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22 Jan 2014



8 minute read

The following is just a thought on a perfect fantasy: We some how meet each other and for some reason we get this right. I meet you in a hotel room/your place. I knock on your door and you look through the peep hole and see me standing there as you open the door. I enter and greet you with a kiss on the cheek as you let me inside and you close and lock the door once again. I make myself comfortable and sit on the couch near the window and notice the curtains are drawn even though its like midday, lol. you in a sexy skirt and top through which i can see that you excited I'm there with you as your nipples are erect and wanting to pop through your top. You join me on the couch and we begin to talk and share some laughs all the while, while getting closer to each other and then it happens, our eyes lock and we lean in towards each other and kiss. Slowly we begin to embrace each other as u feel my tongue slip through your sexy soft lips and enter your mouth as you gently begin to suck on it making sure that it does not leave the warmth of your gorgeous mouth. as we kissing we remove each others tops and my hand gently massages your lovely perky breasts as you feel my index finger and thumb wrap around your one nipple while i pull you closer and we keep kissing each other. then you feel my tung slip out your mouth as i begin to kiss you on your soft silky smooth skin, going down your neck as u lean back on the couch running your fingers through my hair while u feel my tongue sliding down your skin towards your cleavage. you feel my tung glide over your breasts as i get one nipple between my lips and gently start to twirl my tung around it making you moan with pleasure before i gently begin to suck on it. I do the same to your other breast and nipple and then you feel my tung once again going lower down on your sexy body, nearing that firm flat tummy of yours. I twirl my tung around your belly button as i grab hold of your sexy ass over your skirt while undoing the zip and in one mover while french kissing your belly button and making you moan, i slip off your skirt with your thong down to your ankles as you lift your feet out of them. Once again you feel my tongue gliding lower down nearing your already wet and hot pussy mound, i start to gently kiss your inner thighs as i notice a droplet of precum, form on your smooth pussy lips and then you feel my lips kiss you on your hot mounds and like a hot stabbing poker, my tung slips inside getting a good taste of your sweet wetness. My tung goes deeper inside in search of that rosy clit and as she emerges, i wrap my lips around her trapping her in my mouth as u feel my tung, twirling all around your clit causing you to scream as you have no control over your body and an orgasm begins to rip through your sexy hot body and you cum hard, down my throat as i swallow every last drop of you. After I swallow all your juices, look up at you as you breathing heavy and then u feel my tung slide up your pussy lips and onto your tummy. I lick all the way to your lips and we kiss as u feel my hard rock cock pressing against your naked body through my pants. The feel of your erect nipples brush against my naked upper body as I move away from you and stand up, watching you sit up closer as u stare at my crotch and begin to undo my pants. You smile at me as you drop my pants with my boxers to the floor and see my erect cock staring at you as a drop of pre-cum forms on the tip. U grab a hold of my shaft in your right hand and pull me closer as you press your lips on the tip and kiss my head and as u pull ur lips away, a string forms with the pre-cum as u gently rub your hand up and down my cock. You let out a sigh as you lean forward and press your lips against the tip of my dick as your lips slowly part and u begin to swallow my head . “Aaaaah,” I moan as I feel your tung flickering around my head as you slowly lean forward taking in all of me and eventually I feel your tung at the base of my shaft as u gently massage my balls while sliding your mouth back up to the tip and then back down. You slowly begin to increase the momentum as you suck my dick and pull me closer as you let my cock slip out your mouth and u feel ur sexy hot tung glide down my shaft to my clean shaved balls as u flicker your tung over my balls and also suck on my sack while slowly jerking my shaft making my pre cum to drip down the tip of my dick head. You stop sucking on my balls and lick my cock back up to the tip getting all that pre cum as you start to suck on my cock fast, taking my full length in your mouth. “Aaah, yesss baby,” I moan as I fuck my dick in your mouth and you just keep sucking and milking me as you finger your soaking wet pussy and finally, I can’t hold back any more, I hold your head on my cock as you feel the spurts of hot cum hit the back of your throat and you slide your lips back to the tip making sure you get every last drop of my hot spunk in your mouth. You suck me a couple of times making sure I am still hard and then position yourself on the couch doggy style with your knees on the seat and your shoulders on the back rest as you look back waiting for me. I see that dripping wet pussy staring at me as I step up behind you and I grab your sexy waist while pressing my dick past your wet pussy lips, rubbing that clit making sure your juices coat my dick nicely. As you moan and enjoy the feeling of my stiff dick rubbing against your soaking wet pussy, I direct the tip and slowly press it in as your pussy lips part and slowly begin to swallow my shaft. “Yesss, aaah yess,” you moan as you feel it going deeper until my balls are outside and my shaft is all the way in. I pull back slowly until, just the tip is inside and then push it all the way inside once again. I pick up the pace as I start to fuck you hard and fast making you moan louder as you look back at me begging me not to stop just as I feel your pussy muscles contract around my raw dick, holding tight onto it as an orgasm rips through your sexy body and all your juices flow over my dick and escape down your sexy thighs as I keep fucking my stiff dick deeper and deeper inside you until you feel me explode and my cum mixes with yours deep inside that well fucked pussy. I slowly pull out as you turn to sit on the couch and catch a drop of our mixed cum on your tongue as you start to suck on my softening shaft getting a taste of both our juices as you suck my dick clean. You stand up while holding my dick in your hand gently jerking me up and down as I slide my hand down your ass and pull you closer to me as our tongues lock in a passionate kiss. You keep holding my dick in your hand and make yourway to shower as I follow you and as we run the water, we continue kissing each other while running our hands all over one another and washing off all that sex we just had on the couch. As our hands wash our bodies, I pull you closer as we kiss and you feel my hard dick pressing on your tummy and I pin you against the shower wall as the water runs off my back and you raise your sexy legs over my waist and wrap your arms around my neck while I gently squeeze that sexy ass just as my stiff dick enters that warm moist wanting pussy of yours and we start to fuck each other once again in the shower. Then end. Feel free to send comments to (can be made a reality for you ladies if you interested)

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