Written by Mason2015

28 Aug 2015

Part One:

Sarah sat in the kitchen reading them, while I was in the bathroom, after about five minutes I heard the bathroom door open, I never lock the door as I was alone at home and I forgot that Sarah was in the kitchen, I quickly stood up and grabbed a towel to cover myself as she walked in with a lustful look in her eyes as her fingers slid between the belt of her coat and began to untie it and then she dropped the coat to the floor revealing the t-shirt that she only had on.

Sarah then walked towards me and stood in front of me, and took my free hand while I held the towel in place with the other, and placed my hand under her t-shirt so that I could feel that she wore no under wear, by this time my dick was rock hard and standing to attention that there was no need for me to hold the towel anymore, that’s when she pulled the towel off my naked body revealing my dick and she ran her fingers down my chest and cupped my balls in her hand and stepped closer to me. Close enough for her to whisper: ‘I always wanted you alone and like this, those stories made me too horny for me to resist coming in here,’ and then she kissed me while she played with my balls and then licked me all the way down my chest, my tummy and finally when she reached my hard on, she stopped and kissed my dick head with those soft pink lips of hers tasting my pre-cum and kissed me all the way down my shaft and then she swirled her tongue around by balls and then back to the tip of my dick before parting her soft luscious lips and swallowed first my dick head and swirling her tongue over it and then she moved her head more down taking my entire 16 inch cock in her mouth and I could feel her tongue flickering over every part of my shaft and also at my balls.

Her tongue was like a snakes, hitting my shaft it felt so good that I could not hold back any longer and told her that I was going to cum, Sarah just went ‘Mmmm,’ and sucked me faster and harder causing me to let go, and fill her mouth with my hot cum, as I shot my load in her mouth she continued to suck me until I was hard again and then removed her top and she was now completely naked and I could see how wet her bald pink pussy was. She stepped in the tub as I sat back on the bath chair and then I pulled her closer by her waist and flickered my tongue over her wet pussy, she immediately grabbed my head as a sign to say don’t stop and I dove right in and sucked her, flicking my tongue over her pussy lips and her now throbbing clit bringing her to her first orgasm. She then placed her legs around my waist and sat down slowly so that my tongue slithered over her tummy and to her firm breasts and her erect nipples and with one hand she held my dick in place and I could feel her pussy lips part as she slid down and my dick went deeper in her making her sigh, ‘Aaah’, as she sat completely on me with my dick deep in her and my head buried in her breasts as she began to ride me.

She rode my dick for at least an hour and I brought her to many orgasms until I came inside her spraying my cum all over inside her pussy. We then rinsed off and went into the bedroom where she told me she would like to try out a dog like those woman in my stories, I told her that it’s a pity I don’t have a dog when she smiled and told me not to worry she will arrange it and will be over tomorrow evening at about 9pm and then she got into her car and went home.