29 Aug 2016

As I awake I feel for you lying next to me wanting to pull you into me but you not there. I lazily open my eyes and hear you turning of the water in the shower

I climb out of bed and walk naked towards the shower and see u have just climbed out take the towel from u and say with as sly smile “I’ll dry you”

Standing behind u I start to dry your shoulders and neck my mouth slowly following the towel, tongue licking up the water droplets that i left behind. My mouth moving towards your ears as the towel moves down your back, firmly yet gentle.

Then to your sides all the while my mouth follows.

I move in closer to you as i start to dry your tummy from behind, and under your firm breasts, u feel my hot breath on your ear as the towel starts to scrape across your hardening nipples.

You feel a familiar growing firmness against your bum and as try u reach out to touch it I move away smiling and kneel down in front of u looking up at you as i start to dry your feet and thighs. You become more aware of the sensation of the towel on your now tingling skin as u feel it moving up higher, hands on either side of your legs squeezing gently , when suddenly u feel my mouth on that soft spot just behind your knees. Kissing, my hot breath blowing on your tender skin.

The sensation of the towel on the top of your thighs grows more intense as u feel it about to scrape against your now swelling wanting lips which have started getting increasingly moist , but i don’t touch them , instead i stand up and take u by the hand leading u to the bedroom saying “come let me dress you”

As we walk thru to the bedroom u can see how aroused i am from drying u. I kneel you in front of you and reach for a sexy silky thong which i ever so slowly slide up your legs. I feel the goose bumps grow on your legs as they start to tremble. My mouth now following my hands kissing and licking gently, making sure the thong has arrived at its destination, I trace my tongue all around it teasing you more .

I then stand up behind u making sure it fits correctly, u feel my fingers moving across your tummy on the inside of the elastic all the way round to your back ,, where i bend down and kiss the small of your back just above your bum ever so gently .

I then take a matching bra and move it under your breasts as i kiss your neck feeling your leaning into me i place it over your breasts and now very hard and erect nipples ,As i slowly move it under your breasts, making sure it fits correctly i tighten the clasp at the back then move my hands over and cup your breasts making sure u feel the fabric of the bra against your nipples maneuvering it into place.

U lean into me, a slight moan escapes your lips as u feel my fingers rubbing the fabric against you nipples, and my hard on now between your bum cheeks , i feel you wiggling your bum and move away and whisper in your ear “good morning”.