me. I let sarah lay on the bed and i go down on her to taste her to. But she stops me and give me a condom.

My cock is at last hard again and i put the condom on. I get ontop of her and slowly slide my cock in. She moans softly and i start to fuck her slowly. Then I go faster. I suck her nippels and kisss her boobs. She grabs my face and kiss me. She says stop and tell me to get off and lay on the bed. She gets ontop of me and start to ride me wildly. She orgasm and let out a shout. She gets of. Valerie is next to us playing with herself now.

Sarah kiss her before they go into the the 69 position giving me a fantastic and sexy view. I feel that im really getting a second breath now and my cock is really ready for more action now especially not having cum a second time yet. She and Valerie swap around so Valerie is ontop. Valerie points to some lube and a new condom and say you know what to do.

I put the new condom on and rub some lube around her anus and them some on the condom. I slowly put my cock in her ass her fuck her slowly making sure not to hurt her.

She start to push back on my cock which i see as the sign to go faster. Fucking her hard my balls slapping agaisnt her ass while Sarah is licking her pussy. The stimulation getting to much and Valerie cums as I cum. Moments later Sarah cums to. I pull my cock out and take the condom off. Valerie get off and lay on the bed. Sarah licks my cock clean before also laying down on the bed. I fall down on the bed between them and we fall asleep.

This is just a fictional story and the names is made. I know it seems unlikely to have such sexual performance thay easily but it's fiction.

Let me know what you think.