Written by Horny_Seanie

18 Oct 2016

We arrange to meet again. You invite me over to your place for a cup of tea and I very happily accept the invitation.

We have a great time chatting. We have a cup of tea and after a little while you offer me a drink. Luckily you have a whisky there so we proceed to get a little bit tipsy which seems to help with the nerves that we both have.

You have plans for later that evening, which don’t include me so you ask if I mind if you go have a quick shower. I say cool and switch on the TV while you go shower.

After a few minutes I hear the shower go off and I decide to do something very bold.....

I walk into your room and I wait by the bathroom door. It is closed. I can hear you drying yourself inside and I wonder how you will walk out – naked or with the towel wrapped around you. As much as I am dying to see you naked, I have been dreaming about it for ages, I am hoping that you will come out in the towel.....

The door opens and you see me standing there and your eyes go big! You are definitely a bit shocked at how brazen I am but at the same time, I can see in your eyes the relief that I am actually standing there.

We look at each other. Stare at each other and I say “Hi”. You reply “Hello”.

And I kiss you. I press you up against the bathroom door and we share that first kiss. The one we have been waiting for. Initially it is hard, passionate, tongues, licking, sucking but it gradually gets softer, slower.

It is a deep, wet, beautiful kiss. I press myself up against you. You spread you legs slightly and I press my thigh between them. I feel you press back, pressing yourself against my thigh. You are already quite turned on, as am I, and the tension throughout the afternoon must have kept you wet and throbbing.

As we kiss I feel you hands exploring me. Your hands are on the back of my neck, my arms, my sides, my ass.

We break the kiss for a moment, I step back slightly and look into your eyes as I place my hands on your shoulders. We kiss again. My hands are exploring you. Squeezing your ass, running my hands up the inside of your thigh as I feel your tongue in my mouth, tasting me as I taste you.

I turn you around and start to kiss the back of your neck as my hands slide under your towel, cupping your boobs and running my palms over your nipples.

You are breathing deeply as I feel you pressing yourself back against me. Grinding your ass onto my very hard cock.

I undo your towel and turn you around again and lower my mouth to your boobs. At first gently kissing your boobs, making my way closer and closer to your nipples and your back is caressing the back of my neck, trying to guide my mouth to your nipples.

I start licking the first one. Teasing it with the tip with my tongue, making it harder before taking the whole nipple in my mouth and sucking on it. I groan as I do that. I love boobs. And I love sucking on nipples.

I am standing in front of you. You are naked and I slowly take my right hand and start to rub the inside of your thigh. You starting kissing me harder again as my hand gets closer and closer to your pussy. I haven’t looked at it yet but I can feel how wet you are. I can feel the heat coming out of you and when I touch you for the first time you groan into my mouth.

I take my middle finger and slide it between your lips. You are drenched. You are turned on and it seems like you have been waiting for this, dreaming about this for months.

You gasp as I run my finger over your clit and spread your legs a bit wider, allowing me easier access to your pussy. I wet my fingers in your juices again and you feel me slide one finger into you. You feel so soft and smooth and wet and tight.

I gently ease a second finger into you and you start to grind against my hand. We are still kissing and every now and then you stop to moan as the pleasure starts to build....

I step back from you, my fingers still inside you and I look at the beauty in front of me. You are incredible. Beautiful boobs with beautiful nipples. A beautiful stomach and a very smooth shaved pussy.

I take my fingers out of you and as I look at you I put them in my mouth. Tasting you for the first time. My tongue licking your pussy off my fingers.

You grab me by the head and pull me to you again so that we can kiss again. So that you can taste your pussy on my tongue.

I tell you how amazing you taste and I drop to my knees in front of you. I start to stroke your pussy again, sliding a finger inside you ad then rubbing that wet finger over your swollen clit. You reach down and spread your pussy for me so that I can see your clit and I lean forward and start to lick along the sides of you pussy. Wet licks, long wet licks.

I take my time licking along the side of your pussy, every now and then teasing your lips with the tip of my tongue and you moan as the anticipation starts to build.

Eventually you can’t take it anymore and you grab me by the back of the head and say “Lick my pussy, Sean” and press my mouth against you. I get to taste you and smell you. I can’t believe how amazing you smell and how incredible you taste and I start to lick your pussy in the best possible way.

You place your right leg over my shoulder and pull my face and mouth against you as I lick you. You ask me to finger you at the same time so I do. I have two fingers inside your pussy as I carry on licking and flicking your hard clit with my tongue.

I am determined to make you cum and as I press a third finger into your pussy, and suck on your clit you do cum. It isn’t massive but it is a release, the release that you have wanted for a very long time. I can feel your pussy squeezing my fingers as the orgasm hits you and I still suck on your clit as you cum, all over my fingers.

When you stop moaning and your breathing starts to return to normal I stand up in front of you. My fingers still gently stroking between your lips and over your sensitive clit as we kiss. You tasting yourself again on my tongue.

That kiss is a slow one. It’s a kiss of desire and a kiss of accomplishment. It is the kiss that we have both wanted for a long, long time. You stop kissing me for a moment, look me in the eyes and say “Sean, it’s your turn now”, and kiss me again.

As we kiss you lift up my T-shirt and start to stroke my chest. You tease my nipples and run your fingers just inside the top of my shorts, just so that you can tease the top of my pubic hair. I neatened myself up in anticipation of this so my pubes are trimmed very, very short and I have completely shaved my balls.

You bend your head down and lick my nipples. Just very gently teasing them with your tongue and softly nipping them with your teeth. Your hand is pressing deeper into my shorts until I feel one of your nails graze the shaft of my cock.

I am the hardest I have ever been and you take your hand out and as you kiss me again, you start to rub me through my shorts. You take my T-shirt off and push me so that I fall backwards onto your bed.

My legs are hanging off the side and you move between them and lean down to kiss me again as you start to undo my shorts so that you can take them off.

As you pull them down slowly, you bend down to lick and kiss the areas that are exposed as the shorts come off. My kiss my nipples again, you kiss my belly button, you slowly lick along the top of my pubes, and lick lower to where my hip creases.

You lift the shorts up and I raise my ass off the bed so that you can slip off my shorts. I watch your face as you see my cock for the first time and your eyes go big. I have a beautiful cock. It is long, its thick and it has a nice big head.

You grab my cock and lift it up so that you can look at it. I feel you squeeze the tip so that you can see the pre-cum leak out. You wipe your finger through the pre-cum and use it to lubricate the head of my cock and as you start to stroke me you rub your thumb over the head, using my cum to make it smooth.

You use your other hand to start to play with my balls. You are fascinated by the cock that you have wanted for so long and now you finally have in your hand.

You lean down and rub my cock against your cheek. Your mouth is closed, you lick your lips to wet them and then rub the head of my cock over your lips. I feel your tongue poke out and lick the tip of my cock. You let my cock go so that it is on my tummy and then lick me all the way from my balls to the tip of my cock.

I love your pink tongue and you wet it in your mouth again and lick me again. It’s like your licking a pussy. It feels amazing. My cock is starting to shine from all your spit. When you get to the tip for the third time you open your mouth and take my cock into your mouth. Sucking on me, trying to suck the cum out of my cock.

And then you go to work. I have never experienced a blow job like it. Your mouth is hot and wet and your spit is dripping off my cock and down to my balls. You lick that spit up and then dribble it back onto my cock so that your hand slides smoothly up and down my shaft.

Every now and then you take my balls into your mouth, gently licking and sucking them, teasing and playing.

Your blow job is nice and slow, but sometimes I like it to be fast and a bit rough so I push you away and stand up in front of you. I kiss you and taste myself on your tongue. You taste like my cock and your pussy combined. It is an intoxicating flavour and I moan as I think of all the things that are still going to happen.

I gently push you down so that you are squatting in front of me. I press one leg forward so that my leg is rubbing on your pussy as I guide your mouth back to my cock. Now I am using your mouth like a pussy as I start to fuck your mouth. My hands at the back of your head so that you don’t move and I slowly start to stroke my cock in and out your mouth.

I reach down so that I can play with your boobs as I fuck your mouth and when I look down I see that you have a hand between your legs and you are stroking your pussy while you suck my cock.

I watch as you stick two fingers inside yourself, almost in the same rhythm as my cock, my hands behind your head as I force more and more of my cock into your mouth.

As my cock comes out your mouth you take your pussy fingering fingers and rub your pussy juice all over the shaft of my cock and I watch you lick it. Cleaning your juices off my cock, slathering my cock again with your saliva.

I push your hand away and start fucking your mouth again. You keep your mouth closed, your lips as tight as you can make them as I fuck you again.

I want to cum, I need to cum. I know I can cum and go again. I ask you to make me cum. I tell you I want to cum all over your boobs. I pull my cock out your mouth and using your saliva I stroke the cum out of my cock. A huge load, the more turned on I am the more I cum and I have been turned on the whole afternoon.

I blow my load all over your boobs, it’s running down your tummy and dripping onto the floor.

When my spasms are over I offer you my cock again and you gently start to lick it. Again, squeezing the tip so that you can get the last bit of cum out of my cock and when it appears you look me in the eye as you lick it off the tip of my cock.

I pull you up to kiss you so that I can taste the last bit of cum when I kiss you.

This kiss is also very passionate. Holding each other tight as we devour each other’s mouth.....

As we kiss I turn you around and sit you down on the edge of the bed. I am standing in front of you, you looking up at me as I kneel down so that I am kneeling between your legs. I move closer and you spread your legs so that my body is up against you as we continue to kiss. I carry on stroking your body, your back, your arms and your boobs as we kiss.

I bend my head so that I can start to kiss and lick my way down your body. I lick and kiss the side of your neck, down to your boobs where I give each of them the attention that I think they deserve. Your nipples are delicious and responsive.

I press you backwards so that you lie down on your back on the bed, your legs hanging off the edge. You slide backwards a little so that you are able to put your feet on the edge of the bed. Your legs are spread wide, your pussy is shining, and your nipples are hard as I again caress your body.

Your skin is so soft. I stroke you everywhere. The inside of your thighs, your calves, behind your knees as I take my time before I decide to eat your pussy again.

I start licking and kissing my way to your pussy, starting at your calves. I love how your skin tastes, just a little bit salty, you smell incredible. As I make my way closer to your pussy you reach down with your hand and gently start to stroke yourself. You know how much this turns me on and I watch as you at first spread your lips so that you can rub your clit and then watch as you stick two fingers into your pussy. I am licking along the sides of your pussy, the sides of your lips as you finger yourself but I want to lick you again, I want to taste you again so I move your hand away but not before taking your two fingers in my mouth and licking your juices and cum from before off your fingers.

But you have other plans. You want my cock in you. You want me to fuck you. You want me to pound your pussy and make you cum all over my cock so just as I am about to lick again, from just above your asshole all the way to your clit, you push me away and say “Sean, fuck me. Sean, I want your beautiful cock in me....”

You slide higher up onto your bed and I climb on, kneeling between your legs. Your legs are spread and your knees are bent. I can’t take my eyes off you, your face, your mouth, and your beautiful lips. Your mouth is slightly open and I see you lick your lips. I lean down to kiss you again and when I do this my cock comes into contact with your pussy.

You are drenched. My cock is basically resting between your lips. As we kiss I start to move my hips, sliding my cock up and down against you. The higher I go the more my cock rubs against your clit and you pull me tighter to you so that the contact is harder, and longer.

I lean back so that I can look at you again. Your hands are caressing your body. Over your boobs, down to your thighs, over your legs and back up your thighs to where my cock is. You grab my cock and start to stroke me while holding it against you. I am wet from your juice and when you lower my cock to you and pull me forward it is clear that you want me inside you.

Very, very slowly I enter you. You are so warm and so wet and so tight. I am so hard and so big and so thick. As my cock slides deeper into your pussy, your eyes close and you give in to the feelings that wash over you as I bury myself fully inside you.

I don’t move for a few seconds. Allowing myself to enjoy the incredible feeling of being inside you and then slowly start to slide myself out of you. Not all the way. Just enough so that I leave the tip of my cock inside you but also enough so that I can see your juices coating me.

I move into a rhythm and soon we are having the most beautiful sex. Every now and then you wet a finger in your mouth and reach down to stroke your clit as I continue to fuck you. Your legs are wrapped around my waist and you are moving with me. Squeezing me with your thighs as I carry on fucking you.

Your breathing is becoming heavier and heavier and I sense that you are about to cum. I lean down close to you. My lips on yours and as I whisper “Cum for me baby”, you do. You moan loudly. It is a beautiful sound and I feel your body shaking as the orgasm rips through your body. I can feel you clenching my cock as you cum.

Once you have cum down you grab me tight and basically roll me over so that you are on top. You start to slowly ride me, gently sliding yourself up and down on my cock. You are on your knees so you lean over me so that your boobs are in my face and I can reach up and lick, suck and gently nibble on your beautiful nipples. I love how hard they get and I love how you react when I gently nip them with my teeth.

At one point I stop you from sliding back down onto my cock, and with your ass lifted off me I start to buck my hips so now I am fucking you, rather than you fucking me.

I love doing that. I love the moans and squeals that you make as I do this.

When I stop I ask you to turn around on me, so that you are facing my feet. I want to watch your ass as you ride me. I want to touch your ass. I want to play with it as you ride my cock......

You turn around on me without climbing off me and start to ride me again. You are on your knees again, leaning forward onto my legs, exposing yourself to me. I love what I see. My cock wet and shining as you continue to fuck me. I grab your ass cheeks and squeeze and stroke them as I start to thrust into you. I spread them and stare at your beautiful little hole as your pussy pleasures me.

I wet a finger in my mouth and slowly start to tease your ass with that wet finger. I sense you trying to push back onto that finger as you fuck me even harder, pounding my cock and then grinding yourself against me. Your clit is being stimulated by my pubic hair, my thick, hard cock deep inside your pussy and my finger gently pressing against your ass.

I push you off me and make you lie flat on your stomach with your legs spread. This is my favourite position. The body contact is amazing. I can play with your boobs or your clit like this and still grind deeply into you.

Before I enter you I give you a teasing lick. Burying my face between your legs and licking all the way from your clit to your ass. I love your ass and I want to play with it more. I want to stroke it. I want to lick it. I want to finger it.......