Written by Mason2015

28 Aug 2015

Part Two:

I decided to get in for a shower and as I headed to the bathroom, there was a knock at the door and with just a towel wrapped around me, I peeped through the window to see who it was, to my surprise it was my other neighbours daughter from three streets away, she came to the window smiling and saying: ‘ Morning, I know your wife is not here and that is why I decided to bring you some freshly baked muffins for breakfast, I hope you like choc chip.” ‘Morning, umm thanks I love choc chip, would you mind letting yourself in, I am just going in for a quick shower, you can just leave the muffins on the kitchen table,’ came my reply and with that being said I gave the house keys through the window and went into the bathroom.

Now, this neighbour’s daughters, was about 22 years old, fair skinned and drop dead gorgeous. She had long black hair that was till her waist line just touching her sexy butt. Her eyes were hazel brown and she was quite the athletic type as she was an aerobics instructor at our local gym. Her name is, Simone. As Simone got inside the house, I heard her walking pass the bathroom to the kitchen and yelled out: ‘You must be lonely and missing everyone.’ ‘Yeah, it is quiet but sometimes couples need time alone, I won’t be long, Simone, will be out in a sec,’ I yelled back.

When I got out of the shower, I found that it was too quiet and Simone was not in the kitchen. Thinking that maybe she had left, I walked passed my bedroom to the lounge door to check if it was locked properly and then put on some heavy bass music and went back to my room to change only to find that the room curtains were drawn closed when I remembered that I had opened them after Sarah had left and then I saw Simone, laying in the bed under the covers. She looked at me saying: ‘Why don’t you come here by me, I got nothing on and I just love a well built muscular man. How come you are so buffed yet I never see you in the gym?’ ‘I gym at home as I like the privacy. May I ask what are you up to, Simone? Do your mum and dad know that you are here?’ I replied.’ No, my parents are out of town for the next three weeks as well, isn’t it great,” she said in an excited voice, and with that being said, she crawled out from under the covers toward me at the edge of the bed, revealing her sexy, slender and well built body and she was right about being naked under there.

As she got closer I could feel my dick getting hard and I was quite sure that she could see it too through the towel. When she reached me, she kissed my abs and slowly her soft lips bounced off my body as she came up to my face and was on her knees on the bed and she then kissed me on the lips slowly pushing her tongue through and into my mouth, and she started to lick my tongue and suck on it while her one hand slid down my body to my towel and loosening it to fall to the ground and her other hand took my hand and placed it between her legs so that I could feel how wet her clean shaved pussy had become. After dropping my towel to the ground, she took my now fully hardened dick in her hand and started to stroke my shaft slowly up and down while we were sucking each other’s tongues. I could feel how wet her pussy was becoming and managed to slide two fingers in and rub her clit, as I did, she raised her self a little towards me and with her free hand she placed it on my butt and pulled me closer to her so that her perky firm breasts were against my chest while her other hand continued to jack my dick off and as I fingered her I felt her pull her pussy muscles tight and my fingers got soaked as she had her first orgasm and I could feel the cum building up in my dick as my balls started getting warm and when I felt that I was about to explode, I pulled her tightly close to me with my free hand and kissed her hard and deep as I shot my load off in her hand.

Simone then stopped kissing me and brought her cum filled hand to her lips and sucked my cum off her fingers saying: ‘Mmmmm, yummy you taste nice’ and then she licked me all the way down and swallowed my dick until I could feel her tongue flicking over my balls and I could feel myself getting hard as she kept on sucking me for a good ten minutes and then got up and wrapped her sexy well toned legs around my waist while I supported her sexy butt in my hands she positioned my dick at her pussy entrance and wrapped her hands around my neck. As I felt her pussy lips part my dick slowly slipped in side of her tight young pussy and as I went deeper she moaned,’Unnnn aaaah yesss, Blade I always wanted to do you, aaaah mmmmmmm.’ She started to ride me while we were standing and I started to kiss her and also sucked her breasts and her erect pink nipples that were hard as rock.

She then leaned back throwing herself back on the bed with my dick still in her and my hands squeezing her sexy ass I continued to fuck her while she lay half on the bed and still impaled on my dick going in and out of her, her hands were caressing her breasts and squeezing her nipples as she orgasmed again. I then pulled Simone back up on me and managed to get my knees on the bed, I put her down, her legs still wrapped around my waist while I fucked her, and she then slowly released her legs as I fucked her in the missionary position. Her hands were moving up and down my back occasionally squeezing my firm butt as I pumped my meat faster and deeper in her and as she clenched her legs tight trapping my dick in her cum dripping pussy, I shot my load deep in her filling her pussy with my warm juices she came once more and again wrapped her legs around my waist and pulling forward to go deeper inside her so that my dick does not slip out of her tight pussy.

We started kissing again as she ran her fingers through my hair and we tongue locked as she moved her hips slowly in circles so that my dick did not slip out of her and at the same time to make me hard again. I felt my dick getting harder and so could Simone, as she continued to move her hips faster and we rolled over so that she was now on top and as soon as she felt my dick to be hard enough, Simone sat up slowly, careful not to let my dick slip out, and she was sitting straight up with my dick also straight up in her throbbing wet pussy as she began to ride up and down on my dick, I ran my hands up the sides of her sexy body running my fingers across her soft luscious lips and she sucked on my fingers and rode my throbbing dick faster and I could feel my dick going deep in her as I cupped her breasts in my hands and then slid my hands back down to her slender waist and held her while she rode me to the beat of the music as I felt her cum, I also let my load go again and then she dropped onto my chest, breathing heavily as she exhausted herself riding me.

Simone then got up and got dressed, asking: ‘Will come over later to my place for lunch?’ ‘Sure, no problem,’ I replied and walked her to the door and let her out. After that cession with Simone, I got in for another shower just to cool off.