Written by artsmart

03 May 2016

Next day, being a Saturday, I headed to the same mall to get some groceries. While checking out my goods, I spotted Mrs. from the night before. She hadn’t seen me and anyway why should she remember me. But I remembered her. I checked around for hubby, but he was not there. She had a ton of stuff, like they were having a party or something. Well, I was out of their circle. Bummer. Who were they anyway to judge whether I fell under ‘swinger’. The cheek of it. Single stud bull looking for a quick fuck…which I’m not. Yeh what the heck. There’s always going to be someone with a chip on their shoulder.

I grabbed my goods and made my way over to Mrs., as she was heading out. Yes, I followed her. More out of curiosity than anything else. And she hadn’t seen that her till slip had blown out of the trolley. That was my que, so I whisked it up and made my way over to present myself with her till slip. Sure, she looked way too intelligent to buy my approach. But she was so damn enticing it was worth the try. I got to her when she had finished loading her groceries in her suv. She was sliding those legs onto the front seat when I came over. She recognized me immediately. Big smiles and a delicious wink said it all. Thanx babe and this and that. We chatted a bit. She closed her door. Apologized for hubbies manner. She rolled the window down and I leaned up against the suv,

My arms on the window sill. I could smell her from there. She was like real close and my bone began to take shape down there, rubbing up against her door.

Then out of the blue she says…damn it mr beautiful, would you like to stick those long fingers of yours up my pussy? She was already holding my wrist. I just let her have her way. Brought it down while she pulled her dress up with the her other hand. She says to me, “I could hardly hold myself when I saw your hands, I’ve got a fetish for fingers..but…hubby, he’s…well dunno what his up to these days. Good thing you came shopping today, ey….teehee” and she giggled.

I just opened my palm and rested on her cool smooth flesh. Her thigh was soft and enticing. I squeezed it a bit and she giggled. That’s ticklish, she said while she slid her butt downward to introduce her tightly panty covered pussy to my wanton fingers. I enjoyed every second of that smooth flesh. Basically holding my hand in one place while she moved in to meet me. I cupped her pussy and held my hand there, feeling it getting hotter and hotter. I pressed my middle finger down ever so slightly, enough for her lips to know I meant business,. Like this the crack between her, what I could feel, luscious lips got more and more damp until she yanked her panties to the side, grabbed my wrist with her other hand and thrust my hand against her parting flaps. God you’ve got lips to die for, I’d said. And then I’d looked up and she was there waiting for me. Sucked my mouth right onto hers into a hot Frenchie. Her mouth drooling in mine. She tasted so sweet. I inserted two fingers into her and pushed them right in without stopping. She just held onto my wrist and fucked herself hard like this until she began moaning. Jeezus, she was like a wild cougar. I just gave it to her until she yanked my fingers out and squirted against the steering wheel. I even got some sprayed onto my nose. Then she brought one leg up onto the gear lever and thrust my hand back into her and I felt her orgasmic rupture. When she was done I only then noticed how hard I was up against her suv door. I laughed because I caught myself peeping to see if my boner hadn’t dented her door. It sure had! She wanted to sue me so I suggested to trade the price for some spice. She agreed to my plead and said I'd done a good deed.