01 Sep 2016

I met an icredibly sexy woman on SH a few months ago, and we explored the idea of me flying up to her and her hubby for a visit. This wall all fiction of course, we kept writing each other stories about what would happen should this ever become reality. Here goes:

I decided to take you and your hubby up on your invtation, my flight lands at around 20:00, you tell your husband that you will pick me up.

As I walk throught the arrivals lounge I spot you - sexy as hell, your hair hanging loose, wearing a low cut top with a skirt that is almost too short with knee high boots with fuck me heels. The little piece of lace that is sticking out from your top gives just a hint of the sexy lingerie you are wearing.

We hug, share a kiss, passionately.

Since it is still not too late, we decide to stop for a quick drink. As I order at the barcounter, you sit at a table watching me...your legs crossed, playfully sucking your finger in your mouth - hinting at me what's to come. As I sit down, we drink our tequila, you take my hand and shove it up your skirt, I can feel your thong is soaked through...i pull it out the way and slide my finger into your dripping pussy, easily since it is so wet. I can feel your clit is hard and ready to be rubbed, we kiss lustfully, passionately, deep tongue action. You then say we should go. We get up, grab my stuff and walk out towards the parking lot. As we walk my hand rests on your amazing ass, then I pull your skirt away and slide my hand down your buttcheek as we walk, giving it a nice hard squeeze. when we get to your car, you open the boot and help me load my stuff in, bending forward, letting me get a good glimpse of your tight ass and the wet patch on your thong.

I suddenly pull you up and turn you around, and take you to the bonnet of the car where I make you sit down, legs wide open around my body. you hike up your skirt and I rip off your dainty little piece of underwear. I kiss your neck, nibble on your ear, squeeze your tits, feeling your nipples trying to break free from your bra. then I throw your legs over my shoulders and go down on my knees, slowly working my tongue around your clit, flicking it over your pussy lips, pushing it deep inside your moist hole, You hold my head, rubbing your fingers through my hair, letting out moan after moan. As I suck on your clit I part your pussylips with my fingers and slide two fingers in...turning them around and curling them, slowly working your g-spot. I can feel you almost climaxing, your pussy contracting around my fingers, you scream out loud - "Fuck me, oh yesssss!" as you start squirting just a little bit, i can taste your sweet cum, I lick it all up like the greedy boy I am.

after that we get in the car and start driving home. But the further we go, the hotter you look to me and before long my hand is slowly stroking your smooth soft leg. You pull over, we get out, now it is my turn to sit on the bonnet. you feverishly loosen my pants, freeing my already hard cock, dripping wet with precum. You take it in your hand, veins bulging and start tossing me slowly. I pull you up, lift off your top, unhook your bra, taking one tit in my mouth, the other in my hand, softly pinching the nipple, I can feel your nails digging into my back, then you get on your knees and take my entire cock in your warm mouth, deepthroating me while i can see you rubbing your pussy. You suck it slow and deep, every now and the pausing to let your tongue flick over the head, licking the shaft. I get up and push you onto the bonnet ass towards me, and slide my cock in deep. At first I do nothing, just keeping my hard cock deep inside you, you look around, the look in your eyes just begging me to start fucking you, I push you back down, give your firm ass a little spanking on both cheeks, you let out a loud scream, then I start banging you hard and deep and fast.

As I near cumming I pull out, let you get down on your knees, then you open your mouth, wanting to taste my hot cum. I give only two jerks then I cum in your mouth, the second spurt is all over your face, cum dripping down into your eyes, then the last spurt is all over your tits. I look down to this beautiful sight of you gathering all the cum and working it into your mouth, and then you suck my cock clean, licking every last drop off it. We exchange a deep kiss, gather our clothes, and get in the car. Now we have to go to your home and let hubby join in on our fun, little does he know what he is in for.........