Written by Mistery_MaN

19 Apr 2013

I lay here staring at your amazing long hair, we're on your bed at your house playing with each others fingers. No one was home but us and there was a concert down the street were pretty much everyone in the neighborhood was and we didn't want to go. I smiled as I got a sick thought in my head.

"What is it?" You asked

"I just thought about something... dirty..." I replied shyly

"Ooooooh! What is it?!" She asked enthusiastically

"Well, there's no one home and we're bored.. well I don't know."

She looked at me for a while and I could see in her mind she was trying to figure out what I wanted to do. Then spontaneously she grabs my boob hard and squeals.

"Ouch! Why did you do that?!" I laughed, but secretly I really wanted her to do it again.

She bit her lip and said, "Want me to let go?"

I looked up at her scared and shook me head fast.

She nodded and came closer to me, until out noses were brushing.

"Want me to stop?" She asked not even an inch away from my lips.

I breathed hard and leaned in a bit. She automatically slapped me hard on the side of the face and I was so shocked.

She flipped her hair and looked down at me, I glared at her.

"Why did you-" I got cut off by her jumping right on top of me all the while trying to rip off her shirt.

"You make me so hot!!!" She screamed, "I've been wanting to do this for a long time!"

I was about to reply when she started to go down to my lower half. I couldn't help but have an evil grin as she undid my buttons fast.

"What are you gunna do?" I asked grinning

She looked up and said in the most amazing, seductive voice, "I'm gunna do something I shouldn't"

I was breathless as she got to the last button, she closed her eyes as opened them slowly.

"Please" I whimpered

She bit her lip so hot like and bent down over my panties, she pulled my hippy jeans down and my panties to my knees. Then she put her face close to my wet pussy and licked the small hairs on it, then she just dove right in not even hesitating she leaped her tongue into my slit and sucked hard and then brought her fingers up to massage my thighs and soon her fingers were right up by her mouth sucking, rubbing, and oh, tongue. That's the key word, her tongue was like a fire cracker exploding inside me and making me moan so load I wondered if anyone could hear the band outside! When I was almost at my orgasm she went faster and faster and I was cumming like never before and screaming like a maniac and then it happened. The orgasm ripped through me like a hurricane and I grabbed her long gorges hair and pushed her deeper inside me, I heard her choking but I could feel her smile. I knew she loved it. She began to pull out and I hissed, "More bitch!"

She bared her teeth and spat out, "Baby you need manners!"

I sneered and slapped her across the face. She had her head down for so long I thought maybe she was actually hurt, "Are you-" was all I got out before she leaped on top of me and had me in a dog position. She leaned her cunt on my ass and her breasts on my back and said, "Call me bitch."

I looked back at her and yelled, "Fuck me bitch!"

She screamed and slapped my bare ass and took the rest of my jeans and panties off.

"I said fuck me bitch!!!" I screamed at her

She pulled her hand back far and planted it right on my left ass cheek.

"FUCK ME BITCH!!!" I wailed

She screamed so loud and pulled her hand back for the next hit, but I caught her hand in mid air and her other to, I sighed,

"Why so stubborn? I think its you who needs to be punished." I said in her ear

She moaned and licked my ear lob. I pushed her to her knees up against the wall and pushed myself as close to her as I could get, with my hands working her clit and my lips on hers I thrusted against her slim body making the walls shake. She did moan but I knew she wanted more so I laid her down and got some bracelet string from her night stand and tied her wrists to the bed stand and she moaned loud!

"I haven't touched you yet." I said puzzled

"Yes" she moaned quietly

I shrugged and tore off her shorts and laced thong, carelessly throwing them on the floor. I wanted to taste her so bad! I lent down and kissed her pussy passionately for so long as she thrusted against my face and I was still getting so wet! Her tan skin was hot and she was moaning so loud I thought maybe I was hurting her,

"Are you okay?" I asked her

"Yess" she hissed happily

I smiled and kept licking, then I finished my rubbing and slid my hand up her shirt to her big boobs. I played with her tits until my fingers ached.

"I'm getting tired." I told her sadly

"That's okay, my mom wanted you to leave at 5" she smiled and I checked the clock, 4:55.

"Well I better go then" I laughed

We both got dressed together and kept staring at each other as we did. She led me to the door and we kept seeing each other every week for a very long time!