Written by mmkabouterkie

05 Nov 2012

mmm I am sitting here on my chair....

trying not to pull out my hair...

was watching someone cam..

but no I am in a jam..

I need to play and cum...

but a hand and a pussy?

don't like that sum!!

what I need is cock

good long thick cock!!

so please free me from my needs

will help you with some deeds

mmmmm now come on see if this takes to your fancy...

I am in my office, wearing nothing but a bra, playing gently with my clit...wishing I can feel the strong touch of a man...I quickly come to an orgasm....spreading my legs even wider open and moaning like mad...fuck I need a man.....

then to my surprise, my office gets kicked open, and in front of me....YOU...standing with the most erotic erection I have seen in years....so proud!! no man could show more pride in the way you stand, erection in hand smiling and looking at me as if to say: " want some? come get some!!"

I need no further encouragement!!

I get up, take that sexy erection in hand, as if to say, hello YOU! how I have missed you!!

gently I stroke you in a greeting, trying not to be to eager..slowly I am loosing my control!!

I beg you , I plead with you...please may I taste you??

then just as I think its not going to happen , you smile again, not saying a word at all...

I make you sit on the desk...I move closer..pushing your legs apart...cock erect for me I start with your balls,,gently licking and sucking on them..working my way up your (by now) very hard cock..leaving soft wet kisses on the shaft as I move up....

I get to the top of your cock....your head throbbing with need for attention..I lick tiny circles over your cock head, placing only the head into my mouth...my lips playing just behind the head, while my tongue is dancing over your cock head..then in one swift movement...I take your throbbing cock into my mouth , all the way!!

I keep my mouth there, not moving, so you can feel the wetness and the warmth of my mouth over your cock, your cock is pressing against my throat, almost gagging me, but I want you to feel it..

then I move....just a little up, while my tongue licks as my mouth leaves your cock, then back again, slowly I do it all again, while my hands are playing with your balls....

then I suck a little harder...moving up and down over your hard cock, a cock is throbbing for release.....I look into your eyes as I suck on your cock...I see raw passion and need in your eyes....now do I let you cum in my mouth....or do I replace my mouth wit my ever wet soft pussy....a pussy that is dripping with need....as if in reply to my unspoken question..you push my head back....gently laying me over the desk ..my ass in the air pussy blooming in all her glory...in one swift movement you take me from behind...penetrating my hungry pussy with your throbbing cock!! I move with you, the feeling of your cock inside me making me even more horny....I cannot help myself ..... I scream your name as very big very intense orgasm hits me....I shout and tremble.....and i feel your cock throbbing achingly inside me.....also very close to exploding....realising this I move away from the desk..without releasing your cock..I just step a little back....bending more over..till its just my ass and pussy in the air...then I say......fuck me!! fuck me hard!!