Written by Me

04 Mar 2018

We all have our fantasies.In some caces mosy are the same, fmf, mfm everyone wants to do what they dont do often or ever.Wifey and i also have those and becos the kids are small and mom li es with us nothing ever happens, but we working on it and one can dream,hope and write what you would like to happen.So ,here goes.It was a typical summers morning.Mom was going to visit her sisyer for the day and sis in law offered to take the boys out for the day.For the 1st time in years we were alone at home.Our home is really private with high walls and outside spaces to have fun.So after some breakfast we sit and ponder what to do.Lets call some people over and have a pool orgy i suggest.She smiles, then asks,who will we invite?i have a few couples in mind i grin.Lets keep the numbers small she says.So i whatsapp a cpl from our past.It was always fun meeting with them and this might just be perfect.It takes them a while to arrive and by now the water in the pool is nice and lukewarm.The ladies retreats to the room to put on their bathing costumes.They come out to join us at the pool.Their large breasts bouncing as the walk.Its four big boobs and four large and pointy nipples facing us.Wifeys nipples are large her areolas peeking out the top of her bikini top.Annies boobs are big but her nipples small and round.They enter the water and as their bodies get wet you see more.Fat pussies framed by the bikini bottoms.So the ladies come and stand by us in the water their backs towards us, their large wet tits in our hands.we chat and massage their breasts while we chatting.Its not long before the tops come off.nipples hard and the ladies are feeling me and robs hard cocks against their yummy assess.Whose nipples are longer i ask.Lets compare Annie says.So we move closer and wifey and annir puts their nipples together to compare rubbing hard nipples together biting their lips in lusty pleasure