Written by BrianBlackGP

10 Feb 2017

He cupped her shoulders in his hand and pushed her to lie on her back. She opened her legs instinctively and he knelt between them. He kissed the soft skin under her knee, wedging his shoulder under her legs to hoist them over his arms. His tongue was making lazy circles against her skin, moving slowly up towards his goal. She was too far back on the bed and he pulled her gently to the edge, the movement catching the skirt of her dress against his bedding and keeping it behind as he shifted her, exposing her sweet honeypot to his eyes. He groaned.

She was shaved clean there wasn't a single hair to be seen, though he wouldnt mind going on a trip to look for one. Her lips were glistening with her juices, and he inhaled the scent of her arousal deeply, burning it into his mind. Her folds were soft and beautiful, like the petals of some lovely, exotic flower. He pressed a kiss against her hairless mound, and moved his lips over to her other leg, repeating the little circles with his tongue.

She moaned in disappointment, trying in vain to get him to touch her.

Easy, sweetheart, he murmured against her skin. Take it easy. We have all the time in the world

He found a sweet spot and suckled it, giving her a hickey like a college kid. He liked it; liked the look of his mark on her, liked knowing it would be there for a day or two after they have made love.

His bent one of her legs, moving it closer to her body so he could reach her foot. She was still wearing the strappy heels shed came in with and he undid the strap slowly, letting the shoe fall on the carpet. He kissed the arch of her foot and trailed his lips back up to her knee before repeating the process with her other foot.

She was panting by the time his mouth was on her thigh again, and he prolonged the torture by slowing down even more as he headed for her dripping wet girl cave. He breathed cool air over her lips and then pressed his lips lovingly against her mound again. Then he put out the tip of his tongue and gave a single lap over her little slit, starting at the bottom and ending with the lightest touch on her clit.

She gave a strangled moan. He backed off, taking his tongue back into his mouth to savour the taste of her.

He wanted more, and he drove right back in. He suckled first the one smooth lip into his mouth, and then the other, running his tongue over her repeatedly. She was making little mewling sounds that turned him on even more. He played around the edge of her wet entrance, licking up all the juice that had pooled there. He stiffened his tongue and slipped it inside her. She was so tight, even around his tongue. Her muscles were clenching and releasing against his intrusion, and we tongue-fucked her slowly. He opened his mouth wide, covering as much of her slit as possible, excluding her clitoral area, and sucked hard, creating a vacuum with his mouth. She came with a single scream, fluid gushing into his mouth. He lapped at it greedily, feeling the sticky wetness against his chin. He brought her to orgasm again when he started playing with her clit flicking it hard and fast, sucking it into his mouth, nibbling on it with his lips. He pressed his tongue flat against it and made a grinding circle that had her grasp his hair and press his face harder against her. He made small circles around the edge, quickly figuring out which side was more sensitive by the way she humped her hips up whenever he touched her there. He focussed on changing his angle and flicking his tongue against her there, until she came again. This time he didnt eat her out, wanting her to have the lubrication for when he put his cock inside her. He slid a finger in though, and moved it around, testing her reactions, finding her G-spot and teasing it.

She was no longer a virgin, but she was so very tight. The wet sounds of her cunt mixed with her moans and his satisfied growls. Her responsiveness astounded him as he slid in another finger, and then a third one, while he started working on her clit again. He kept stroking her for a few minutes, pleasuring both her and himself. It didnt take long for the pressure to start building up again, but he didnt let her finish, pulling away just before she peaked.

No, she gasped when he stood up. You cant cant leave me like this

Dont worry, he said, pulling his boxers off. His dick stood up straight now, the tip nearly parallel with his belly. I dont intent to.