Written by artsmart

13 Jun 2016

It was an Easter weekend and the two young lovers had been together for three months. No sexual union had taken place yet, but they had spent some pleasurable moments sleeping together. The first of such moments was when they had gone out for a drink and come home a tad drunk. Roberto did not want to risk the long walk home so Ay invited him in to sleep on the couch in the lounge.

During the night, Roberto had quietly sneaked down the corridor and knocked on Ay’s door. It was half open and she was asleep, or so he thought. He took a chance and slipped inside. Her sleep smell met him. It was erotic to his senses and he quickly made the effort to slip under the bed covers next to her. She murmured something and lay still. His heart was pounding. Had he done the right thing?. His question was met by her shifting the position of her hips. He felt her bum cheeks press against his now swelling penis. He was in his undies and could feel himself harden against her. Ay murmured something again. Roberto placed his hands onto her hips. This was when he discovered that she was wearing the panties he’d seen on the washing line outside her house the weekend before. They were of a soft cotton, cream coloured and had tiny frills along their edges. In the centre above the Venus mound was a delectable little pink bow.

Roberto ran his hand along the panty strap, following it over Ay’s voluptuous hips. He followed her sexy form, feeling his way as if his hands had eyes of their own. She stirred a bit and said something but he could not catch what it was. He stopped though, waiting with baited breath. Then he gingerly slipped his hand over her bum, feeling its soft erotic shape. His hand glided over to discover that her panties had ridden up between her cheeks. He followed naked flesh all the way down until he met her hairy pussy that was nestled among the folds of cotton. She pressed against him and he took the que. Sliding his hand back up he located her stomach. On the way up, savoring the feeling the little bow crossing his palm as he traveled up and over her belly. She had no bra on. Her gorgeous round breasts lay waiting for his touch, her nipples already erect. She was aching for him now. Aching for his cock she had already touched two days before.She remembered how thick, long and hard it was,and its protruding mushroom hood that had made her wild.

He came close to her ear and she felt his breath against her skin. Shivers ran all over her body as he fondled her breasts. She could feel how much he understood and enjoyed her sexy form. She wanted more intimacy so she rolled over onto her back and lifted her knees partially. Roberto’s hand came off her breasts and slid down toward her mound, finding her eagerly waiting for him there. His hand felt the soft cotton and her hairy pussy lips parting at his touch. Ay waited for him to slip his hand into her moistness. He lingered over her lips and she got wetter and wetter. He then mounted her from the front, his stomach against hers. Their breath met and so did their mouths. He tasted so sweet to her, to him she tasted of toothpaste mixed with sex. He opted to concentrate on the sex instead. Their wild embrace got hotter and hotter. She could feel his erection now, hard and throbbing in his undies. Her panties had ridden deep into her pussy and had completely soaked the cotton. His cock now as hard as a battering ram, shafted up and down over her panties that had ridden up between her lips. The cotton fabric digging into her clit causing an overwhelming sensation to rupture over her every time his cock came past. They went on and on like this,until the early hours of the morning when both exhausted they slid apart. Roberto had to quietly exit the room after giving Ay a long tasty kiss, her toothpaste smell completely dissolved with sex. He slipped out her bed, out her room, cut across the living room and exited through the front door just as the sun dawned on the horizon.