Written by Hornyhazyview

29 Nov 2013

As I stood and watched you, standing naked on the deck of our room, with sun setting behind you, reflecting off the swollen water of the Zambezi River. I can hear the distant cry of a fish eagle, the deck beneath us is trembling.

My cheeks hot, caught between shame and laughter, my manhood painfully swollen with desire.

I can sense and smell the hot rush of longing, between your thighs. I can see your desire on the top of your thighs.

The nape of my neck prickling with delicious anticipation as I approach you, pressing my hand against your womanhood the slick muskiness within oh the aroma of you has me trembling, your lips part instantly, your swollen mouth sucking greedily at my fingers, gripping them with muscular ardour.

I lift my hand to my mouth and lick it sucking my fingers, remembering the last time I tasted you with the arching fervour of my tongue, the perfect private taste of you.

I am alive with desire; every inch of me crawling with it I know you feel exactly the same

A whiff of perfume, your natural womanly scent, the remembrance of your eyelashes, your tiny pale almost girlish erect nipples, your breasts small and pert, your skin seems to glow like a pink pearl, dries my mouth and melts me the same way that just by looking at you; I can make the flesh between your legs turn liquid honey.

The longing is intoxicating me…

Your legs tremble as I run a finger tip along the cleft of your buttocks while you reach out and caress the tender tip of me.

The ungovernable swell of desire that has surged in your belly knocked the breath from you lungs. My right hand moves deftly over your pale creamy skin so that the fine hairs upon your thighs burst into tiny flowers of flame.

You move down toward me lying down on the chaise lounge Legs parted, bent at the knees and eyes closed, inhaling the leather smell of my hand upon your face every nerve in your body strained towards my touch as inexorably, miraculously, my hand moved upwards Un hooked by longing, your body arched towards me. When at last I reach to touch you, there is nothing else left, nothing in the world but my fingers and the delirious incoherent frenzy of pure sensation they send through you.

For like every one who falls for the first time under the spell of corporal desire. The shimmering anticipation between your thighs is a sight to behold.

As long as I touch you and caress you my fingers drawing a quivering music from tightly stung nerves till you reach a crescendo and gush an orgasm over my hand filling it with your womanly ejaculate, oh the aroma and flavour of you, to see the exquisite pleasure on your flushed face is almost enough to take me over the edge.

The pinkness of your open and swollen lips, topped with a thin strip of fair hair as soft as down.

With your pearl of desire standing out proud almost like a tiny erect penis. While you very gently play with it; as if you were masturbating me. Looking at you with your legs bent at the knee, offering yourself to me, to see you open with desire, to smell your desire and to see the moistness of you gently running out of you like warmed honey, slowly creeping down you towards your anus, glazing it with your juice.

I am mesmerized by the sight of your little pink star quivering, and clenching, tightening and relaxing, as you enjoy yet another orgasm

Oh I wish I could bottle the aroma of hot wet vagina.

I kneel down between your legs and begin to kiss very gently almost a chaste peck up your right leg, whilst massaging it with both my hands, moving up your thigh almost touching your womanhood, I blow gently on it and watch you buck and thrust, I move to the left leg and repeat the exercise, but this time very gently almost feather like I run the tip of my tongue over your little pink star, then softly using my lips only nibble on the skin between your anus and vagina, you are shaking and shivering, you breathing is fast, and stops as I give your pink lips butterfly kisses. I can taste the sweetness of you as you once again explode with absolute pleasure clamping my head in place with your thighs and massaging my scalp and directing me where to go next. You are asking me to use my fingers, my hand and even my manhood, but I refuse I want to taste more of your pleasure, I want you to squirt, before I go any further.

You loosen your grip on me and I get on my hand and knees , I move gently up over your mound past the thin strip of feather lite hair continuously kissing and oh so gently licking you, I swirl my tongue around , your navel and marvel as the fine light hair on your belly comes to attention, I continue to move up till I reach your amazing breasts, as small as they are with your tiny pink nipples standing to attention, I can see them twitching with desire as I bend down a lick them with the tip of my tongue and suck on each one in turn.

Your hands are wrapped around my penis squeezing it rubbing it with very slow gentle strokes, your one hand fondles and gently massages my scrotum moving back towards my anus which you softly rub with you middle finger, your hand leaves my penis just for a moment and I feel it back again, this time lubricated with your sweet nectar that you rub over the head, making me buck and thrust into your hand, oh I so want to enter you now, I want to feel the warm almost hot moistness of your spread pink lips, I want to feel your swollen vagina sucking greedily at my penis, gripping it with muscular ardour, whilst you massage my balls and wrap our legs tightly around me ,but I am going to hold back. I want to, take my time and pleasure you to perfection, till you are totally satisfied.

I nibble your long almost swanlike neck and softly bite your ear lobes and then gently kiss your lips, your mouth opens and our tongues touch, oh want a wonderful sensation to taste, you knowing that you can taste your own juices.

your swollen mouth sucking greedily at my fingers, gripping them with muscular ardour