Written by Dudley

11 Jun 2014

From under the desk...

I slowly lift your dress to your thighs so you can spread your legs freely...

I put books under the desk so you lift your legs as you scoot down and slide to the edge of your chair...

I ask you for scissors to cut your panties off.

"Do you trust me?"

"Oh, I trust you!" You reply

As I cut off your panties, there I feel the heat from between your legs. I see the most beautiful, wanting, and tasty lips smiling back at me. They are asking me to caress, kiss, suck, and penetrate them. I must oblige as if possessed.

You feel my tongue softly touch you and your body shutters. You love the feeling of my tongue slowly tracing the outside of your pussy.

With a slow licking motion, up and down, you feel me play with your inner pouting lips. Softly parting them, you hear me sucking your juices.

"I'm so wet!"

"You're so tasty," I reply.

Your body writhes with the sensation of my tongue entering your body...

You feel my tongue tense up and get hard, applying pressure as I push into you... your wetness spreads to my chin and I put my arms around your thighs as if hugging them. I'm pulling you closer, pulling me deeper.

"Mmmmmmm" you whimper.

I hear your breath stop as you peak in ecstasy from me tounging your pussy...

I soften my tongue and slurp and lick my way up to your swollen clit. I lick you right below the hood softly brushing against it. Your hips are thrusting with every brush just begging for me to take it to task.

Suddenly your feel me devour your clit. I suck you into my mouth and lick you like candy; Swirling my tongue around your engorged and delicious clit. I pull your lips tight with my hands and your clit is exposed. Now, I lick your clit softly at first. Slowly, I tense up my tongue so you feel the texture licking and sliding on your clit in perfect and increasing tempo.

"Oh myyyyyyyy G.....!!!" You cry.

Faster and faster, I'm loving and licking your clit and putting pressure on you. Pushing on your clit so it's stuck between my tight tongue, now swirling, and your thrusting pubic bone. You put your hands on the back of my head, pulling me harder onto your clit...

Now, you feel my finger enter you, sliding right in because you are so hot and dripping wet. I signal for you to "CUM HERE" with my finger inside of you, stroking your G-spot, keeping pace with my tongue.

Your body starts thrusting and shaking uncontrollably. Your breath scattered. You hear me whisper "let it go!"

Your body fills with tingles as you fly away. All of your tension is released and you feel nothing but complete satisfaction and weightlessness.

As your body releases, your impulses relax. Your wetness increases and I'm showered with your juices. No worries, that's just what I wanted.

As you start to breath again, your mind is swimming in pure ecstasy and bliss. Not a care in the world as you float above it. You are one satisfied woman and you own me.