14 Jan 2017

This is a work of fiction, written at the request of a member here who took up my challenge in my BBC story to identify what was not true in it. Having got that right, he "earned" a custom-made story, based on him and his wife as the characters . Enjoy!


The morning mist was still low over the ocean when Don and Mandy left their house, a short walk from the beach at Llandudno, and headed for the cold white sand. It was going to be another glorious summer’s day in Cape Town. They walked along the sand feeling the early morning breeze as the sun came out and the mist lifted, revealing the ice-cold blue water of the Atlantic Ocean.

It was still chilly, and Mandy had a tracksuit over her bikini, her short blonde hair tucked under the hoodie. Don walked alongside her, his athletic build also concealed in a tracksuit. They walked quickly to keep warm, and were soon at the far end of the beach. They turned and walked back, stopping at the carpark to sit and have the coffee and rusks Don had in a thermos and Tupperware in his backpack.

To one side of them was a guest-house, and Don and Mandy turned as they heard a car engine behind them. A mini-bus stopped at the guest-house, and a group of tourists alighted, chattering away, and went into the guest house while a black man in a uniform took their bags in.

"Early in the year for German tourists" said Mandy, turning back.

"Well, with the Rand so weak they can stay longer I guess" said Don sipping his coffee.

Mandy looked over the tranquil morning scene with a practised artist's eye - her work hung in galleries all over Cape Town, and the tourists loved her emotive depictions of the Cape in all its seasons, from the baking hot days of summer and the ice-cream vendors on Clifton beach, to the autumn leaves of Groot Constantia, to the cold wet days of winter in Newlands Forest, to the magnificent displays of spring flowers in the Namaqualand.

They were about to get up and leave when a voice called them from the guest-house.

"Mandy! Einen Moment bitte!" Wolfgang, the owner of the guest house and a long-time friend came down the path to the gate and waved at them.

Don and Mandy stood, put the thermos and the rusks in the backpack, and went to Wolfgang.

"It is lucky I find you here" he said, shaking hands with Don and giving Mandy a kiss on the cheek. "I have a group of guests who are interested in learning some basic art skills while they are here for a week. Do you still teach that?"

"Yes" said Mandy, "I do. What do they want to learn?"

"A bit of this and that, I think. Maybe some landscape and some portraits? Maybe an hour or two each evening?"

"Sure" said Mandy, "I will come and talk to them after breakfast, okay?"

With that arranged, Don and Mandy walked back to their house two streets back from the beach, had breakfast and sat on the stoep with their coffee. The day had warmed up, and they had both taken their tracksuits off and were sitting in their swimwear. Don had on a red speedo - swimming was his hobby and passion, and Mandy had a blue and green bikini - the very small cups only just covering her firm 34B boobs and large brown nipples, the tiny triangle of fabric over her crotch doing little to hide her mound and the gentle indentation of her slit.

Her body was toned, fit and hard, her blonde hair revealing her mother’s Danish ancestry. One of the things that had fascinated Don when her first saw her naked was the cute little bush of fair hair on her pussy - so unlike the dark hair he was used to with his previous girlfriends. He asked her then not to shave it, as he loved to nuzzle his face in that fair hair, licking her clit till she came.

Nowadays she had a Hollywood wax, and he was also shaved fully, preferring it for the oral sex which they both loved getting and giving.

Don reached across to her, resting his hand on her thigh. He slid his hand up her leg until it touched her bikini. Moving it over her mound, his finger traced a line along her slit, up and down again, pushing the fabric into her, making her squirm slightly. He looked at her - her nipples on her firm boobs were hard, poking through the thin fabric.

"You’re horny today!" she said with a smile.

She looked at his crotch - his cock was swollen, pushing up the speedo. She touched it, feeling it twitch as she did so. The balcony had a low wall along the front, with walled sides to protect it from the ever-present Cape wind, so it was fairly private. Someone walking along the street could look in, but at that time of the day the streets were still deserted.

Mandy slid off the chair, knelt in front of Don, and undid the string of his costume. Pulling it down, she released his 19cm circumcised cock from its cage. It sprang out, long, thick and clean-shaved. She bent to put it in her mouth, feeling its hardness fill her cute mouth till she couldn’t take any more in. Then she began to suck him, moving faster and faster, her hand masturbating him at the same time. Don closed his eyes in ecstasy, her expert tongue and lips bringing him quickly to a climax. She felt it start, and sucked harder, positioning the head near her lips. With a groan, he came in her mouth, his hot jets of cum shooting down her throat, filling her mouth, more and more - she swallowed what she could as he came, the rest pooling on her tongue as he stopped and withdrew his cock.

She looked up at him, opened her mouth, her perfect teeth a frame for the cum-pool on her tongue. With a smile she closed her mouth and swallowed the rest, licking her lips.

When she stood, he tried to reach for her pussy, but she pulled away.

"Down boy. That was just to keep you happy. I have work to do."

He grinned at her, pulling her to him, kissing her mouth, tasting his own cum on her lips.

She rested her head on his neck as they cuddled.

"You know what I still want to do one day?" she said, her mouth buried in his shoulder.

"What’s that?" he asked.

"You remember we saw that movie where that woman got fucked by several guys, like a gang-bang thing? I said I wanted to do that one day?"

"Yes" he said "I know. I just don’t know how one goes about that safely. You can’t put an ad in the paper that says "4 guys wanted to fuck my wife"."

"I know. I just wish it would happen one day - it must be so erotic."

With that they went inside, got dressed and Don went to work.

Mandy tidied up, got her file for her art-business folders out, and walked to Wolfgang’s guest house to talk to his guests about a photography course for them.

When she got there she found the group sitting in the garden finishing their breakfast coffee. Four Germans and an Italian, all men, in their 30’s and 40’s it seemed - very well groomed in designer jeans, expensive shirts and Gucci-type loafers. Wolfgang introduced her to them. The group were all in the financial services world, from Stuttgart, friends who often travelled together around the world on their holidays. All tanned, good looking, suave and impeccably groomed. They stood as she approached - she almost expected them to click their heels - and each bowed slightly as she was introduced.

She saw the men looking appreciatively at her - her trim figure with quite large boobs and flat tummy looked good in the short summer skirt and blouse. She knew that the blouse was quite transparent, but she was wearing a bra, so at worst they could see her erect nipples in the slight breeze outside, but she was proud of her figure and didn’t mind guys looking at her - it made her feel sexy.

Then she sat and discussed what they wanted.

They had decided that on this holiday they would learn how to sketch and maybe do water-colours a bit. They all spoke English quite well, but with strong German accents, and occasionally battled for words. She agreed a fee, and then asked what specifically they wanted to photograph.

They talked among themselves in German for a bit, and then Harald, a tall, fit looking man with cropped blonde hair said

"Not still life. We don’t want to paint apples. People are better. Women. Nudes. That sort of thing."

Mandy thought for moment. "Nude sketches are not a problem" she said, "we must just see where we can hold the class. I will arrange the model, but there will be an extra fee for her."

They agreed, and it was arranged that Wolfgang would clear the dining room at 7, and the class would be there. It was secure, the doors could be locked and there was enough space. Mandy would get Don to bring the lights, paints, charcoal and easels over earlier in the day and set up the models props.

Mandy had other art students during the rest of the day, and during a gap phoned a model agency to arrange the model.

At 4, Don drove the short distance to the guest-house with the lighting equipment and props, arranged the room, and set up the props - a chair, a small couch, a table and some loose clothes such as a wrap, a blouse and a fan. The model would bring her own gown and cosmetic accessories.

At 6 Mandy arrived at the guesthouse. Because she was working, she still had on her summer skirt and blouse. The sun was beating down at that time, and the room was stiflingly hot. She opened the windows, and the slight sea breeze ruffled the curtains, bringing some small relief.

Don was in the garden chatting to the men - he was interested in international affairs, and seemed to be getting on well with them. They had all changed out of their smart clothes of earlier in the day, and had just come back from the beach - slightly burnt, wearing their swim shorts and vests or t shirts.

Mandy looked through the window at the group - they were all quite good looking, and well-groomed. Two of them were well built, quite big, and the other three more slimly-built, but all were in good physical condition.

The Italian man, Loris, in particular was model-good looking - dark hair a bit longer than would be typical in South Africa, with olive skin and a strong face, with "designer-stubble" - very nice, she thought.

Anton was stocky, bald and powerfully built, with hairy strong arms and legs and piercing blue eyes.

Paul was taller, slim and elegant looking, longish blonde hair and a goatee beard.

Christiaan was as stocky as Anton, but taller - a big man altogether, with a shaved bald head and a thick neck.

The last man, Nols, was of average build, and quite tall, with big hands and long eyelashes, she noticed.

At a quarter to seven, the men had all come inside, and got easels and equipment set up in the dining room. Mandy waited anxiously for the model, who should have been there 30 minutes ago.

Everyone had had a few drinks already, and the atmosphere was quite festive. Mandy had also had three glasses of wine, and was feeling quite tipsy. She reminded herself to have something to eat soon! Don too had downed a few beers it seemed - he was on top form, regaling the group with stories of South African idiosyncrasies.

At 7 the model phoned. She was still in Cape Town - her car had broken down, and she wasn’t going to be there for ages. Mandy was beside herself. The group specifically wanted to draw a nude, and now at night they couldn’t very well go outside and draw the scenery!

She rushed to Don, and explained the problem. He had an idea - send them outside to do a few preliminary water-colours of the sunset so long, and then they could figure out what to do.

No sooner said than done. The group trooped outside and stood at the sea-front with their sketchbooks and water-colours while Mandy and Don conferred.

No model - no lesson seemed to be the case.

Then Don had an idea.

"Why don’t you model?" he asked her.

"ME???" she squeaked. "Nude???"

"Yes" he said, "they don’t know you, and anyway I will be here. It’s a professional lesson, it’s not like you are doing a pole dance in a club."

"And how will I evaluate their work?"

"From time to time you can get up and go around and have a look - you can’t hover behind them anyway while they are working."

Mandy thought about it for a moment. At first it seemed crazy, but then it made more sense.

She was proud of her body, and had often done nude modelling while studying Art at University - after all, the students couldn’t afford to get a professional model every day, so they took turns in modelling for each other.

Secretly, she also thought it would be quite a turn-on to have this group of guys looking at her nude body all night - she just hoped she wouldn’t get so wet that it would show! And what option did she have anyway?

When the men came back, they gathered in the room, and she told them that the model was not going to make it, but that she would model for them. They all nodded as though the lecturer taking off her clothes was the most natural thing in the world, and started setting up their easels. Because it was so hot, she suggested that they stay in their swim suits and everyone could cool off in the pool halfway through. She said that if they wanted to, she didn’t mind if they took their shirts off, it was an informal lesson after all.

Don closed the curtains, and Mandy went to the bathroom to change, having borrowed a gown from Wolfgang.

It was very hot still, although it was after 7 at night by now. With the curtains closed it was even hotter in the dining room. She went to the bathroom to undress, put on the gown, and went back to the room.

She explained what type of poses they were to try and capture, and that she would have a look at the first version at 8, evaluate and critique, and then the next version at 9. She said that they could move around, they need not stand where they were, and that the nature of the pose was up to them - she wanted to see how they directed the model, used the lights and the shadows and so on, then she would explain different techniques.

Three of the men had taken her offer of taking their shirts off, and everyone seemed very relaxed and chatty.

Mandy took a deep breath, turned away from them and took her gown off, placing it on a chair. Turning round, she walked naked to the bar-stool being used as a prop, sat on it, crossing her legs and folding her hands in her lap.

The men looked at her - her lithe body was gorgeous, her boobs firm, her brown nipples erect. Her bikini had left a white version of itself on her tanned body, as she sat and waited for the men to direct her poses.

Don sat at the back of the room, sipping a beer. He was quite turned on already at the idea of his wife revealing her body to these unknown men. He anticipated a fantastic night of sex later as he was sure that she was also turned on by it.

The men moved around the room, talking among themselves, looking at her, the light, the angles. She noticed that all of them looked down at her pussy as they moved past her - her legs were crossed, so they couldn’t see much she guessed, but they tried anyway.

At first, none of the men asked her to change her pose. They each found an angle they wanted, and set to work. There was silence in the room for a while, and then the normal chatter started between them. Don left the room to go and chat to Wolfgang.

Once he was out of the room, the Italian, Loris, left his easel and came to her.

"You said we could direct you as you model?"

"Yes" she said, "you tell me how you guys want me to pose."

He went back and conversed with the others in German, then came back.

"We would like you to stand, looking over your shoulder as though talking to someone behind you please."

Mandy stood, one leg slightly in front of the other, and looked over her shoulder. She was aware that her whole body was now exposed to them - in that position her pussy was clearly visible to them.

The walked around her. She was looking into a mirror over her shoulder, but they couldn’t see that - she saw that as each one walked past the front of her he looked first at her head and shoulders, but each one also had a quick look at her pussy, thinking that she could not see them! She moved her legs a bit more apart - give them something to look at she thought, and immediately blushed at her horniness.

They went back to drawing, but she noticed that Loris and Anton had moved their easels closer, and were now in front of her. Loris was wearing a very lightweight pair of swim trunks, and she was sure she could see that he had an erection - maybe not full, but there was something pushing his pants over there!

Don had come back in, and looked at her new pose. He smiled, walked around behind Loris and Anton, in front of her, and when he was sure none of the men were looking at him, he looked very obviously at her pussy and made an eating movement with his mouth.

It was all Mandy could do not to burst out laughing, and Don left again with a grin on his face.

Just before 8, Anton spoke to the others again and then to her:

"Can you please now stand straight, hands behind your head, feet slightly apart, as though you are stretching."

Sure, she thought - and then you can see everything nicely, but she did so anyway.

Their tour of her body was more obvious now - they looked more openly at her breasts and at her pussy, making no pretence to hide their examination of her. She began to feel quite aroused, and although she was by now used to the room temperature, her nipples went from their large soft brown shape to their erect shape - her areolae puckering a bit as her nipples stood out.

She wondered how much of her slit was showing - with her legs apart, her slit was much more open than before, and she was sure that her pussy-lips and clit-sheath were visible.

Just after 8, she relaxed her pose, and suggested that they take a break, have a swim, and then start again at half past 8.

She was about to get into her gown, when Christiaan said to everyone - "meine herren, we have all seen our good lecturer in the nude, now we should return the favour and at least swim in the nude."

They all laughed and looked at her.

"Sure, why not?" she said, and walked out the dining room door, naked, to the pool.

Don was outside and looked at her in surprise.

"Skinny-dip time" she said, and dived into the pool before he could comment.

Don was always game for anything, and he stripped off his pants and shirt and dived in after her.

One by one the others arrived, took off their pants, and shirt if they still had it on, and dived in. She noticed that Christiaan and Nols were VERY well-endowed, their cocks long and thick, quite impressive she thought. She noticed that they were all completely clean-shaved, their cocks and balls smooth and beautiful.

Everyone swam and chatted. The guys asked her about life in South Africa, what she did, Llandudno (which none of them got near to pronouncing) and about her background.

Mandy was aware that she was quite tipsy - she had had a lot to drink, and very little to eat, and was feeling delightfully lightheaded - happy and excited - and being naked in a pool full of naked men was not detracting from that.

So when she made a point to Nols, who was standing in front of her, she touched him on the chest for emphasis, liked what she felt, and left her hand there for a moment longer than necessary.

He noticed it, but said nothing, but when he turned to get his glass from the pool-side, now standing next to her, he put his arm across her shoulders, and left it there. She glanced at Don, on the other side of the pool - he looked at Nols’s arm and smiled at her. Nols also saw this, and his hand draped more firmly around her shoulders, his fingers just above the start of the swell of her breast.

As if sensing a change in the atmosphere, the other men moved a bit closer - nothing obvious, but closer anyway. Don moved closer to her also, to stand on the other side next to her. Nols was about to take his arm away, but Don, looking at Mandy, took hold of Nol’s wrist and placed his arm back around his wife’s shoulders, pressing Nol’s fingers onto the top of Mandy’s breast. Then he stepped back.

The other men realised that Don had given his permission, and moved to right in front of Mandy.

Everyone was still talking as though nothing new was happening, but she could sense their excitement. Nols turned to face Mandy, took his hand away from her shoulders, and reached for her boobs, cupping them in his large hands. He bent forward, sucking on first one nipple then the other.

Mandy reached out her hand under the water and felt for his cock - it was almost hard, and VERY big - almost as big as Don’s. She stroked it while he sucked on her nipples, massaging it, feeling its length and thickness grow with every stroke.

Paul and Loris stood on either side of her, their hands under the water masturbating themselves. She let go of Nol’s cock and reached for theirs, one on each side of her.

It was an amazing feeling, surrounded by rampant cocks, the testosterone almost palpable in the air like the musk scent on an animal.

Nols leaned to her, took her face in one hand, and kissed her deeply, his other hand touching her pussy, feeling for her slit, his tongue probing her mouth, softly, firmly, sending her hormones wild. She was sure he could feel how wet she was - even in the water she could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter by the minute.

Don got out of the pool, his cock huge and erect, and pulled the mattresses off the loungers and put them on the floor in a giant "bed".

He motioned to Mandy to come out of the pool - and held out a towel to her. She disentangled herself from the maleness around her, and went up the steps to Don. He wrapped her in the towel and rubbed her dry. She wasn’t sure if he was going to ask her to stop this now, but he took the towel off her, sat on the lounger mattress and pulled her down gently, laying her on her back.

The other men had dried themselves, and when they saw Mandy on her back on the mattress, they came to her. Don moved away and sat near her head, watching.

Loris kneeled between Mandy’s legs, moved her thighs apart and put his tongue on her slit. She was soaking wet, and his tongue slid in, deeply, as she groaned and pulled his head down to her.

Paul was sitting next to her, fondling her nipples. He stood, went to his shirt and pants, and came back with a bandana which he had been wearing. He folded it, placed it over her eyes, and very gently lifted her head to tie it behind her, blindfolding her.

She lay in the sudden darkness, waiting.

No-one was touching her now, but she sensed them around her. Without her sight, her other senses were heighted - she heard the sound of a car far away, the music in the guest house, the movement of the men on the mattresses.

She felt someone pull her legs apart even further, very gently, and felt hot breath on her labia. The softest touch as a tongue licked at her clit and then parted her slick lips to enter her pussy.

Each breast was being attended to, her nipples being sucked by two men while a third probed her pussy with his tongue. She felt a finger touch her cheek, very softly, and open her mouth. She waited, mouth open. She heard movement next to her head, and sensed that there was someone over her. She felt the soft head of a cock at her lips, and opened her mouth further to take it in. She took in as much of the hard cock as she could, and then began to suck on it greedily, moving her head back and forth as she did so.

It was an amazing feeling - the big cock in her mouth, the tongue in her pussy and the stimulation on her nipples - almost overwhelming.

Suddenly everyone seemed to move away, and there was no touching.

She waited.

She felt a man above her, then felt his cock at her pussy - she reached for it, and guided it into her - she was SO ready to fuck and cum! The cock slid all the way in - it was big, but not too big. The man was resting on his hands and knees, with very little pressure on her.

He started to fuck her slowly, deeply, with long deliberate strokes. Her hips rose to meet his, and he began to fuck faster. She felt his body slam into her with each stroke now, and she reached for him, pulling his bum to her with each downward thrust, wanting it harder and faster. She felt her orgasm start - a wave of warmth rushing through her pussy, her muscles tensing as she came. He felt it, and paused for a split second before fucking again very fast, his groans and gasps an indication that he had cum.

As soon as he had cum, she felt him get off her, but before she could relax another man mounted her. Her pussy was engorged, slick and open, and his cock slid straight in. She felt him lift her legs, and her body tilted back as her legs were placed on his shoulders. In an almost inverted position he fucked her, his cock ramming deep into her in that position. She was very aroused, still at the plateau stage, and within a minute of this man starting she came again, clenching her thighs on his head and his hips bucked and slammed into her. She had just finished cumming when he came with short sharp jabs of his cock, unloading his cum into the condom inside her.

The man got off her, panting.

She felt hands at her hips, rolling her over. She turned onto her tummy. The hands lifted her hips a bit, and she obliged by arching her back, her cunt wide open from the back.

The man gripped her hips and she felt a very big cock enter her - Nols or Christiaan she guessed. The man kept hold of her hips and seemed to be crouching above her, as she heard his breath above her back. His cock really was big, and it filled her cunt, even though she was so wet and fucked already. She parted her knees a little more to accommodate his size. He fucked with slow, deliberate movements, never going fast, but the sheer size of him made the feeling intense. Without increasing the speed at all the man gasped and grunted, and gave several short strokes as he came.

He pulled his cock out, and she stayed in that position - her cunt was tingling, hugely sensitive and she felt her juices on her inner thighs.

She felt someone untie the blindfold, and blinked in the light even though it was quite dark outside. The men were all standing around, their cocks thick and hanging, except for Don and Paul. They were masturbating themselves, looking at her.

Don said something to Paul, who nodded, and they approached her. She felt very wanton, wild, exposed and dirty, but in a good way! She could see cum on some cocks, and 4 condoms lying in a pile near the pool. She was breathing hard from being fucked for maybe 45 minutes altogether. Paul lay down next to her, and pulled at her hips to get her to mount his long uncut cock. She sat on top of him, and lowered herself onto it, facing him, feeling its length go deeply into her swollen cunt. She rode him for a moment, but then Don was behind her. He gave her a kiss on the back of her neck, and pushed her down onto Paul’s chest.

She felt his fingers on her arsehole, rubbing a cold gel into her. She knew what he was going to do, although she had never done it before. She had done anal, not often, but she had never done a DP.

Don probed with a finger deeply into her arsehole, widening it. She tried to relax it, and he got two fingers into her. When he judged that she was wide enough, she felt his cock at her arse, pushing. At first it wouldn’t go in, but then a little of the head went in, then the whole head, then more and more of the shaft.

He wasn’t all in, but he started fucking her slowly, and Paul resumed fucking her cunt at the same time. It was an unbelievable feeling - she felt as though she was impaled on the two cocks, unable to move on her own, two fuck-holes with no life of their own.

The fucking continued, both cocks going very deep now, and faster. Her whole body spasmed as they pounded into her, she was being pushed along the mattress all the time by their insistent fucking. She felt that she was going to cum. She tried to move to let it start, but she couldn’t. On and on they fucked and suddenly, without warning, a huge orgasm flooded through her, her cunt on fire, her insides raw, as the most intense and deep orgasm wrenched her body from side to side.

Paul, aroused to the point of bursting by Mandy’s cries and grunts, came in her cunt just as her orgasm ended, his cock jerking into her cunt as he squirted into the condom.

Don pulled his cock out of her arsehole, jerking himself as he moved around to her face. She sat up, Paul’s cock still in her. Don stood in front of her, his very big cock rigid as he masturbated. He pointed the huge head at her face, and she opened her mouth as wide as she could.

With a few more jerks Don shot his load into her waiting mouth, some hitting her eye, most on her lips and in her mouth. He had a lot of cum, and her mouth filled with it until he stopped.

When he was done, she looked around at the men, closed her mouth and swallowed her husband’s hot salty cum, licking her lips, wiping the cum off her eye with a finger and licking that clean.

Then she got off Paul’s cock, and stood, looking at the men.

They started clapping smiling at her, laughing.

Don took her by the hand and led her to the bathroom, where she cleaned up, showered and cleaned her tender pussy, and put her clothes back on.

When she got back to the garden, only Don was there.

"The guys felt that that was enough of an art lesson for one night" he said. "They have gone to shower."

She smiled. "It was a long lesson" she said.

Don brought her clothes to her. As she dressed, Don grinned at her

"They did say that they were here for two weeks, and that they wanted to sign up for the 10-day lesson plan though."

Mandy stared at him, then burst out laughing when she realised that he was joking.

They walked hand in hand back to their house, where they fell into a deep sleep until the sound of the Llandudno day starting wakened them the next morning.