11 Sep 2018

Cape Town has become very popular for its First Thursday celebrations.

I was on Bree street when a sexy goddess, 40 something lady starts chatting to me. She had a sneaky look on her face like she was looking at my crotch hinting to me that she is keen to see what is underneath... So we chatted for a while and she laid her hand on my thigh and told me that she is not wearing panties...

Immediately, she could feel my jeans getting tighter with my cock growing at a rapid rate. She asked me if its ok to leave my friends and I didn't hesitate... She called an Uber to her apartment in Tamboerskloof. Once there, we started kissing and she was moaning as I kissed her neck and reaching under her leather skirt to feel that she was already wet.

I undressed her and myself until she grabbed my cock and started rubbing coconut oil on it (lol). It felt amazing and I almost blew my load... she asked me if I can cum twice and I said yes... so she proceeded to lick my balls while rubbing my cock This was so amazing... as I started to cum, she started licking the head of my cock letting my cum drip on the floor. She then turned over and told me that its my turn to make her cum.

I rubbed her back and ass with the coconut oil slipping my fingers in her pussy while whispering in her ear that she is my slut and I am going to make her scream in ecstasy. When she was flinching at the touch of her clit I put on the condom and rammed my hard cock into her pussy from behind. We went deep and slow while I rubbed her back and spanked her ass. This made her moan that she wanted to be fucked like a little slut. So I started thrusting my rock hard cock faster and harder into her. I fucked her so hard till she came and had to out her face in the pillow so that she could scream. I pulled out and took off the condom, took my cock to her tits and came all over her tits while she licked my balls.

This was a first thursday to remember... mmmmm

K D.