Written by Dan_Johnson

18 Jun 2013

Evelyn looked up at Raymond as he padded around the kitchen in a pair of slippers. She had just finished the household accounts, and was quite pleased with how Raymond had prepared them for her this month. Ray had come so far these last 9 odd years. Evelyn spent a few moments reflecting on how it all started. Just how easily it had all fallen into place still amazed her.

They were married on a sunny day in the far northwest. A small, but intimate, ceremony with just a few friends and family. They planned that once they got back to the city they would have a great big party for all their friends. Afterward, there had been the normal platterland celebrations. Dancing in the warm sun of the afternoon, eating local delicacies, the men drinking brandy and coke at the bar, the women wine or soft drinks, cooing around the bride. Much back slapping and teasing of what being married would be....Raymond the main man and Evelyn the little women keeping house.

Evelyn was relieved when they eventually boarded the small aircraft for Cape Town. Now dressed in a snug fitting pale green outfit that showed off her red hair perfectly. The men were clearly jealous, the women envious. It all felt good, though, to finally be married after the months of planning, the small family frictions and stresses suddenly over.

It was after 7 in the evening when they landed in Cape Town. Tired from the long day they made their way to the luggage crocodile. The plane was small and there were only 8 passengers so the process was quick. The bags came out and Evelyn directed Ray to hers quite quickly. They smiled politely at the other passengers, as one by one they claimed their bags. Finally there were no more and Raymond’s bag was not there. The hold was empty. The carousel came to a standstill. “Oh well, they can send it in the morning” said Ray, manfully, and led them towards the taxi rank.

It’s not too long a trip to the Wine lands and the small boutique hotel and by 9 o’clock they were standing in a lovely room overlooking a small vineyard. The Hotel sent a message inviting them to a late dinner, which had been specially held for them. Evelyn and Raymond asked for a few minutes to shower.

“Oh Damn,” Ray called out as he emerged from the shower, “I don’t have any fresh underpants.”

Evelyn shrugged her shoulders, “you can borrow a pair of mine” she joked. Playing along, Ray laughed that if they would fit he would go for it. He was little surprised when Evelyn reached into her suitcase and retrieved a pair of her ‘comfort’ panties. He still did not think they would fit and continued with the farce. The label declared them to be a relaxed fit and a size too big for her. Evelyn always carried a pair of these when she travelled, and the only reason she had not worn them on the plane earlier was that it was, after all, her wedding day and she wanted to feel sexy rather than comfortable. His smile gone for a while and almost not believing he had even contemplated this, Raymond stepped into the white cotton garment and slowly pulled them up. OMG they were a little tight, but quite wearable. “There you go now, Hon” Evelyn laughed, and Raymond had clean underwear for the evening. He could have worn his same jocks, but didn’t, he could have gone commando, but didn’t.

The dinner was most enjoyable and memorable. The hotel staff had gone out of their way to make it special. Candles and flowers as Raymond had ordered, Evelyn’s favourite dishes with portions enough to satisfy and but not stuff. They chatted quietly about the day, laughing at the antics of the children, smiling at the clichéd comments and advice of their relatives, holding hands and even kissing across the table, as they promised each other the best possible life together.

That night, Evelyn experienced a new power to her love making. It was a revelation to her. Was Ray just being extra considerate because it was their wedding night? She controlled the pace and for the first time, in their 3 year relationship, was ‘on top’. She came twice before letting Raymond enter her and then rode him like demon, another orgasm as he finally released a long stream deep within her. Afterward they cuddled for a long time, also something rare with them.

The next day a courier arrived with the missing bag and honeymoon week continued uneventfully, but tenderly.

Back home, back to work and reality. One Friday evening Raymond called Evelyn and suggested they meet up with a few of their old friends at a local pub they all liked. It would be the first time they were all together since the wedding. They were both exited to show off a few photos and just chill with good friends. After the normal pleasantries they all got chatting and the honeymoon came up. Evelyn was not going to say anything of the dainty underwear incident, but then Raymond told the storey. He had, of course, only done it as joke. The men in the group laughed asking them who wore the pant(ie)s now. The women were quietly embarrassed for Evelyn, who felt uncomfortable having the men know her panties are not always the sexiest little numbers and some could even fit Raymond.

At home Evelyn told Raymond she had felt uncomfortable. He declared her too sensitive and that it was no big deal, anyway. Their first tiff of married life. Evelyn held her tongue but the smart was not forgotten.

About two weeks later there was another social arrangement with their group. A trip to the movies and supper at a restaurant afterward. Raymond was quick to accept. Evelyn not so eager at first, but then a ‘get my own back’ plan came to her. When Raymond got home from work she had already showered and was half dressed in her sexy lingerie. Raymond whistled appreciatively and tried to grope her, unsuccesfully, then and there. While Raymond was in the shower she laid out the same green outfit she had worn at their first married dinner, next to the same clothes he had worn. Next she attacked his underwear drawer.

Raymond showered and shaved and then stepped out of the bathroom naked. Feeling quite sure of himself and at ease with the world. Could it get any better? He was doing OK at work, married to a gorgeous woman who loved him and on his way out to socialise with good friends.

“Doll” (he knew this annoyed Evelyn but did it anyway) “ my underwear draw is empty”. Evelyn did not answer, but continued to stare into the mirror doing her face. Raymond turned to ask and then noticed the comfortable white panties neatly folded on top of his clothes.

“Oh no! Not bloody likely”....... “Well then I am not going. Besides, you’re the one who said it was no big deal.”

For a moment Raymond was nonplussed. He had said that, and, hey, no one would know. “ OK, I’ll do it, but it’s just between the 2 of us.” ........... “Just like the fact that I sometimes wear big panties should have just been between the 2 of us.”....... “ Aaw, come on Babe, I never thought that would upset you so much.”........... “Well tonight you’ll behave, or your mates will know you are wearing women’s underwear. And I’m not ‘Babe’ and I am not ‘Doll!’” And that was that.

The evening out went well. Raymond was quieter than normal and very attentive to Evelyn. The other women even noticed and remarked on it. Evelyn just smiled and kept her end of the bargain. When they got home she would reward him. And, just like on their wedding night, she found herself in control. The loving was tender and the sex was fantastic. She had, by accident found her dominant side and the chink in Raymond’s manly armour. She had, by accident, found the magic recipe for their marriage.