Written by Anon

31 Oct 2017

Was a late Sunday afternoon, checking through the messages, and there it was, an inbox message from one of the sexy hot members on SH, couldn't believe it, I got a message from her, maybe it was an accident, who knows but I hesitantly opened the message,

Half expecting a "hey I like your profile , email me on REMOVED BY ADMIN"

Well lo and behold it wasn't, but what it was, a well written message, with words which so suited her graceful yet sexy profile.

I replied with a few answers to her questions, trying not to look over eager to meet up, and more so let her know what my mind and imagination was thinking.

So we had set a date to meet up after sorting out our diary so we could have a full day in case things went well, we decided it would be a casual meet up and see how chemistry played and if things were mutual we would sneak away somewhere more private to share more than the odd exchange of words.

The day arrived, and wow, in person, she was even more alluring than her profile led to believe, almost in doubt that those were photos of her at all. After a few words and a coffee and a drink later, we knew we would need to find somewhere quiet, both of us knew it may need to be very private.

A quick google search and bingo, a quaint bed and breakfast not too far away,

Checked in, no luggage and strange looks from the owner, but she assured us the room we chose was a nice garden room far from the other guests, as we walked to the garden room, she whispered, it's a good thing we're far away as I get very noisy when I climax, and I know we're going to shag like rabbits today.

Instantly my cock hardened, knowing that this gorgeous body will be moaning later today.

Door unlocked ... as I walked in the door slammed, with a fright I turned, she was already loosening her dress, looking directly at me,"I know you want to feel and taste my body - well come on then, it's not going anywhere now."

My hands feeling her firm skin, my lips kissing her neck, slowly moving down, goose bumps appeared as my hands caressed her breasts, her nipples tight and firm now, from the arousal of my hands and lips kissing them, slowly as I moved down and guiding her to the couch, she falls back, body completely naked except a lace G string, barely covering her clit, I can see she is so smooth, under the skimpy G string, my hands slide the G string down, as my tongue lunges forward to taste her, a small faint moan and my tongue tickles her clit, her hands grabbing onto the couch as my tongue now thrashing over her clit, body arched as I hear her moaning and asking to stop.... her hands grab my head pulling me off her now moist pussy, looking at me, she growls and says it's my turn to be teased before we fuck like two animals on heat in the wild. Her warm lips slide over my hard throbbing cock, watching her entire body move to the motion, her hips enjoying my cock as her lips tease the tip, the warm soft lips wrapped firmly over my shaft, the sounds of sucking as she moves faster, the heightened pleasure is now so nice my cock is throbbing, almost sure I am thicker than I was earlier.

She stops, looks up, and grabs my shaft in her hand, a firm grip, teasing, yanking my shaft as she positions herself on top of me, looking straight into my eyes she drops her hips down, the sudden feeling of her pussy around my cock, going in as far as I can, she then lifts up slowly, inch by inch and then slams down hard again, each time I can feel her juices, hear the skin slapping against me, smelling that sweet smell of raw carnal sex.

She eases into a gentle rhythm now, slow but constant movements up and down, leaning back, I can see her breasts move each time she lowers her pussy down onto my cock, feeling her lift up each time my tip just just inside her, the pussy lips parting, the perfect shape watching my cock vanish inside her,

Moaning as I can sense her movements growing faster, she begins to moan louder, I thought to myself, she wasn't kidding about being loud, the world around was now completely blocked out, the only sounds were her moans and that of her pussy slamming onto my hips as she rode me like a wild horse in a rodeo.

Suddenly I could feel her pussy tighten around my cock, her movements now shuddering explosions, her voice and moans as full volume, the wetness now exploding onto me.

Stopping to catch her breath, she lifts up, looks at my cock, smiles and says "right now your turn to pound my pussy till you explode, and I love doggy, so you better grab my hips and fuck me like you've never done before".

Turning her around, my hands grabbing her hips firmly, I can sense straight away she likes doggy, her body just takes my cock too easily, I watch my cock slip inside and next minute it's hard pounding, slamming into her, the ripples going through her body, her hands grabbing the sheet as she pushes back against my thrusting,.... pulling out I squirt a hot stream of cum all down her back.... she lets out a sound of satisfaction.... hmmm yes please more