Written by Speel_1

09 Jan 2014

He wrote :

mmmmm if we were together you could take me in your mouth to wake me up and get me ready........ I would get that wonderful feeling of a warm, wet mouth engulfing me...... increasing my heartbeat and blood pressure, not quit ensure as I slowly start to wake up what exactly is waking me until I realize it is you, giving me all those wonderful, sweet sensations, making me rise to full awareness.

I softly roll you over and move on top of you, kissing you, your ears, your neck, putting my full weight on top of you except for one area.

Your hand slides down to grasp me, guiding me towards you as I lower my hips, you rub my swollen head up and down a couple of time to wet me, then push me slowly into your warm, sweet and hot depths and I sink my hips down, entering you ever so slowly and sweetly until I am buried to the hilt inside you, feeling you pulling me deeper and deeper inside of you.

Want to complete the rest for us………

She wrote :

.......you are so hard but my wetness is more than ready for that hardness. Drawing my legs up lifting my hips wanting nothing more than get you more deeply inside me than u already are.

At first you just let me feel you ..... not moving at all. But I am impatient ....I need you ....I need u so much. You sense that and start to move slowly ....its as if a liquid heat fills my body....a low moan escape my mouth. It has been to long and at the feel of you moving I began to spasm caught by surprised that it was so soon but losing myself in the ecstasy of orgasm....crying out.....biting into the meat of your shoulder.

Picking up the rhythm I can feel u starting to follow me. Hearing your moans and feeling your ejaculation I lose my last grasp on reality as yet another orgasm shakes my body......pulling you hard against me. Your weight feeling good.....making me feel whole and protected.

He wrote :

Your legs clamped around me, drawing me in even deeper and having forced myself as deep as possible into your liquid hotness I have emptied myself into you; making us one, feeling your orgasm simultaneously with mine, feeling your body quivering, clamping my hardness which is rapidly softening. I am amazed at the feelings you have evoked from me. I lie still on you, too weak to prop up my weight, feeling your breasts against me, your pubis against me, I nuzzle your neck, whispering softly 'thank you Jadie, you are wonderful.....'

Although I am softening I do not want to pull out, I lie still, savouring your smell, your touch, your breath, your softness, feeling our love fluid leaking out but neither of us caring, simply enjoying the afterglow of sweet, torrid love-making.