08 Dec 2015

She's raised one girl with her husband but now after 18 years of marriage, the flame that was there, was a dying ember...lost in his frequent buddy weekends, work and broken promises of weekends away. Now she was here, looking into the eyes of the dashing, somewhat younger Nic...whom she had gotten to know a few months ago.

Thoughtful and caring, with a good ear and an even better body, and she was losing the will to stay faithful to Joseph as he was pushing all the right buttons...

She couldn't...didn't... want to say no to his suggestion of going to his flat for drinks even though she knew that what would almost inevitably follow, would be something that she has been fantasizing over for weeks now.

As if in a dream she entered the flat, taking in the decor, and the obvious care that he takes in keeping it neat...the music that he put on, was what she loved and she thought about what she should say to him...small talk, to keep her wild thoughts and expectations in check.

He poured her a drink but even before she had time to sip from the long-stemmed glass, he was right in front of her...looking into her eyes with that piercing stare...she faltered as he started kissing her...taking in her breath sharply as he started tracing a fiery trail down her neck. She was aware of a throbbing in her head....and of blood rushing to all of the sensitive areas of her body...unaware of when she lost her top and her bra as he masterfully nipped at her erect nipples...cupping her boobs, licking around it...touching all over her body. She heard a far-off groan...then realised it was her...shocked by the raw passion in it. She was feeling faint as her body betrayed her...the throbbing in her groin driving her crazy...wanting to egg him on....She felt herself stepping out of her somewhat wet g-string and became aware of his naked body...half-shocked at his fully erect cock...looking up into his face and sensing his need...feeling the wanton lust in her as they lip-locked and kissed each other with crazy passion. He was breathing as heavily as her now...forcing her backwards on the lush carpeted he ran his tongue ever lower over her body...her expectation driving her almost insane as he expertly ran his tongue on either side of her inner thighs. She wanted him! She had to have him! She needed him to fuck her...yes! He needed to fuck her...mercilessly...She needed to fuck him...

She let out a slow deep, guttural groan as he ran his tongue over her mons...feeling him glide over her swollen lips and through her inner core...She was wild...forcing her cunt upwards towards his delightful tongue...grabbing the back of his head...Yessss!!!! Oh Yess!!! Oh Fuck! was that her? She was wild... groaning loudly as he pushed his tongue into her slippery folds...flicking her deep red, enlarged clit almost painfully.

She was riding Nic's face as she felt herself shuddering...feeling herself building up to the kind of climax that she had almost forgotten about...fearing that it would not happen after so many years...

Sensing that she was approaching the finishing line...he pulled his head away from her...spinning her around and forcing her up on all fours like a wanton bitch in heat.He grabbed hold of her hips...and slowly pushed into her as she let out a wail as she felt him enter her slowly but so delightfully. He was caring, wanting to know if she was ok...but all he got in return was her almost shouting at him to start fucking the life out of her!

The invitation must have been gleefully accepted because now she felt him starting to pump in and out of her with long measured strokes...igniting all of her. She was his bitch...and he was riding her like a fucking dog. Her head was starting to swim with the passion that she felt...this was even better than the fucking experience that she had fantasized about so often. Her loins was on fire...her body bathed in a fine sweat and except for the music...the room was filled with their passionate moans and the slap-slap of flesh slamming together. She felt her knees quivering, her legs starting to buckle as she started to lose control...spinning into a whirlpool of passion. As the first bouts of a roaring orgasm started to hit her...her eyes glazed over and she lost focus...everything starting to become a haze. She lost control of her body but Nic held her tight despite her feeling him starting to strain. She recovered and pushed backwards with all that existed inside of her..meeting him as she felt him starting to pound her pussy with what felt like a jackhammer at speed. She felt herself falling over the edge of passion as her inner cunt muscles contracted violently...her body spasming, quivering, and her rocking back and forth as she tried to keep her orgasm going. Nic was coming too...pumping in and out with force and then they were both spent...she falling forward, and he, still mounting her as they started to get their collective breaths back.

As he rolled off her...they hugged and she felt alive...more alive than she's ever felt.

Nic smiled at her not saying anything...all that she could muster was "Fuck, when can we do this again..."