Written by Letisha

02 Dec 2014

From as long as I can remember, Ive had a crossdressing fetish. Maybe its because lingerie looks so nice on girls, or maybe I was a girl in a previous life. This is my fantasy story....

My uncle is going away for the weekend and asked my to housesit his home. I gladly oblige as I know I will have some privacy and even better yet....Ive got a 19 year old niece whose lingerie I can wear. I go over to his house, get shown how the alarm works, get handed the keys and wave them farewell.

With a pounding heart I lock all the doors, draw the curtains and head upstairs to Tiffany's room. I slowly open the door, seeing her bed with pink bedding, heart pillows and Miley Cirus poster. Slowly I walk over to her closet and open it, feeling a rush of adrenalin in my body. Ive been in her room before, but never in her closet. I first notice the smell of her deodorant, then her stacked panties and bras on the top shelf. I go through them and with trembling hands pick out a sexy pink thong and bra. After that I go through her clothing thats on the hangers.

School dresses, flowery summer dresses and eventually a sexy, stretchy cheerleading outfit which I take out. Armed with my loot I pour myself a pink drink and head for the shower. After showering I start dressing up.....first the thong, then the bra and then the mini dress. I take two condoms and fill them with water and use them as breasts. From there I head to my aunts makeup drawer, start with foundation, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick as well as a generous amount of perfume. I also find a pair of thigh high stay up stockings which i put on. I look at myself in the mirror, admiring my handywork. From the head down I look like (and feel like a sexy, bit slutty girl). My makeup skills also make me look sluttier.

For the rest of the night I wander around, have more drinks, even venture outside in the dark for a cigarette. I go back to Tiffany's room and lay on her bed and slowly wander off to sleep. I have a vivid dream of someone touching me, calling me Tiffany, feeling kisses in my neck. I moan with pleasure and raise my ass in the air, feeling hands touch the front of my panties as I lay on my stomach. Slowly I start awakening and realise this is not a dream. On top of me is my uncle, completely naked, touching and kissing me. It feels like my heart skips a beat as I quickly turn around and shy away.

After my uncle have arrived at their destination he realized he forgot the DSTV card and had to come back to get it.

As I sit frightened on the bed, arms crossed trying to conceal my breasts he tells me that this can remain our little secret...if I play along. My mind is racing trying to comprehend everything. I know Ive got no choice as Ive got a lot to loose. He starts stroking my leg and gently spread my legs. It feels strange, but must say I like the feeling. He pulls me to the middle of the bed and start kissing my neck. I close my eyes, him now on top of me. I actually start enjoying this and suddenly I turn my head, feeling his lips on mine, his tongue on mine. While kissing passionately my hand reach down and starts stroking his thick, hard cock. We turn around, me now on top, slowly going down and without thinking twice, takes his cock in my mouth. I gag a few times trying to suck him. From there he tells me to turn around slowly pulls my thongs down to my knees. He takes lube and start rimming and loosening me. It feels so good and I start to feel like a girl, having someone inside of me. Slowly he takes his cock and gently enters me from behind. Slowly at first and then more rhythmic. I start moaning with pleasure and we continue till we both climax. After that, he gets up and leaves like nothing happened.

I get up and wonder what exactly happened. When my uncle returns after the weekend, I try to ignore eye contact and leave for home.

Its been 2 weeks no and Ive slightly forgotten about the incident until I receive an sms from a strange number. It reads "Hi Tiffany, be at room 301 at The Premier hotel tomorrow at 12. Dont be late"

Suddently I remember everything again. Maybe my uncle wants to talk everything out and clear the air? For the rest of the day I clear my thoughts and go to the hotel. I arrive, knock on the door but there is no answer. I try to turn the knob and it opens. On the bed lays a pair of sexy thongs, bra, stockings and a note. The note reads.....get dressed, Ill be here in 15 minutes.

All of a sudden i remember how good it felt so I oblige. At 12:15 he walks in, me sitting legs crossed on the side of the bed. Without a word I walk over to him and starts kissing him. This is where all started, meeting weekly for fun with my uncle. Getting fucked, sucking him, swallowing.